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Anarchy poem

They control sheeps together with similar beengs whilest the bullies judge us as not worthy, merely as things, though to allow power means one has faith in positivities, that is actually the creation of personalities, to think of negativities is for me one of the biggest sufferings, it is why we create laws and regularities that causes miseries.

If Peter hits John John will hit back creating endless cyclic actions, through the karmic reactions..

The snakes, spiders and tigers are using force to kill and bind, just see the bad effects created by each of the dictators nations, their cold controlling conciousness is anyway in confusions, so that it never comes forward with logical conclusions, even the law of not to kill through destructions is not creating any solutions as the divines like a sheep or other angels would anyway never perform such violations and the demon who are in oppositions would kill just so he could escape from the dominations.

When a law comes from afraid demons, their thoughts are of lamentations, they attain magic conditions, so what they reject through the law to the beeng whom they force the control inflictions, is what they create him like cruicifications. Just as a demonic possessed tree laws originally the angelic civilizations, in the trees different actions, in dualified emotions of the angels concentrations through hunger emotions and provides aromatic nutritions, so it creates the stench manifestations through the demonizations of a mix of the angels heated digestions and the sulfur as what it falsly judged them before through the realizations of that a person who creates dominations and inflict on others desires oppositations is of low social relations.

Multiple times I stole from stores when I was in psychiatric incarcerations, I later went back and paid what I owed creating greater solutions, as if I was to be arrested in humiliations, both me and the stores would suffer lamentations, instead I proved that I could give even though I escaped from my criminalizations..