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Treasure hunting maps

Scandianavia, southern, viking treasures: General Scandinavian viking treasures in rivers and lakes with close to open landscapes, opposite than mountains of what was the place of the earlier race of the vikings, as wolfs before. Summers in Norway can be hot but swimming can be a bit cold.. Depends, wather changes strange. Goverment pays of 70% or so back the values of treasures.

$$$ Ancient money/gold powers of the world.. Theory is based on the spider, snake, black horse and squirl that have brown fired powers as is their colours as well, that have opposite as well cause of spiritual fantasy duality powers, metal, gold. I found this list on the net and most matches!  http://www.worldatlas.com/.../the-richest-countries-in... Names in this list includes thereby Qatara and Kuwait in the circle, Saudia Arabia,India and the Africa New Zealand Australia line of the original africans..In the USA line, Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey are in such line and are know of to be the 10 richest states in USA. For more on that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_income


Atlantic ocean, silver, bronze metals: Silver and bronze metals, at edges of western Europe in the North Aatlantic, danger is there, as if taken in quantity, cause of there the metal amount is massive, can make huge waves... Warning: Cause of massive magical powers especially from the south Atlantic ocean: Surviving such place requires a chant or idea of that one is opposite of a sheep and always tricking the thought..

Ukraine, magma: Magma in Ukraine, Belarus and that line has a lot of magma, see article on how to make gold. Russia areas are known from before to as well have had a lot of access to metals like gold, (example: See russian gold temple) Warning: Hiding food and eating during hunger states can be dangerous, as is generally in middle Europe..

Great Brittain, Ireland, sports: Sport equipement, unfound in Ireland and Great Brittain and Greenpole are yet found, more to be found in Greenpole and under the sea as well, as before the Atlantic was earth before the sea, but is a dangerous place cause of a lot of old beliefs from the past, that the impersonal magical toxic energy, the spirit, hated the expression of it shown externally and its elements and wanted rather that what we experienced before externally to be within to easier conquer the angels and kill life and so uses powers against that place where the first sheep, believed to be the devil, lived. .

crete rethymnon..

Where there is water, as water is the strongest energy in the world and belongs to the ruling race, is where one can find great treasures. Meteorites are worth some money, as they are more rare. Pieces of meteorites can be found far away from where they fell. That is cause of high speed when they fall downwards, especially if the place where they fall is rocky, if not they can be close to where they land, like in earth surfaces. By using a metal detector one can discover meteorites as they might contain metals. In crete the Minoans had civilizations now burried under sea, so treasures can be found close to the lands. Same can be said generally about treasures of old civilizations that now are burried under sea areas.

Treasures in Chania on mountains and lakes (Che, xexe, ne e, meaning: laughter yes e, meaning supporting me.. also: "kjenne e, chene e" meaning: knowing e, e is me, cause of my sports might be there.. For more see this article, needed to read it to understand the map details)

"Leuka oroi" mountain. Cause of snow named white mountain, opposite of the Moon been given the treasures where krishna had thrown them towards america more far west (opposite was done when Krishna took sport equipement as a donkey and praising them more, having them in the world) where as well opposite of the moon lawed threw treasures of mine, is downwards towards india and crete worshippign them (spirit order is to make people the same and opposite acts) as throwing them down as krishna did to fire energy is opposite, that today probably the mountains crashed and where some treasures can be found in water areas..

Water unifies underneath, so rocks categorize upwards, so seeng a mountain shape lower than the others one can locate the treasures down earth as rocks fell where there is a river close or water created by the fall of rocks...Maybe even drowned they are..

In crete i had a christian story of me loosing my music tones and archeology desire towards the road opposite of Chania, cause of an interest in the 5000drachmes who was taken by a woman and my frustration led to a loss of happiness in other of my interests..So now he owes by duality treasures when i made philosophy and sports millions of years ago in the perfected senses..

There are wild goats of my race there, rare, according to my father, so maybe the goats are protecting the treasures.

Need a spade and a metal detector, metals are maybe there as the sports were of fire and light so such is turned over to metal, like silver (cause of silver and bronze made by purification to fire) and gold and bronze.

Skien Telemark, Norway: Citizens there are more cow a like, can be magma there as a cow is the belly, investing in throwing some bananas for gold harvest could be considered, for more see article on "How to make gold".. In museum in the psychiatric hospital they have instruments of when the Irlands by law reaction cutted bodies of boys and made them into girls, such surgery equipement has about $800 a piece value but more value historically..Warning: Consuming products is hated by the powers there as they demand a more productive person so a note just to know cause of risk of psychiatric diagnosis.. Again comes from non doing so good luck!

Lunde, Telemark, Norway: The general rule of first air, then food then snake/spider attacks is the natural order. In the city Bø, Boe, besides Lunde, the main lifestyle is food. Lunde means as the word, "lunte", meaning a bomb, natures snake. As snakes are antisocial and illusioned, though this can't be said and known without spiritual duality, the citizens there are healthy but many are killed or die by hidden ghostly attacks. Now eating flesh from graves is not adviced and some would say it is a criminal act. Cristianity says let the living follow the living and the let the dead as if more of meaning don't care of the dead. As cizitens are lawed by material energy, the antisocial energy, a citizen either of life energy or spiritual is not thereby the city's culture and energies of it, it means that people living in Lunde, though cant be said and known cause of potencial spiritual duality, are very healthy. So, more proper having hospitals using the bodies right after death for healing, or going as far as to eating their healty flesh from graves would actually be no crime and could be beneficial. Warning: City do not like healthy bodies, risk of death, either direct or more indirect.

Seljord, Telemark, Norway: Place means "To sell earth." Some form of lawed antisocially group of non-christian followers, whereas treasures in sea is opposite of the christian statement of to not sell earth/soul, as well as the saying of keeping riches in heaven, heaven beeng more of mountains in the Moon.. Naturally occurring pearls are rare, especially in Norway, and in Seljord they found, from Boe (Bø) towards Seljord more than once, one shell with a pearl. Resembles, the shell with pearl, private belongings from houses close to mountains, that have fallen and drowned, with treasurses in water areas, as is the symbol of "selling soul, soul beeng mountains".. Persons very ethical and good but keep things more within and less social.. There is a water area just before going to Seljord centrum, where it is said there lives a seamonster.. But more of less water areas where one can swim and take pictures, for possible treasure hutning, can be found in other areas of Seljord, towards the mountains..

Bø, Boe, Telemark, Norway: In areas of Bø, Boe, there can be a lot of metals valued a lot but in very tiny particles so need to dust the surface somehow to gather them and melt them together.. Areas especially close to Breisås in Bø.. Warning. Law demands fasting and less consume of food, more of priesthood village, trying to in serious old type of meditation to understand subjects like: "The story of the universe" Some form of ancient Kazakhstan & Scandinavian, Russian culture area.

Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway. Theory: Black flowers narcotics, maybe in farm opposite place of the industry, industry meaning fall of porcelain, besides psychiatry up in the mountains in the small forrest place. Warning: Place requires within humbleness to survive or not risk of beeng exernally degraded.. Such comes of non doing so good luck!