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The evil of wrong birth to the many angels.

After killing me millions of years ago about in the Atlantic, they offered alcohol of telepathy to intake back the blood and light stolen from nature, also animal sacrifice and tobacco. This started to other angels too who died 403,000 years ago from Crete. The service done by meat killing and butchering has nothing to do with a true friendship to the sheep, thereby it is neither a service that they think they give. They try now to deny service to me saying I am the judging Antichrist, as I have been very harsh last 13 years, made by their own prophecy, as the ghostly demons are opposite in acts, they have been 4 years now towards hate relations to me. I have lost most of my welfare bound by their desire to detach..

"They will serve the Antichrist in hell.." That was about from 2002 til 2014. The best thing we can do is to be antisocial and manage life by ourselves, though as demons, sometimes difficult. Also one can not escape service given by personal forms, so such is the same as the unmanifestation illusion the demons had before the drowning in Atlantic, claiming they could find total sleep. Now they have the total non service quest. About 4 years ago they showed more the non service and are now angry and hate and war against me.. This path is for me, as it is about 100 000 years til the end of the worlds, a path with an about 50 000 years of duration of evil and poverty. Sent me to a place of similar to the movie "Fargo" of potencial butchering and really low appartment standard. Denying me access of most of my money and welfare. The walls are filled with similar calamities burnings, brown spider similar energy of poison and the electricity similar. Its a hell of a vibration. Building might have been made by an outcome of Gandhi. By such deny of me living in the out world, they law me to react a horror so evil that will make them bound, as well lawing the whole universe to live in a more powerfull hidden dark energy and spasms of multiple, something never seen before. They deny me and so attain a life without the priest role exorcism of me putting off the fantasy elements externally, instead they get bound more within by them. An example on that was how Abedi Muhammed who lawed my grandfather had lawed a wolf neighbour human to be harsh with me, after some years she gained a nerve spasm in her hand, couldnt use it free and had been bound after massive harshness that led to me becoming anxietified.

There is a christian saying: "Dont give gold and pearls to swines and dogs.." Were I have been misunderstood as such, were the harshness was the music I listened to and the pigs/pig humans, of the 7 I know, my greek grandmother, Olav an earlier neighbour, Anita an earlier girlfriend and some others. As the universal spirit of toxic attacks me more than others, I also are owed a duality of food and poison stuff, intaking and having the right to intake more food and material products as I have more poison than others.


They have for tens of years taken income from naturalgass, coka cola that has been manipulated, goat sheep meat, though today mixed meat, wind, windmiles, gold, tobacco stones and herbal as me nr. 2 and have no percentege at all of such sales as though such is not concrete it sometimes gives sometimes not. I have almost had nothing. Such products should been given somehow back, about 1% of the worlds products for me to gain them.


There is a movie "6th sense" were I am the main person in the movie, during that time I was clever and saw images of "truth" but was filled with pain cause of the wrong birth. Reason for them making movies about me is that today we live in the Crete lifestyle, were they offer food and productsin guiltiness, form of psychosis, lawed by the first alien after the alien killing me and giving me hell, hating me, severe in all sorts of problems, for hundreds of thousands of years after the Atlantic drowned by the demons. Check below trailer of scene in my family house in Boe, Norway, that is the movie "The shining". The texts I write, I started writing at the house nr. 1, tends to become anxietified as I have no more pure blood and concentration after the killing and can not do exorcism as before, so it turns opposite, anger and such. The definition of the "shining" is the knowledge, the light. The angry writer is actually the one he hates and shouts his name "Johnny", it appears as two but is one cause of possesion, the internal struggle of the forfather and the alien!



The evil of this site as a x 2 dead zombie.
Difference between the past and now.

By them eating meat trying to die and kill their belief of who bound them, the opposite happens and I awake in some form of anxiety having no peace and self choosing ability. When then they offered me their music and book gits to reenvoke the sheep, I couldnt escape from such easy and made this site that remanifests the hell given to me after the Atlantic drowned.As soon as I realized about this, the cut burn and drowning they did to me in Atlantic a mountain in Mexico fell, by karma foggy reaction and 200 or so died. You should have seen the bed of my grandfather! It was filled with white energy around, form of psychosis, that increases their form as aliens, wereas increases thereby their awareness. Abedis tent, her psychotic cancer spasms with her pool games of more relax. My fathers bed, ruled by Gandhi a squirl, the killer, is making my fathers bed shitty, both in Crete and Norway and that is their result after killing me, their try to find sleep, to die, though increased it severe.

The hotel in Chania port of Rama my crete grandfather is a blue hotel were when I was there had a lot of fear though I was drunk as mad. Some sound resembling a terror enterence for such is the schizophrenia and pain of Rama. If you go forward the road in the port from the city there is a brown hotel, such is Hans G, the brown stars hotel. Again there I was drunk and was a lot of poison attacks. Our forfather has more tents and cottages, I went there once as child but dont remember so much of it.

"They will serve the Antichrist in hell." They ony serve the alien as after demonic posession there is no sheep left. They dont serve well, as the sheep has nothing to do with slaughter and self given to the sheep but rather a self choosing in the senses, were though the powers of the dark heaven is stronger than the senses of the sheep and the previous of what was Moon. So even the aliena nd squirl not killing me, they would come another or even more killers who would have killed me.


Bound in this age after reading and envoking the sheep, philosophy books, by Socrates and Aristotelis, earlier hidden demoniac butchers, I am by their guiltiness owed some form of self back, where they speak back my words, as well song artists and the within of the cafeterias and taverns. Aristotelis with "e" is: E re e se te t e le se. Saying, see, laugh, concentrate! Socrates, "Se c re e t e se" Same as Aristotelis. They as well lawed where defence is impossible.

By such, after demonic possession, I have turned out into a false divine form, where instead of burning away dark elements, I increase it, my condition in knowledge has been worse than if I was to remain a ghostly spiritual beeng of dualified acts. "They will make the Antichrist.." Christianity, a religion of today. It becomes worse to be in the senses, as in this demonic form there is no true exorcism, no true destruction of the soul elements. The inner cause of me going back to the senses is the guiltiness of Crete, bound by alien force who lawed Gandhi to kill me, where they pressure me into the past conditon. Songs like Goin Through, a greek band, the philosophy book of Crete all started this. But neither allowed to be with them in the spiritual form.

In elderly state on should not care within, know its a problem, hate some, be a bit afraid and have a bit of knowledge.


WTC. What happend?

There are many reasons in maya for why things happen. One was the transformer reaction, were Gandhi was lawed by Abedi who lawed the alien who lived in the start of the planet in Philadelphia close to the sea edge in USA. He burned me by law of his rulers and were they were lawed by the ancient black heaven, unable to find release, before the Atlantic drowned, whom himself drowned ruled by alien and forfather laws, to find sleep, something better in this black universe, though finding sleep you have to have the opposite, the hell, so it isnt worth it. Areas of the Atlantic was a better society with exorcisms, sports, philosophy, stories, friendship and much more in other parts of the world, like the health of the Krishna and such, like the west USA, were the Moon lived and I reacted back similar by smoking weed as a form of calamy, used to burn me 403,000 years ago.

I looked like Bin Laden that time, and worked that time for MLM businesses similar to the WTC towers.