The story of the universe. Unifying the verse.

The first black heaven scene in maya, the beginning.

First there was the strange non logical nothing, even though it "didnt exist" it was there as nothing, opposite of something it was and had later the accidental duality with belief of awareness of it all. Then it made the dark poison heaven that was up and had as well gravity making it fall downwards were some of it was same as the nothing, for then the dark heaven to create aware beliefs like lightning.. If not life would always be as is concentration and to always be is illusion as there has to be a start.

When some of the rocks from the mountain fell downwards they were not like as if they were thrown to find release and to judge a piece of the black heaven for they were total void, thereby in non evil. Similar to when stones and wood are used to made fire and light, some type of dried stones, this without a plan and neither to a direct form. By such act I and other angels became born, by the opposite of those stones thrown, as fantasy has a duality and such birth was the first sheep form and was based more pure than other births. The other divine forms were the Moon, the cow, the bird, the pig, the squirl and the horse and all were red and yellow in colour.. As well you were born as angel that time and others. Such positive duration of existence was long.

When mountains were made by that gravity, then by rocks falling down, as the mountain became disolved, air came and magnetism and then water was made by the crash of stones. Then the other elements we see today, like metal after water for then magma.. Those energies of the ancient past started eventually to manifest as species, as forms. The mountain eventually intaked blood and light and electricity and sun fire and managed to become more awakened.

The lies of relations are massive from the spirit and especially in this age the relations are very low and illusioned. When an old man walks bent, it is the up form that is the most root of problem, not the below as it shows when the back is bent but not the legs. So the fallen mountain, the first, couldnt see above as fallen, so judged in lies since the start of the expansion of the universe me, as lower.

I found our impersonal father in this illusion world, the first mountain form, who were not though choosing. He, dressed in an unchosen form after so many years since the beginning of maya's expressionis now as a woman with brown colour, judged me so many millions of years as the devil and as the psych, as well more, and gave me hell though in maya, but maya pretends to be existing, it is a sleeping energy but it doesnt know its own energy, me as well as dead as all, and works as a nurse in psychiatry. He is the ears in truth and when in lies, of demonic fantasy condition, the first unchosen impersonal gravity, the first impersonal mountain whereas defence is impossible. Came now after so long and sadly is getting reaction from her own unchosen energies.. She looked like me and she came before me.

In the end it will show more as darkness is not as life, in the start truth but of lies and nothing will be in the end, nothing was first and nothing will be in the end. There will be same creation as this one, then go to the belief awareness were first our forfather is and then it will return to the opposite, to nothing. In simple dualified terms, it goes like these: Nothing, awareness and creation, then nothing for then creation, same pattern.

Mostly the spirit of illusion that rules mostly, will believe mostly that it is me who is the forfather and believe less that it is the forfather of us.

God, meaning and who.

"The truth is that the nothing that made us as beeng root as before creation, is God.. Without the nothing there would be no creation."

Aliens are a lot in control in this age and so they have lawed in this scene with the nurse though when she/he mostly rules in past and future and made the psychiatry to make medications to perform suicide, though such does not work as future thing only for a current time, the medication as well have a sideeffect, as based in sorrow and fear, and so they as well in future increase neurontransmitters, meaning their form.

Gravity makes air, a similar to the "Zyprexa" antipsychotic that contains air elements. Life if it existed, would be social and friendly and simply, so gravity judged void that was downwards instead of judging the above of it, as juding is non social and of lies, that sent it downwards and made it more into a form, a mountain, cause of this illusion black universe and made void into a demon but also the opposite, as this is a duality universe, a sheep of more goodness, that was me. The nurse is a nurse and not a doctor or showing off as the fallen as darkness that contains gravity is giving many visions making it difficult to see truth, as well gravity difficult to observe. I was believed for so long to be the fallen and I wrote of this here in the site..

By their hate to me, my grandfather and the nurse, their size is very small compared to others, though old, as when my grandfather lived. I sense their anger within sometimes. "Serving ones forfathers one goes to ones forfathers.." Spirit has duality so is forfather and not. When Srila Prabhupada, the nose, ancient years ago as an angel, who died, who ate some part of the sheep, me and offered a type of blood back, during the contact I had with him trying to purify me in telepathy, (Him following the Gita Krishnas words of that great/big souls purify great souls) , the condition I had was to hide my ass, to hide my self, to hide my belief of impurity, they were then in me so by serving me I served them, and by such I went as well to my forfather in psychiatry, that is located out of towns, more hidden.

The nurse needle came when Crete was on the rise, in 2001 about, the universal owing of life to other angels also, like our forfather, such time I believed I was in heaven but after psychiatry I realized it was a false birth, but very nice times for me though. The nurse as our forfather gave the needles of trying to put me out by air, zyprexa antipsychotics.


"In the end of the world all will be shown in light.." Christianity. Well, as it is all maya, not all will show and we still have about a hundred thousand years til the total end will be but are living in 3000 years old time age of the burning problem age known as Kali Yoga, and so as is mayan, illusion, it doesnt really show..

When I was in Crete, in a similar psychiatry closed store I felt stones within me thrown to me and I felt bad. This caused me to become clever by fear of death. Our forfather works in a similar healing organization there some of her owing back to me but mainly trying to put me off.

If the nurse and the named powers had been medicated with antipsychotics, instead of so me, during that time were the telepathy unity was massive, then by the ghost race sending air and burned earth to the fallen, the alien yellow electricity too with abilify or whatever of medicine of antipsychotics, would have made it so that it would not be that concentration no more and the manifestation of the universe would disolve, dissapear, for sometime and the deep desire of all species, to sleep, would appear and we would have gained strength. But ghostly activity fails in its acts in general, as it has not the pure senses of concentration and instead binds the pure senses so there is no relation EQ, and thereby the highest path is total senses, though not allowed in total by the powers. It is not that this is concrete it has happend, the unmanifestation. There is still chance of doing so, as Im still patient in psychiatry but how and who would needle them?

The Moon demoniac possessed by the alien mostly and the fallen, who died when I died too in Atlantic, though the WTC fell and the nurse looked like Bin Laden, muslim, where his form is also in the pychiatry as a doctor, he still didnt medicate the nurse. In christianity, it is said of "Whoever sticks to it, (it meaning in their schizophrenic disorder me, claiming I am the fallen) will find life. Meaning that by blowing air, like the zyprexa or as they did before, drowning me with the trilafon drug, like water, I will be put off and they will find rest, also believing they will find life after that dark matter disolves, them thinking that if I am put to eternal sleep darkness will not be there and not influence their illusioned beliefs of life. "Great souls purify great souls.." Bhagavad Gita, speaking of great it means big, huge, as the source forms have more toxic soul. A law in the spirit world.

The killing to me millions of years ago in Atlantic before it became sea there, where the story started first from the fallen, where the fallen, ate shit and wanted to die and others did too, not only cause of me. They did so in the main desire to die, not to rejoyce with shit, and so whatever outcome came afterwards root of act and desire was suicide and thereby can not be blamed. But whatever act in the toxic energy changes after a while and is not concrete and thereby the outcome becomes opposite, cause of the root thought of choosing to die based by sorrow mostly.


My grandfather lawed Gandhi to kill me as maya shadows change, he ruled that time, cause of the desire to follow death thinking in lies that it would die eventually, though has no truth to be death, to be nothing and my grandfather during me burning mountains and demons, destroying death, giving a friendly touch to demoniac species them turning into nothing, my grandfather continued the condition of the spirit. The result was the bed of my grandfather, in Chandra, a cruicified bed in green colour and a terror bed as well in an alone room and also a chocking cotton place with a metal bed. Same as Hans Gaara and the white aliens had Astron Hotel, the place one had to send good secure thoughts to gain entrence as of duality and within hate, a balcony were the above was low and one could bend and fall, the cruicified bed as well as I remember me in such state. Our forfather had some tents, some form of psychotic state, severe, cancer and as I recall spasm. They had many judgements, like of impersonal death, hating my unchosen silver lucky that was around me by spiritual protection outside my form so that I would not die and drown by outward steam and defined me as wanting to be a personal metal of silver, as "g", whereas was only given by the spirit, from the food given before containing metals, that where they thought personality was total expression not knowing the more kept within personality. Grandfather the alien if he had come as he was into negative things and ask why the mountain was destroyed, in his belief of that beeng negative, I would have spoken and if allowed he would have had a massage, relaxed death, like knockle bones turning to void , he would eventually be free from the miseries of death, but offcourse such path is in this maya for ever impossible by the powers of the black heaven.

He, in Crete, offered me a car, during Christmas, when I was 6 about, in Crete as a gift. Some owing offering, a red ferrari similar to the Ratchet figure in the Transformers I am. At a school outside the town of Ierapetra at the age of 5-6 they offered me a Transformer toy.

Similar to the mountain fall done to demons

"Those who stick to it in the end will find life." Alien lawing Christ to speak this, and now is the time of christianity as demoniac nature is slow into expressive manifestation. Stick means, needle and antipschotics, believing I was the fallen, they needle me to remove in their belief the universal toxic and byproducts of it expression, by giving air like in zyprexa, or water elements like in Trilafon, where they are wrong. I medicated received sleep and peace, though me very very very very sick, also the opposite, the back gaining of disease, but I am very glad though still confused, to have gotten the medication, though it was laws behind it, like police who came to my house and such. Not many have pure fire and light anyway in this modern times to perform such act of a constant healing without laws. If though, whereas the Moon, the psychiatrist Pål G., who's face is like my grandfathers who is possessed by them, if he wasnt possessed, he would have seen the similarities of the fallen nurse, who looked like Bin Laden, who destroyed the WTC tower and had medicated her, as he is a USA person and when I got into psychiatry the first time was close to the time the towers fell we would have disolved for a time. They hiddenly, parapsychologists claimed I was the poison psych expression who destroyed the towers, I assume this by myself, I worked for MLM business that time and they did this to as well make a plan to snitch me as the psych ruler in the lawed spiritual condition. One reason of the foggy impersonal reaction was the burning they did to me as a sheep sourounded by metals, in Atlantic, when they burned me and the towers in Gandhis ancient place got killed too..

Spirit is no self, no personal, as it is dark and false prestige, when seen one sees dreams so one cant get it is nothing. Spirit does not want to be, by such the senses though mayan, of fantasy, are more close to the if there was life nature. Saying thereby as the demons do, that I am the most fallen,I am, as they lie, the most divine and cool in the senses as the sheep and those in the senses would have been exact same if life existed.

The brown UFOs came down and gave the instructions to the squirl to kill me, just as I saw a brown UFO in school in Crete by the Trishula, the Trishula beeng a timemachine able to go back in time, and the UFO was very noisy and very huge, where close to the school where we went there was a beach where they had woods and burned them, sensing a lot of within pain. Same as when they burned me and drowned me. The school was against my lifestyle and told stories of opposite of my acts..

He steals my knowledge and intelligence and is making me impure, sour and sick by tobacco, tobacco beeng rooted in impersonal judgements and laws of to dream, those who dont smoke. India and Crete, the two opposite lands, where India tried to kill me whilest Gandhi got kiled by his desire and previous killing to me i Atlanta where he lived in Philadelphia and as well Crete that offers flesh as offering of life but whereas it kills too, so there is no duality no more but a constant hell. Them bound by alien force trying to die in schizo states, saying the sheep and pig meat that whereas the pig was made after eating the sheep, that it is the sheeps form that is binding them to this universe, and by eating such meat they think they can perform the suicide, killing the binder but such results to opposite where they then give a false type of sense life pressuring me to live, as instead of them dying I more somehow live. Such pressure of life made me not sleep so much and not be more detached in my own world, by their offerings, like music and books trying to regain the sheep the rememberence of the past came and the hell given to me comes now to the universe. Escaping from law is impossible, and the root of problems, is not the gifts but the aliens try to do suicide and by such pressuring me in some weird awakening. This shows a bit in the Crete taverns in Ierapetra, where I lived, where the police with the crime is after in the road, where the taverns are before, meaning, eating meat, giving problems, as well forward the road after police, where it is a defending military base of more ancient days.

The nurse works in psychiatry to not believe, by a karmi jani yoga type, meaning similar to "Do unto others only what you would want others do to you..", to not believe she is the cause, as is in psychotic disorders, the cause of problems in the world. It was all a law, spoken by Krishna, where it says in the Bhagavad Gita, "One is not the doer of ones actions." Now we are filled with pain and sorrow and problems. Diseases according to them starts off with depression, like the wanting to die, then anxiety, compuslive disorders, psychotic and then schizo. My nurses life is self blaming, whilest the alien force is more psychotic schizophrenic..

In the first scene, the beginning of expansion, I laughed with the toxic burning impersonal law burned upwards.. Such path would in happiness destroy toxic energy and by products of it and we would attain pure healthy senses of higher life. But the friendship just wasnt there.


The sheep was the first divine form made by duality of the first mountain throwing stones to a void space and was judged as the doer of maya and forfather of the awakened, by so dualified and made the sheep, with sports & philosophy, that were exorcist tools, before the sun was existent. One understands such past of opposite mayan scenes, by duality of what the original structure in the beginning of this world, by the spiritual toxic law, that is antisocial, lawed the different forms. The sheep started synthesizing health like in sports as exorcism, the already unified light with more detail, sports. Such were not given in fear or sorrow, had no gravity fall in them as now bound by the toxic elements, had neither no gravity or fall, but became manipulated by others, was neither planned in a place but all happend as an appearing childish state of freedom and just a simple childish atittude.. Such sport would be in theme same as just as we see here but opposite as well as in pure senses, without problems..

The demons claimed the sports to be demoniac in nature..


The burning massage that relaxes the spirit and makes them non beeng in their earlier problems, either to mountains or material energies or demoniac forms, was done in goodness, and though the alien and forfather voice when demons claim the saying in the Bhagavada Gita: "The demons get too attached to their senses and makes plans to destroy the world.." one can easier say that the killing law as mayan senses would happen anyway and so no problem to "destroy" the negative energies that doesnt want to be or sometimes dont know what is best for them.

Here the fruits and trees opposite of the actions of me, the sheep and the other angels, creates shit as outcome. Shit is an element of darkness so opposite, in the senses, is to instead of create darkness with food to destroy. By burning fast with courage the darkness turned to nothing..

Opposite of problems anxiety laws tensity, would make it a better place in maya..


Story from Crete when I was a child: "I went once, beeng lawed and where escape such time was almost impossible, to become a servant, a religious, by Srila P., where I thought if I gave good emotions id get back good, i then thought of serving the inside, and I allowed myself to enter into mystification and went in the kebab a like store in Crete and spitted. They lifted me up and pretended to saw me with a knife, I saw then Krishna in a blue whitish form, crying. When I went out, I sensed a communication from my grandfather saying that I was insane.

The irony in the kebab store in crete where the demon alien said i was insane and thereby accepting meat eating as OK whereas friendship, the lack of it, was the cause of problems with the mayan manifestation with life. Some part of me lives in that manipulated, by the wolf, aliens and fallen mountain, increased blood in form of pig.. "

The sheep got most bullied by them all, within in telepathy and hiddenly as well externally, when the ruling powers of the fallen and alien were sick with disorders, but the sheep knew what the hidden given to it was after the Atlantic drown and killing where hell started, he knew from then all the time..

That sheep millions of years ago was cutted, burned and drowned by the powerfull black that time ruling toxic poison, that lawed the trinity of demons, see picture at main page, when the mountains were black,in the Atlantic ocean many many times, were after killing given million of problems to, nightmares, cancer, gravity falls, laws, shame and deaths and killings, as well bullied as impure, a binder, a lower and were given millions of demoniac posessions to, meaning anxiety, visions of evil, laws and more.. For about 3000 years ago they instead started to serve the sheep in guiltiness but do it wrong, with dead bound meat, guilty offerings and external learnings and not self meditated on. She had gone through thousands of reincarnations and for so long her life was a problem..

Coming back after the killing.

The killing happend hundreds of thousands of years ago when the Atlantic became sea, I after long time in the form of poison, sulfur, went out when below the sea, to the edges of the sea and got burned and by so came back to life as toxic energy of by fire and heat concentrated. The wind blew the poison from the below sea to the edges of west Norway, and so I came out by waves and by the suns heat I became awake. Picture below is of Hydro an oil petroleum company whom burn oil from under the sea in Atlantic were I was as well as a mountain fired form and were lots of my poison is around and so they manage to in the poisons unity to burn more of my poison and I become concentrated in a lot of pain. I suffer by them and thats why the oil companies in Norway have gotten such income, for as said, the universe hates me also others. I came, though not a direct interest, just bad luck in them, to die, be burned and unify with universe in their schizo self blame shit throwing to die, sleep, to not be. I also came to be spirit in elderly condition happy and honoured in mix and as well lawed to react the evil done to me to the others. Also to give me back condition of mother mountain nr. 2 and also to give sheep life in though lies and by so throw their self blame cancer to me and their schizo self of sickness and psychotic guiltiness and shit and farts.

As a sheep free I was great, now Im mostly loosing battles. Lawed, impersonal.

The sheep was as well the known made Legion, I was sent to Dekapolis by Christ, whereas in this now time rememberence is similar to Skien, Telemark, where the first psychiatric hospitals were made in Norway. "All will show in the light" Jesus. As first darkness was black and more of nothing, so as that was the start the opposite, the end it shows more but not very clear.

The story of the universe. Rare and unyet discovered history of what happend, who most species come from and the life of the pure senses before this dark universe mix. Read the rare story of the universe here.

He, me that is, during the human form as AndHaka, were chopped off his head by the african Shiva, who was ruled by the Alien..

Spiritual power is strong, stronger than life and all. In the beginning of this world, the Atlantic place was a high society were there were all sorts of knowledge and friendship, exorcist tools, sports and friendly similar to food objects made by the pig. Eventually the society was defeated by hate.. It is the place the greek philosophers speak of, similar to the name. The pig and sheep bullied, given billions of problems to and wars was the worst evil done ever. That time mountains were black, filled with poison and toxic plants had a lot of poison/evil power, not like we have today with out brown burned mountains of less toxic.

Such were the treasures of the true myth of the Atlantis/Atlantida. The trishula and sports and the pigs story telling fruits of purity, beeng not of this world giving peace and happiness even in this world, the offerings to the heaven, the treasure quests of Krishna, the observing Moon seeng all these wonders.. The products and relations were not done in competitive states but in a happy play mode and neither did gravity or fall of such objects exist.. The sheeps black form eventually came after the killing in Atlantic millions of years ago, were they killed and drowned it and got reborn more different than before. The rabbits, the children of the possessed black sheep and the white ghostly horse Krishna came after the killing.

The alien, who killed me by thought law to Gandhi, offers now songs, books and all sorts of me to regain back the form of the sheep he killed. By such demoniac killing, butchering and guiltified mix of the senses I turned out as a slave by the alien who rules Crete, making the sheep demoniac and not as before, divine, when made by the opposite of when the fallen hated and degraded a small piece of heaven below her, that turned out as demon but as well as a divine form of the sheep. Same as the definition of "Wild beast"..

The path of the angels to disolve the powers of evil and problem.

The plan of surrendering to the desires not shown of the spiritual elements, goes like this, one starts out of the planet, by surrendering happy (only the pure senses can do this in a pure condition, without fantasy elements influence, with a hug laugh and such type of senses. As spirit is demoniac nature of false expressions one cant in simple eyes understand that it is all voidness. Warning: Writing/knowing about such divine light & fire actions might make the spirit wanting to dualify and perform opposite acts, so there is a danger, better then when in old condition is to follow plain laws that do such similar work. The original work by pure angels is by a friendly touch, that burns away the fantasy elements. The plan in elderly condition is this:

1. The planets appears as small farmers, but maya pretends in false expressive forms, they operate by maya, as warriors of to increase fire by sensual gratification, as the human body. By such, fire in the end increases, burns mountains, after the known "Kali Yoga" and by fall of snakes wind and steam becomes water and drowns the remaining fire of the what was planets. By drilling hole to the underground rocks where lava is, sending some of the lava outwards to the sea, one purifies the seawater. One performs then what is written below to each planet and around them, as there are mountains and similar as well outside our planet, first to the out place with the biggest mountains out of the planets..

Mountains are poison, originally toxic, so as water wants to purify hiddenly (water is a blurry colour) and is not social, as fantasy elements, it can go and hide below the mountains for by that the mountains to crash by changing the below shape of the mountains and mix sand and rock pieces made by the crashes with water. The mountains must not fall hard and fast for then water is created, so there has to be a huge sea or lake or river besides so that the rocks dont get the chance to crash against eachother fast with rocks for if so water can be created. If they fall to the river, lake or sea they will have no chance to crash and make water. First comes sand from rocks then water..

2. Burn (by surrendering to the fruits falling downwards to the ground, meaning having fruits underground, wanting to purify stone, pick and throw them on the ground from each tree) leafs as well (oxygen is unseen as wind is, by burning it becomes unseen) and metals inside fruits and underground (desire of metals is to be heated and burn earth so that afterwards steam goes to the moon in the end and metal is a reaction service) and right after, during metals becoming liquid, mix them by sending water under mountains that will thereby mix them with water for then sand. In other words, take fruits from trees and cast them down to the ground as fruis increase the fire in earth.

3. Send magnetism to the what now is sea that has become sand by the mountains falling down to the Atlantic ocean, where (magnetism) most is from the south american side, inside lakes and rivers, towards Atlantic. As well today as it has become in areas of Norway. In other words, drill a hole in the edges of rocks in south America and Norway area in the edge of the sea.

4. Burn darkness by the fire made of by fruits increasing lava underground, with the above leafs and underground metals.

This science for elderly people is complicated. For this science below can't be tought by internet and media, from one place to another, reason for that is ghostly and thereby no pure fire and light can be in such acts. It can't either be learned from telepathy as that is ghostly too.

This world creates stays disovles then recreates as if not it would be total, no planet and thereby no duality.. Awareness unity creates different planets and another universe opposite of this one, other types different from this one.

We have just entered from the age of PC and internet the nose-ear-alien age. Kali yoga, the burning planet of the times of problems started 3000 years ago and both plays in, the cold suicide during the killing of Atlantic and Kali yoga. As there was of what I know 400,000 years since the drowning of Atlantic, and there is no 50 % 50% duality but a 75% and a 25% opposite, it means we still have 130, 000 years til the end of the world.

Proof of the nurse beeng our forfather:

More on who the mystic fallen is, whom gave birth to me since beginning of maya forms and expressions, in hell. The father of all planets and products. We live in maya, gravity is not easy to understand as unseen, so social appearing life of judgements are lies. Those who judge the holy air/breath will never be forgiven. Very faultfinding. The air sends me downwards, then food lifts me as happend in the Atlantic.

Abdi. "A B D". B. D. Foxmoor. Earlier life of him was Hitler. He liked Greece and to express in speeches, like B D Foxmoor does, whom founded the hip hop in Greece, Athens. In Atlanta Abdi lawed ate stones to die. Now lawed impersonally opposite is "aaaa sexually interested iin B D" and likes water elements, like sex. Hitler is now having a hidden war lawed by Abdi, as Hitler took antypsychotics, air, probably elements similar to zyyprexa, only an older version, of the gravity fall whereas the first stones fall made the devil, the alien. My grandfather is named "Ioannis", meaning the one who knows God, typical alien name. In this site it stold a lot of stories about him and and his powers, ancient magical powers unified by the gravity fall nurse, Abdi. He, the devil was opposite of me whom he as well made. They bomb countries who went against them like USA. She looks like Bin Laden, whom was the terrorist of th WTC. Psychotherapy was Active Member music from 2000, given somehow by psychiatry, as Hitler plays the priest role lawd, but they claim it often fails and I got sent to psychiatry later. Abdi has such uncontrolled powers of impersonalism in her. Her lawed interest is sex and purity but intaking meat she doesnt gain the health and steals, as the white race does, my health, though this cant be known as dualifies. Psychiatry is a place that hiddenly judges and bullies. They place the hospitals outside society, out of the cool workers and such, those such workers are in anger and fear. They say: "One must not believe one has powers" and by so judges the patients as if they have magical powers. Fe is an ancient norwegian word, meaning magician, where F is the lightning of alien lawed by the air of the fallen mountain giving out air as well for then water. Also, they say "nobody bullies you, its just a sickness when loosing defence" hiddenly saying one judges ones self and is personally shame and to escape from self shame one has this belief of that others bully one. They say nobody controls and by such they have been operating like a non forgiving organization, similar to the meaning of Antichrist. But they say this weird, as if they help some form of disease saying it is an illusion one has. They as well by spiritual fantasy acts do this to be removed themselves from guiltiness, that hiddenly bugs them through whereas the root is the nurse Abdi who laws the Alien. So the true Antichrist is the fallen who made the opposite of the divine sheep, made the alien himself who judges and made my father who follows Gandhi to call me evil and they serve the nurse and the alien by increasing their demoniac energy by using antipsychotics to as well try to remove the thoughts it also goes duality. The trinity of the devil. My father lawed by my grandfather worked for the police and he did not judge by words only but by energy within, in massive strength.

A beeng dualifies acts as all ghosts so she gave me smoke then air zyprexa, fart. nurses needle, and she owes me peace and some happiness after hell.. This lfie by the Trishula I have gone back in time.. She looks like Kristian H., an earlier friend, who gave me smoke and air is opposite of smoke, so she owed me healing after giving me prince. Prince is the energy of the up, the believed high life of the spirit in illusion, the pig, and when she speaks like Srila P. she does so to faultfind someone to remove herself from judgements whilest can not understand the cause, the void, as one gains lots of thoughts and visions. Though void, the black heaven, the source of laws.

Things will show in the light in the end..

I heard song of melodia tis parakmis a song singing of the spirtual past and srila prabhupada owed me and said it is all maya and such and that one needs spiritual he is the father and the lowest was she the nurse who lawed me in harshness all the time.. she made me fall by zyprexa.. i wasnt so fallen when quitting schoo though severe demonized.. But my childhood was very much toxical and I had paranoia and psychotic states, but she owed me healing, as is an act of fear as healing is and sorrow. I saw many visions so I was not alone. Shiva chopped my head of in the past i was killed and drowned loosing much of me and so it wasnt easy to be. But we are anyway not children, I dont like hip hop so much, but it came to me cause of the Trishula in reaction, where Krishna sent me to a house of where I saw a treasure box of priests, and the first alien who said if someone tells you to go one mile go two and you will be the highest, who sent me Active Member, the impersonal lawed mushroom priest Hitler who has many songs similar to my experiences.

The judgement of low came in psychiatry where i wouldnt have honour but be placed out of society..So first I cried when my grandfather died, feeling myself a bit less social when I was with him as a child, when alone, away from telepathy I could relax better and then I saw the great books of Srila Prabhupada, where 25% was the blood given to me by Abdi the fallen, whereas the rest was demonized, then after prabhupada i saw what happend, the lowest, the nurse in psychiatry witht he shame organization of fart. 

I heard a song of Hitler, Active Member about the past. The song goes like this: gia sou re megale efages porta apo ti zoi mas kai gelas.. meaning, hi big sheep, did u eat a door of our life and u laugh? A door same as zyprexa, air, tree energy, meaning, prabhupada says this and says that i was lawed by a tree to suffer and that i laugh the shame.. but i laugh at the confusing stupid shame not the direct shame. 

I rarely farted so much before, but afterwards after sent to psychiatry i did. 

Though smoking weed something that lowered my head as well s it transforms us to an aroma plant air, but i never liked weed.

Gravity is the cause of creation of more seen products but gravity is unseen and so the fallen, the lawed is unseen..

Nasa did not know about science of gravity in year 2007 about so they dont know so much about gravity and I was sent to psychiatry in 2002..


One can argue and say that I listened to low bap music and they were the cool and I the fallen.. But they think of personality and express hiddenly in cd and computers by law so they are opposite of their works but still impersonalists as we all lawed in maya..One has to choose personality, not be lawed by a death energy that did not choose to be and just by law find out what personality one has. Personality is not only a lie cause of unique but in one concentrated energy of what should be life, but if all are personalists they have same concept, ideology.. Sameness of personality.. And they think problems..

By my Trishula, now a bit foggy, I went to a beach with my father in Crete, Peristeria, and where I saw him beeng lawed by Gandhi to burn me. By law, we are slaves of an energy that always existed. I reacted back many years and put some sea species, jellyfishes, of fire, red, burning skin, and burried them down the sand where there was water.. He burned and drowned me and I reacted.

We all live in an previous impersonal toxic energy, even animals are ghostly, and things happen where we today are only victims experiencing the toxic energy and its by products as we all actually within us even todays angels do not want to be.

In Crete I was outside my house and sensed by the trishula heavenly power of hate to me and above me over the road was a drugstore, like psychiatry. My grandfather really occupied with whom bound him, once embraced my norwegian grandfather in false prestige, seeked more to be alone and instead of going out the door and see whom bound him, the drugstore similar to psychiatry he just continued talking to my norwegian grandfather, though as said more judging in nature.

Andreas Kaasa Harkiolakis,
The sheep, "e"