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Stock tips & advices.

All these predictions and analysis are based on schizophrenia and a psychotic state where I define such diseases as "true" (though when old and same in form all illusion), cause of the universal spirit of toxic hating me, for more see "The story of the universe" and "About me". In the start I had to learn more about each stock company and took me sometime, i sometimes failed in that but wasnt my intention. Can be more errors thereby as more down you go in the analysis and stock advices. Below are stocks that have increased in value cause of opposite desire and state I am in or want to be in.

I have been right on most stock predictions and you can see proof at web archive sites. Now with the corona the advices might be less good, depends more.


Buy glass, window companies. Long term.


Because of the corona virus: Buy pharma co operating with Norway like Pfizer. Also some corona vaccine companies could be worth the invest.

18.02 2020

Mexico will go up (in value) and also muslim areas of Afghanistan Pakistan Iran Iraq Israel. Especially from today til end of March around. Consume is going to go up in areas of North Russia, Greece, Marocco, Mexico til around from now til March. Petroleum increase there too in value. Psychiatry is also expected to go up for long time.


Bronze will go up a couple of years and banking general.. Nuclear energy will go down in value in the long term. Beer, health insurances, coffee and tobacco will go up. Media general will also go up in long term, same as petroleum, long term. Hotels is the most secure stock to put your money in long term, as such rises all the time in general.


Tobacco companies will go up, this long term, speaking tens of years and more. The ones mostly used by westerns. Cemex will increase a bit but not so much as Rosnift russian petroleum company, this more short term than long term, from 6 months to a year.



I would buy petroleum general companies now that the site is up again and Orkla, norwegian company having some food products and general media news companies. Also Israel and Iran general stocks will increase, especially petroleum, also companies indirect with such land companies.


Nobel energy will go very up, as well general petroleum companies in USA and Pandora media will go up, as well general media in USA.


Statoil will long term increase over the years, more than 30, as well Scandinavian main petroleum companies with silver and bronze, copper increasing as well, also in Greece and east USA and India. East US food together with Greece & India will increase and a lot of export to Great Brittain and Iceland as well Greenpole. African, New Zealand and Australia naturalgass will go down, as well China Life and Kuwait hospital as well from Taiwan, where in such lands medical insurances will go up. Mexico & Costa Rica areas will co operate in petroleum with Egypt petroleum where both will increase in value by such. Norway will fall in food stock value, at that time the Caribbean will increase generally and India, east USA and Greece will gain from such, especially in food and petroleum value, as well the Galàpagos Ecuador islands will increase then in festivals and charity.


Great Brittain is up on food products and banking and is expected to increase in the future.

An increase of petroleum in Iran areas with as well an increase of food products increasing generally the value of Kuwait (company: ) and Pemex and tobacco companies increasing with south America in general with India and Greece as well, where housing increases in Greece and India and where telecom and housing goes down in south America. Africa will have an increase in stock value and currency, with import of food from Mexico and increase of petroleum export to Great Brittain (companies like: TOT Total SA) in high prices will be some causes of an increase of African value.

USA will have an increase in hospital and medical insurance value, (like: 3M Company) with especially telecom (like company: AT&T Inc.)as has been last weeks, in co operation with south America with a lot of petroleum and food export to areas of mostly Great Brittain where such export will increase the general south American petroleum value and food. Great Brittain is expected to fall in petroleum and tech value in the future..

Pharma in Norway is expected to slowly increase in the long term future, together with petroleum in co operation with south America, where herbal products and companies are expected to go more down..

Greece, Germany, Norway and south American stocks within medical insurances and hospital are expected to increase.

Russia is expected to see an increase in general value of currency and stocks.

More telecom co operations with petroleum companies is expected to increase generally, globally, something that will increase the stock values of telecom in general.


Added chapter date: 30.04.2017

Market analysis added date: 10.11.2016

Stock investments, long term minimum 1 year:

Sell stocks of housing china & USA (example: Senior housing stock,

Sell food stocks in Israel companies (example: G. Willi-Food international Ltd stock)

Sell pharma in China (example: china pharma holdings stock)

Buy USA & Africa media (history) (example: Disney stock, Time warner stock, cinemark holdings stock)

Sell Brazilian and south & middle american telecom companies (example: TIM Participacoes SA (ADR)

Buy petroleum Israel (example: Naphtha Israel Petroleum Corp Ltd (NFTA:Tel Aviv stock)

Sell stocks china clothing companies

Buy stock mirror glass company china

Buy charity organization stocks

Buy general companies above Philadelphia Prosecute is the name about

Buy vegetarian food company stocks mexico, china and USA

Buy hospital China stocks (example: China Life Insurance Co Ltd)

Sell Gabon petroleum Company name: (TOT) (Scam alert)

Buy norwegian petroleum (example: Statoil, Hydro stocks)

Sell housing, religion stocks, south Asia, Pakistan, Irak, Iran.

Sell insurance company stocks, Israel (example: Migdal Insurance & Financial Holding Ltd MGDL:IT TEL AVIV)

Buy bank & petroleum company stocks, Prosecute, Philadelphia areas. (example: whitning petroleum stock NOTE WARNING FAILED, wrong prediction)

Sell alcohol stock companies, smoother than heineken and such.

Buy aroma stocks of companies not in scandinavia and not in Africa lined areas but all elsewhere

Sell OPAP greek stock company

Sell hellenic telecom (example: Hellenic Telecom Organization S.A. (ADR))

Earlier update from 2016 summer time: Tendency for the upcoming year (Been going on from before):

China will be in co operation more with Israel, import of food from Israel will be increasing a lot as well. Africa lined area towards the pacific, together with Scandinavia and Russia decrease in hospital care, as well donations will be given more to such continents. Middle Europe areas will decease as well in hospital care, China will have a more strong law inforcement option together with Israel. It as well appears, as USA will have a continual increase of status whilest Great Bittain Irland Iceland will have a more increase instead.. Charity organizations will increase in value in China and Israel and whilest increase of housing generally comes, education goes as well up. Updated 29 July

USA and christianity in co operation, especially Israel last week, lot of police and insurance up towards down, charity to Israelian petroleum as well last week, is not expected to go opposite way. Lot of co operation with Scandinavia and Russia food from Sc. and Russia export has been up, is not expected to go opposite way.

History from places of Africa, New Zealand and the pacific, charity from Israel through Norway and other countries and spirituality from England and Irland has been up, this in co operation providing benefit and charity, given to especially Greece and greek music company and similar; Sony, EMI, Universal, Cobalt, expected to increase a lot in the future, we have seen only small increase so far.

During decrease of petroleum a lot of sexual potency pils are consumed, especially in lands like China, Japan, Hong Kong.. Lot of education and tech goes up there before potency pills increase in value

Housing goes a lot up first, and after weeks/months, petroleum is found, increased in value for then after exported from Irland and Great Britain.

After France stocks, especially within psychiatry, pharma in detail, goes up, lot of co operation with Germany's telecom, during such germany co operates in donation with scandinavian law systems and charity organizations as well media and history goes a lot up combined with spirituality in France.

Violence and problems expected to increase in middle Western Europe areas upcoming years starting from about 1 year, lot of consume of fruits is there now, insurance and police will reduce as well during such time China areas and Israel will benefit huge.

China, Japan and Hong Kong spirituality goes a lot op during 9-11 morning in western time, as well tech, pharma goes up in consume in China and the areas of Japan Hong Kong, for then to go down during night in Western time, Israel co operates with Greece and then China benefits from such and China areas are in command. During such Telenor and Great Britain and Irland telecom and tech is going down.

Lot of Scandinavia Russian Tech has gone up last 2 years, in co operation with China Japan areas, Hong Kong, lot of donation and admiring to such areas last 2 years about, donations to school educations as well co operation with culture and history from north to Africa, cultural book distributions, as well during such increase co operation with israel pharma, Greek Hellenic Telecom, chinese food/fruits.

Philadelpia state is expected to fall in food value during the next years something appearing as well noticable in the rest of USA and petroleum appears to will be increasing in same areas.

Magnetism in South America is expected to go down upcoming years but is is unsure..

Israel police law and childrens education stock value is up, has been up now 8 years or so, lot of that increases other general stocks and the world follows. Pharma goes up after a while especially fruit products.

Lot of chinese and japan hospital is increasing since 2002 with ancient same science and by scam is forwarded to the world, especially through media and lands like Great Britain and Irland.
Updated: 21. July

Greek petroleum appears down in the future as well increasing a potencial hidden co operation businesses to work together for a solution, probably Germany and Norway.. Stock investement on greek petroleum within weeks could be beneficial.

Africa is up on charity and local community services, less working is hoped for. Since 1 day. Expected to see an increase of banking soon. South America currency is increasing and at that time pharma is slowly going up in lands like Irland, Great Britain, middle Europe like Belgium lined and as well a bit in India. A lot of petroleum scam previous hidden scams with Irland, Great Britain areas from South America, exploitation has been long time now. Insurance increase is expected by such pattern, in most lands of the world. News media during such pattern is decreasing in sales and business expantion. Lots of food/nuts increase in consuming globally during such pattern as well.

Currency stocks are down in Africa, China, Japan Korea, Hong Kong and Israel, expected to fall more..

Appears Africa, China, Japan Korea, Hong Kong and Israel areas are better off since last year, increasing.. Petroleum is expected to increase in export and import, expected this is already been done in Russia especially, but as well generally over the world. Consume of fruits especially: Red apple, strawberries, cherries.. carrots is expected to decrease whilest coffee will be assumed to be on the rise, and liberal parties will be increasing in popularity in same areas as mentioned above more steady according to the tendency.

Companies making rocks (crashing down mountains) has increased and will increase in the future. The less of healthcare needed, the less of pharma and the more increase of travel and housing as well with better economy for citizens is when rock companies start to increase in value.

A cold atmospherea is expected to increase heavily from Middle America west, in co operation with pharma this means that a decrease of sales to Middle America is expected. A huge increase of stock value for the meat industry, during same time is expected and petroleum will decrease heavily from America especially East North America during the years to come whilest housing is expected to increase in west south Africa towards Israel and Kazakhstan areas and especially Scandinavia towards South Russia, during the years to come.. Israel given less health care to, especially as well countries of less christian religious followers, same countries support pharma and co operate even in charity whilest having co operation with countries who as well have increaed businesses in pharma. During such time consume of lamb increase and as well coffee similar products decrease in those named areas. Teaching education especially sourced from Egypt tendency increase, in form of school mathematics, whilest Irland and Great Britain's is at such time in pharma medication stock values increasing in value..

African and areas lined from there like Pacific has had an increase of healtcare status and appears of to increase in the future. Israel local community and psychiatry appears as well as before to continue the fame.

A lot of food export from source countries of first China, Japan Korea and a bit Hong Kong for then in co operation with Israel, to lands by law inforcement to the west, through other west areas like South America and Middle Europe whereas tendency of such is increase of hospital care and pharma laterwards, for then an increase of currency of Irland and Great Britain whilest stocks there as well increase in themes of fame and goodness like social community services and museum a like cultural objects.

Pattern tendency: Increase of pharma in Great Britain, Irland Norway and Greece.

Updated: 19. July

USA and China in hidden scam law inforcement to Africa, Australia area line have earlier exported a lot of vegetarian food products to Africa, month ago, such will from soon increase pharma and insurance companies will go up a lot during a day. Weak historical and as well more of present telecom and petroleum co operated business from Irland and Great Brittain have been defiend as strong in strength though USA and China ahave been lacking true knowledge, strawberry, cherries and carrots gona up now half hour, a lot of facebook has gone down in China Japan and USA and more community gatherings last month, China has given donations to Germany and Greek telecom and as well donations to Kaakhstan areas. China, Japan, especially Africa and Israel has had hidden economy product consume like gambling in more low status and low economy foreign countries, expected to increase, whilest scam in african banks, for then Israel to follow increased in value in savings last 7 days and housing is expected to go down in Irland and Great Brittain together with increase of violence for then pharma and insurance. Israel hospital care has gone up and donations from Norway especially has increased, this more last days but started since 1999 about. China continues hidden scam law inforcement to Irland and Great Britain areas, with housing scams whilest local charity and donation organizations increase mostly police and insurance companies, in unity with USA tech co operation.

Israel has increased a lot of mirror business since 2000 with as well flower consuming, literally speaking. A lot of flower production increases first for then mirror businesses. A lot of such products goes to Russia in cheap prices and has been steady whilest middle/north Europe like Belgium, Holland line areas have been increased in stock value, especially cafeterias lasting til 4 years ago or so. Israel stock increases after that in form of telecom. China education stock, books, increases in sales and value after that as well for then petroleum to increase in Israel.

Update: 19-17 July. Time: 5:05 (norwegian clock) If Donald Trump wins the election it is expected that increase banking will go out to the world, more value in casino and gambling generally, more co operation with ancient south america especially food export willgo out from areas of South America, edge to the sea of Atlantic and more increase of tech from November year 2014 by USA together with China & Norway and co operation from such areas to areas of South America creating the most petroleum increase ever, but as well export from Tech to other parts of the world. Such time increase of hospital and need of care of diseases will be there, but psychological diseases will hide a lot of even physical diseases. Nigeria has been up with food export to areas of Great Brittain and Irland, Norway as well, though this more hidden., from 12:00 about (norwegian time). Israel bank has been up, but hidden, though charity increased in form of bank donations, it is expected that the giver will increase in value and by so return higher returns to Israel banking. Areas of donation has been norwegian pharma companies, this has or is to be. Insurance and police has been up in Israel, Africa and pacific ocean as well. Consume in China has been a lot as well since weeks before in co operation with Nigeria and China.

History goes a lot down, education and media historical channels, especially in combination with China after a lot of petroleum business working in lands like Tanzania, Tongo. Hidden export to opposite lands is done, like Norway and Greece.

Terrorism, law inforcement, hidden scam petroleum & telecom & Israel: Waves from the Atlantic ocean goes first towards north Atlantic, for then Middle/South Europe, by hidden petroleum under earth in Atlantic ocean close to the edge of South America, form of seastars with cobination of undersea lava, after that Israel areas and China gains increase of population and by so increase of export of vegetarian food, soft fruits especially, from China for then magnetism to increase from South America during a cooling of atmosphera in the Atlantic area. Terrorism increases from Nigeria whereas export is done through hidden petroleum scams are done from Israel to Norway when Norway has gained housing increase value after weeks/months, during when local pharma is towards the way up in Tel Aviv, weeks/months later about, where production of opium in most likely hidden secluded places in Israel. Telenor increases as well in value, whilest Israel increases in general value stock at the same time. Heat is increased in Nigeria and so water exports go upwards to hidden telecom and hidden scam petroleum exporting companies that were norwegian before and export their products of telecom and petroleum to areas of east asia and lands like Italy. All starting though with African housing going up before all this. After that a lot of South America hidden law inforcement goes to Africa, a lot of increase of education applies from families wanting to travel to North Europe is done and this especially during increase of consume of sheep during fiestas with a lot of nut food imported originally from South America, consumed during night in areas more of ancient population of Tanania, Tongo for then co operation with Nigeria from such areas..

Hidden fields of massive petroleum has been found, in areas of Israel, since 2004 about, coming hiddenly more unknown from Norway areas, by wind/natural gasses and govermental going from Norway towards Israel, whereas though the wind originating first from Israel towards South America and just beeng sent back to Israel by first going to the mountains of Norway.

Greece is consuming a lot of pure water products in hidden scams but first hiding tech through telecom closed networks, pharma increases after some months of excessive increase of pure water and violence for then insurance companies to increase in value not to speak of new law inforcements.

Tendency: Israel, China tech has been up especially since 2014 combined with China where housing as well has increased. Israel petroleum has gone down since months or so, and has been closing co operation with different telecom partners especially USA, north. Lot of glasses, to see better, has been increased in stock value in co operation with such housing, tech and petroleum.

Scandinavia, Russia are expected to increase in violence and as well police and security and has been slowly going on now 3 weeks about.

Tendency: When history increases in stock value, a lot of education about physics and need of community services as well as law inforcement by local donation/charities and health/no health food education is up where strawberries, cherries and carrots increase in value.

Tsjetsjenia/Chechenia is increased in hidden petroleum and magnetism by import from Israel, China and magnetism from South America, in a cheat and scam way for then Chechenia to export to areas of Great Brittain, Irland, Norway by hidden law inforcement and political manipulation.

When petroleum increases globally a lot of China spiritual science hidden in childrens books, translated, is exported from there to especially areas of USA, Turkey, Israel, Irak, Iran, Pakistan and a lot of insurance companies increase in stock value afterwards.

Update: 10-17 July.
Russia & african petroleum up especially during irland and great britain housing up though takes time for stocks to update and when facebook goes down and telecom and as well housing up in philadelphia with hidden telecom from and petroleum scams of israelian source of opium production in form of olanzapin and pharma

History lessons like history channel, google, and so on goes a lot up during as well honour preassures same time stock companies increase like mirror companies, idol singing contests

Oil and fuel companies esso shell statoil co operates with kebab industries in more private co operations, a lot of telecom and petroleum co operation in north america china and germany unified during such kebab scam and israelian scam taking the telecom organizations (last 2- 3months) and after such deals more fuel and oil increases in production isralian petroleum is up especially during african petroleum going up and exported to irland, great brittain.

Russia exports a lot of pharma in co operation with Belgium, Holland and north middle europe, with Israel during history lessons and google going down especially telecom from switzerland, germany, america and great brittain as well going down

Housing up philadelphia with hidden telecom and petroleum scams of israelian source of opium production in form of olanzapin and pharma especially during scams of other countries when israel has a lot of dementia though untreated

Parkinson increases by history and education going up in west america and then south america exporting flowers and mirrors similar company products, first for then slowly diseases to arise, during as well police increase in such countries ruled

When africa goes down in stock value, china goes earlier up together with america.

Israel is in scam organization with petroleum and beer companies to area especially Norway Irland Great Brittain and Greenland, becoming very angry during history lessons going down in co operation with north west america and increases law inforcement scam co operation with telecom and petroleum companies in germany during when housing is down in germany even long term and facebook and telecom goes down in israel and america almsot to zero point after such welfare telecom and petroleum companies unified. israel then in co operation with north and south america has fiestas with china tourism going up towards areas of israel and america from china japan and less Hong Kong and a lot of consuming is done especially water.

July, 1-5 Food, pharma, politics, fishindustry and perfume.

Tendency since 600 about BC: Liberal parties will increase in popularity, tendency, as well as they unknown will be part of new laws something happend before about 600 BC and salt will decrease in value because of increase of fishindustries and China Japan will increase co operation with Great Britain, Irland and perfume (tendency) will as well increase in value. Hospital care in combination with this increases in form of high blood pressure.

More vegetarian food will be consumed and increase of pharma medication.. Especially in areas of Russia Irland and Great Brittain and North America to the coast of the Atlantic.