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Sexual healing & sexual lawed relations & general.

Sex is a fantasy energy, like water, comes from the 2 fantasy dualities, stone VS water. Water is opposite of fire and so sex is a false expression of me and others as a living, though mayan, beeng. Sex is based in fear and is actually a defence energy whereas stone is attack, poison. Whatever I do in sex I am opposite of its acts. Sex gives diseases spasms and shame. Sex comes from sleep originally and is not chosen..

Those who dont like my sex, were sex nobody likes, is though root bad, evil, sometimes one is crazy other times suffering but root is fantasy as sex is, the brown race sex is better than others, as is more "taking refugee in lust" more detached. In sex in form I have been a stone, mountain specie, and a demonized sheep with no freedom ability lawed by the lawed demons. Though my sex sometimes becomes more harsh, more angry, sadly, but without that it is kind of romantic, more hidden and though problem root, a bit funny.

My first sexual contact was when the fallen gravity raped a void piece of heaven, not the whole heaven of black but a piece, made me a mountain and raped me in a form, then I reacted back, some form of relation of "King&/Princess and princess", as Crete is a 3000 year old false relation area, so opposite, darkness, is more close in karma reaction, but not total. Karma is in simplicity lies of relation and that is why it is impersonal law, cause of lies, saying "Hi Peter" and the other says same is lies. The forfather was lawed by the black heaven above him and such was lawed by nothing. Then I had sex with the yellow alien, then I was given sex by the yellow brown star, and reacted as always, then I had sex with the white line alien, hundreds of thousands of years ago during the after the death of the angels. Then I was given sex with the white star, . It was the time were karma, reaction was truthfully, more but not total.

Sex is the worst sin, as friendship is the best and so the starting lawed impersonal demons who raped, as sex is originally when not lawed by duality a sin so such species by themselves have it worse and also suffer reaction in the dark ages something also worse.

Then it became a reaction, during when I was a dead but fired mountain and rocks of fire belief of living, made by the fallen, from me during the strong toxic powers of the universe hating me and by a hidden spiritual law I fell when I came from Atlantic where I suffered with degradations, massive purification sex similar, cucumbers, strawberries and violence and made I was pridefull and false loving within, though externally it was better sexual relation, more discret, more indirect. Imagine how difficult to control sex life with so much food, believed to be the first ruler of the universe, by the ones offering.

Anyway, after the alien and mountain sex, then I had sex with the Moon, then the sun had sex with me, then I had sex with the nose when killed, Srila P. during between such relations, then the lips of the alien who were divine before the killing had sex with me, then I had sex with the wolf tongue, then Gandhi did sex with me, then I had sex with the pig, then the chicken degraded me by spitting on me, I then reacted the sex spit to the ancient first white horse, wereas the chicken and horse was one before, one form, beeng actually his own spit raping himself, for then to be reacted back the degradations from middle asian snakes were first I was raped by Nikos L. the first snake, then I had sex with B.D Foxmoor (whom sadly was given bad medicine, zyprexa air similar making him angry killing the world), who was lawed as a mushroom for me then me to have sex with the black horse Shiva who was raped by me as all sex is rape, a masculine lawed sense black horse, by that spiritual ancient circle around the globe. Seeng me as a rock mountain, one gained many different visions of dreams. After the black horse I was given sex by Buddha the when demonized cow, then Christ had sex with me then I had sex with the white wildpig Lao Tse, then christian Mary, the bird, had sex with me, for then me having sex with my father Nikos H. who was the first tree leaf, then the cycle came again. Most as far as I know of such sex was blowjob and vagina sex. That ancient time it was the mountain nr 2 I was and the sheep killed becoming the same as the ancient rulers is the same pattern as the sex history above as when pure sheep before the killing I was oppositeo of spirit. With the sex I was made as a mountain in the nr. 2 line, with a V vagina form, but as such is fantasy it dualifies and I also had sex as man. I had a masculine female form.

The ruling demons have this beeng happy seeng others having shame experiences they have this in emotion, in thought, toxic spirit and as we have lived hundreds of thousands of years and so have also been raped and used violence cause of beeng by the impersonal lawed in death ancient black heaven and so give this stool shit out to first me to release themselves from such experiences and become "s", happy and honoured, false though and is some form of Kali Yoga evil dance. Just shitting out penises as hores. Rooted in evil but also some mix condition of worshipping but very less, claiming then "If sheep is raped, then surely the AI and the others are great.." Though sex increases concentration though having the duality also of opposite and when old it is bad to be concentrated, and in same form, as old trying to war or defend or escape is not possible in the long term as only when pure animal one has the possibility of beeng free and choose.

I have been raped in earlier lifeforms in this human age, my last birth as far as I know from 1977 to 1983 about. All species are mostly the forfather who is lawed by void impersonal, but there is a bit freedom from such forfather in them. So as the forfather raped me first I evenr aping my father in earlier lifes gave back to the forfather, but he and the others also have some freedom of personal self. But the forfahter doesnt rule all the time, sometimes it is others, it changes and very difficult to get an understanding of.

Eventually, millions of years ago during the killing done to me, in Atlantic before the sea, I became a mix of divine sheep and demon, such sex relation is really bad as one understands the negative sexual relations, the hidden shame and evil.

Such internal sleeping demoniac sexual life I had was very bad, as externally it appeared as a more humble relation but was internally very pridefull and very dominating with much complex self of shame and such.

Im lawed to have intaked a LOT of food, so detaching sexually for me is difficult. This planet lives for one million of years about, so as this planet as well has gone through reincarnations, we speak of a lot of food consume, beeg believed I was a form of vagina, though the first vagina definition came from the fallen judging a black piece of heaven below him saying it was that black heaven that was making him feel self blamed and degraded, though if one had to judge more correct judging the void above and if not above him. The fallen judged void, nothing, as something. The white line alien has a vagina too not only a penis and also the white stars.

I am in the first scene the unchosen toxic mother of the planet. By such as I have had sexual relations by what maya defines as my children by reaction as they started it, I have reacted back all this impurity to the world as to defend is unchosen and in coincidence, especially in the ages before with more toxic power, meaning sleeping ages where though the sublte mind carries emotions and thoughts from the past in form of reincarnation. The father had sperm cells, so the children was him though not always, as sometimes the children were free and are or and in opposite form, so both impurity and not. My 2 forms were a sleeping fallen demon, made by the fallen, and as well a divine sheep, that now in this burning planet is mostly unified with much different negative energies.

In maya, meaning the illusioned universe, there are no children, all are elderly species. Sex for me is in ignorant states, though cant be known, as is in a dreaming changing by unknowing energy. When bullied as impure for hundreds of thousands of years ago by the fallen gravity, the nurse in psychiatry and the ones following the forfather, the aliens, like my grandfather, during the first contact, to remain pure is very difficult as the belief by them makes me more impure.