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Psychiatry, reasons for beeng involved.

Psychiatry, reasons for beeng involved.

Now as such organizations are based in fantasy, there are many reasons for beeng locked up, I myself was as well psychotic as a child but I hided it so well nobody knew. Though the observation was true, seeng species and ghosts, it was sickness but psychiatry doesnt define such as sick. I wasnt pure in senses and even if an elderly observes hallucinations in truth, that person is still old thereby sick.

I had told my mother that I was Christ and I didnt believe so, just told it in frustration. I spoke to my doctor about religion and had just started meditation of such and offcourse the speech was less intelligent and more strange, but such is natural as starting doing something will take time to become good at it.

The most reason for sending me there is their belief of me beeng the first forfather and if they manage to needle me with antipsychotic, to make me detached, sleep, they too will attain sleep, nothing, that the universe and all planets and species will disolve by such. Similar to muslim areas, killing, this is done in the west too but with more positivity. There is though as toxic soul rules, the saying: "Those who stick to it in the end will find life.. Bound by psychotic minds, they claim there was life and that I have chosen to hide and make dark matter and thereby by sticking me needles the dark matter creator will be removed and the life force can be pure. The other reason is to heal me and help me to find a better life. Psychiatry is liked and hated by many, and those who hate it go to the extreme. My experience was both, in the start a bit afraid of what it was and I knew little of it, as well I had the shame complexity, of that I was shame, though as a nurse once said that Im not my disease, neither are other patients their disease. I also wanted to live and thats why I wanted to get out, but I realized it is all death and sleep is the best of all that is, in this fantasy ruling universe. In this age, of problems, the "hell age", it is not bad to sleep at all if one has the luck to. Going as elderly mixed child leads only to problems and as far as I know I would have been raped if I wasnt sent to psychiatry at the age of 18. It is not a perfected science like so much other.

Psychiatry I find a negative place, root is bad offcourse as elderly work, it dualifies and results to the problems trying to escape from. It is all about sleep and offcourse to heal and deal with days better. Following their desire, of sleep, void, "death", following such law suicide can be performed. Though mental hospitals offer opposite act of the sleep and healing, in this age it is more clever to not be.

I slept during asummer from a massive pscychosis I had mostly when going to school, and when I was living in Crete I had a lot of universe unity with pain. I should have been medicated then, from 0 - 9,5 not after. I slept and though one in my family woke me up one day and gave me weed to smoke, were I became very sick, it is still under same psychiatry category. The hate first, the mountains falling (the weed), the air (air:zyprexa) and the products of offering, the fruits (The peratzin medicine given before), the natural path. They tried to kill me with weed when I already was in sleep, meaning "dead". Such is very complexic. The ones doing this, sensing the massive void when I slept in daytime, was in difficulty realizing that the big detaching condition was from me, but that I wasnt the main source but nr. 2 in the universe expansion.


Dekapolis, were Christ sent Legion, is same as the psychiatry, were I was given money food and clothing. This involves the prophecy of the beast beeng cursed in jail. As psychiatry is saying "One is not guilty of problems given to the world" and give innocence to patients, the opposite happens and one is judged in jail as such work in fantasy has opposite acts. Their acts is giving weed, the plant burning, then the air, the olanzapin zyprexa medicine, the opposite, then the jails in Asia, the three paths in nature. Stones falling, air & products and snake bites. I should not have been medicated with much medicine, less, so that my duration would be longer. When it comes to money I should have just gotten paid by the goverment a sum and not been involved in psychiatry cause I knew I was sick from birth and the hallucinations I had were real. Jesus should have sent the ones who bound me to the psychiatry instead, as angry people they had lost their psych/poison/anger defence and I would live more happily for a time in the forrests. The yellow lightning came in the forrest with Krishna and tried to kill me with different poisons and I got sick making me pray for healing under their control, as it wasnt me but their own act of duality. The one saying "Magician leave from us" was an outcome of Krishna.

"Serving dead Gods.." Bible. The alcohol given by Krishna outcome, lawed by Vishnu, opposite of me offering sports to him in the pure days, made me after a time very sick. Also the weed made me focused in the lifestyle of meditation and bringing back my past condition, as the WTC fell by reaction of what done to me and I saw this during when I smoked weed first time. Now for me to live in the sheep senses is making more problem, as well as the senses of those named in this article. I was killed, 403,000 years ago and carry that death but as well some of the time the mother role of the universe, having severe universal unity cause of that.

In psychiatry I cut my back months ago and the police demons came. Sadly I did this in Porsgrunn, the better psychiatry and also in Skien and afterwards the cops entered as demons to the better nurses and denied a Vishnu outcome of coming out of psychiatry. He became sad and frustrated and walked on a table and I could sense and realize the police in Crete guiltiness and cancer and fear and how they blamed Vishnu as by simplicity, too much, as if the yellow lightning has no opposite of cancer and I couldnt even look at them and in anxiety turned away from the scene.

I changed my mind severe of psychiatry now lately. Cold weather last 6 years til 2 years ago, made the antipsychotic medication work less as need blood circulation, earth is as human forms are too..

The second travel to Dekapolis as Legion. I remember my mother bidning me in bed with ropes, and my brother too, though in such state he owed and released me as we found a sizzer. During the scene of Dekapolis, were I was sent to Skien, I remember when I was a child feeling like Legion and saying the same thing within me, that I didnt want to go there, were Christ afterwards had replied with that I couldnt come with him.

As Legion I left some form of school of massive pain and went to the mountains, away from problems but slept little but were very relaxed during awake condition, this as a duality of the alcohol and weed that came after such. Not worthy the high as the pain before was much. I had a high relaxed condition around me and in me but that was neither worthy the pain before.

I lived in Seljord.. The snake place further down the road from the cow place.. Boe. The anxiety of the lava and the heat, the anxiety causing violence and evil, the reaction of megas Alexander with their non ability to escape from the root of non relation knowledge, the jail of terror of cutting of bodies, the blood in that bird Mary prison, that will come by a blurry thought though anxiety, that I have no money and the spiders that are there beeng worse with the yellow lightnings than the ancient snakes.

Below rankings of different mental hospitals, considering the opposite of such in each of them.

Porsgrunn psychiatry. Rank: 3/10

Seljord psychiatry & hospital. Rank: 1/10

Skien psychiatry & hospital. 2/10


They gave the water food trilafon medication, antipsychotic, to purify me from their beliefs of me as a demoniac form of a pig laughing with shit, though me possessed by the trinity of demons sometimes and expressing them in harshness. Thankfully I am now given another antipsychotic, not the peratzin trilafon but zyprexa.

Picture below is one night in Ierapetra Crete, were my brother fell down and broke his hand. That is one cause of the grandfather especially believing I was some form of magician and he became schizophrenic. Such though comes from when the demons of prophecies steal my light, and I then gain knowledge of the future, but now not able to exorsize as before.

I had made an exorcist tool, named Trishula. Such could bring the past back, as by showing of a demonic posession in a childish state though ghostly, one removed the unity of the red and white heart during unity. But the laws were so that Shivaya, the african horse took it with him belieiving it was a weapon, instead of going up and seeng the pigs. By such Trishula I went to the past and I read books of the first energy, Srila Prabhupada,a ghost nose beeng, in Krishna conciousness, whilest listening to a greek hip hop song about going to the past of the soul. I then went to the psychiatry where I was given degradation, fart, olanzapin air drug where I was sent outside the society, beeng judged as a psych expresser, meaning toxic expresser, where they hiddenly bully and say that it is ones own shame that causes the need of to think that others bully one, some form of weak defence.

I during contact with Srila P. in yoga devotion as a child performed service to the world, me and God during a mystic experience when I was about 8 years old. I in devotion went thinking first of the three yoga systems, personal service, jani yoga, karmi yoga, a service to the world and then bhakty, to God. I thought; "To have a good emotion", I then thought the world could as well have good emotion and the bhakty service to God was to ask what their God wanted to do and whereas I spitted at a butcher house. 10 years about afterwards I entered into Krishna religion again, beeng very happy in emotions (Just as I wanted to serve me and the world when I was a child) and I got sent to psychiatry same time I was reading their books and chanting. During the butchers holding the knife close to me I saw a child in whitish blue colourscrying, (I saw him, Krishna, inside me crying when the butchers tried to cut off my throat with their electrical knife).

My grandfather in Crete, during the day I spitted on a butcher slaughterhouse, said in telepathy: "He is insane" and a judgement of "pedophilia", though all ghosts and elders, so it is the cause of psychiatry. For more on his powers of thoughts and why, read this article about the story of the universe.