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Philosophy of void (Void nothing philosophy)

(student) *cries* *laments over the shame and unvalue of existence* *shouts: I suffer!!! Life is a problem I have realized.. Go away! Dont speak to me!

What is existence?
(student) Existence is realizing emotion, thoughts and senses.
I see.. What is realization?
(student) Realization is to know..
What is to know?
(student) To sense, see, feel, think.
Is that concrete or duality of energies?
(student) Concrete.
Is the world filled with opposite elements?
(student) Yes.
Is that concrete?
(student) No but there is also awareness.

Is it not mixed with other energies, bones and water?
(student) But I do feel, I do sense, I do think.
When one lives in a duality world, it pretends with power.
Behind the brightest heaven is darkness, did you know?
(student) Ah.

One can never understand void, for as soon as one did that one enters into illusions like dreams..Like observing the dark heaven.. But in the end everything is at the moment void, though undetectable..


Life means concentration, meaning thereby that such life energy can not have been eternal, for if so, there is no logic, no start and no beginning in such energy means there can not be life, for life means logic. If it appeared by nothing, suddenly, then it is not of concentrated energy as it must have been existed always, as that is concentration, making thereby life and awareness concepts as false. It is instead the toxic energy that is strange and has been earlier eternal by magic and that makes us believe we live, whereas we actually dont, as it is an energy not knowing itself, having the duality, the sleeping time and the appearing awakened time.

Having such as knowledge, one might be calmer and more relaxed beeng able to deal with problems encountered. Though all have done sins, making people afraid and filled with sorrow, the previous acts was law and though by knowledge of that we are lawed, acts in 99,999% condition of fire and llight in purity having only little toxic energy or elements by it, dualifies acts and so we are still lawed. When lawed where the darkness by itself energy that doesnt even want ot be dark or make elements, one defines thereby acts as impersonal. As if there was none there against us.
(student) Ah.. *sleeps