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Parapsychological news.

Read some weird news of powers from the though not always them as opposite of angels that are always them, the hidden mountain with the other 6 demons, again, not only them as all have some form of powers in this planet though less than the 7 ruling demons, whereas as said in this blog many times, are when unlucky lawed as old and same in form as others, impossible if not difficult powers to manage and whereas we see different reality scenes as laws from the black heaven that rules them and us. Things they and others do to me becomes increased in the universe too, as me as mother nr. 2 expresser of elements and sheep loung huge as the north ocean Atlantic with law reaction. As when same form, as human outcome, born by sex, the condition is demoniac and so false expression, so Im not this small human form but big. My nurse, the first mountain from ancient days, ruling most, my grandfather, the aliens and Gandhi who follows the forfather lawed impersonal doing both sins.

Flood in Europe

I have had a stomach problem last month, drinking much beer that contains water and have become full in my belly. I drunk days before the flood and saw even an image of Buddha for hours whos first place was middle Europe.

Strongest law in the political election

I got a reaction realization of that Joe Biden will most likely win the election and that will result to many problems.

The Corona virus.

In this planet, there are many reasons. The main reason is that the ruling impersonal lawed of bad luck species have the virus in them, as I know it is in small areas of their form and not easily detected and spread it outwards. Appears as compulsive disorder, the shit heated goes up to the loung. They first send it out to me, then to others also and through me it spreads outwards. They will have this as more pain than me towards the road. Another reason is that the psychiatry team sent me away from society and so suffer from reaction having not the sheep and mother, the mother ok, but the sheep (in the body loung) minus causes severe issues. Though now Im mixed sheep there is an area of me were I am pure.

The corona virus is of the reaction "sending me out of society", hating me throwing me away making me be without them, this making me very sick, I by reactive law do the same in the planet as law reaction and as well unity in self forms. I have lived in Glenna for 6 years now, its been very hard to live there.

Instead of healing me in psychiatry and giving me money and care the opposite had happend 6 years now around, as is such fantasy organization of duality and I was cursed to the appartment in Glenna were I had neighbour enemies, rapers, butchers, the neighbour mentally ill and police trying to rape, hating me. A neighbour living there years ago had answered yes to the question if she had eaten human flesh. I was on paratzin, a more mineral water/food drug, similar to how animals are fed food for then slaughter. "I send you to the slaughterhouse like sheeps.." Christianity, I was total into the sheep meditation of this site then.. They do a good act, healing for then the opposite, rape and slaughter. Some form of prison cell beeng punished for shouting and beeng violent 4 times, hitting others on the head at night, this reacting the "perpetual curse within" that you can read more about here. Such evil appartment though would come anyway, by the duality of psychiatry as healing. This making me as loung/sheep form sick. I have been very afraid since I moved there. Sending as well massive terror and anxiety. They were right sending me here in the start, I believed in so much positive things that I became angry and had not understood the potencial problems and problems that were in and around me. The lies of trancendentual loving God turning me into a manic gipsey, the Crete with their tense firelight, the mother and doctor Orjan W. sending me to psychiatry for saying Im Christ without believing it making the drug dualify from sleep in happy senses opposite of weed to focus in it. The appartment is similar to jail. But it is better when old and same form as others, old, to have duality, I should have been given another appartment in October. They were right punishing me but one year now they shouldnt have done so. The appartments I lived in was mostly, the three beeng similar types but the Glenna here more strong, Flitavegen, Torstveitvegen and Glenna, here. It started in Torstveitvegen (Tor st veit v e gen meaning in norwegian the alien knows the "v" as gene, meaning forfather gene) were in that time in school I suffered very much the poison coming outwards came in first hiddenly by the confused lawed demons cursing me to such house. The disease was so little though that it wasnt detected until it became much more. My father Nikos H. is guilty in giving corona virus as he is against taking up loans and influences the family most. Taking loan giving money to my aunt were we lived in the previous house of no curse, there would be no curse and we would live in some energy the house had of severe bad instinct not beeng manic in fake happy becoming by such angry. We would calm down the head of my mother as it was a bit heavy sometimes with poison similar. But my father didnt take up loan and I bet you that time he had problems with his selv in hell assometimes. Taking up loan he would become confused by money, we would pay our aunt for the appartment and not become fake friends and live better lifes for the whole universe. He thinks it is shame to ask for money, cause he rather would be a creator of shit. To be "Da shit". Having to deal with a severe hellish curse from before as well, but mostly during me moving to Torstveitvegen I couldnt do anything else than become harsh. The haters though in confused angry state impersonally lawed. I should have been given another, like two types I had before, one close to the forrest or one close to the schools, similar. As long as I live in such areas the curse to me will be and it will cause the corona virus to continue, but much less than Glenna.

I asked to get an appartment in Notodden but they denied. I was given an offer in Gvarv but cause of them beeng worse in lifestyle having totalism and not allowing alcohol only 1-2 times a week as is normal, and were a duality lifestyle is better, they denied me the appartment cause of alcohol issues. What should happen is that I should be cut off from psychiatry as I was not psychotic and not go on medicine and get money from social welfare from the goverment and not from psychiatry and find myself another appartment.

I had actually made drawings of the ones hating me not having loung before and from ancient days til now causing severe problem if appearing in December 2019 around and it is same date as first corona was discovered. The disease though took time as of fantasy to be made and so started slowly from 2016 August when I moved to Glenna. I reacted back the hate of living 5 years in the hell butcher rape appartment outside of the village as I was afraid of the law, not knowing it might happen, instead of will happen, though the law was there as of duality scene from Glenna in the toxic energy duality.

It is targeting the loung that becomes sick and so it sends out to other parts like the belly diseases. "Nothing unclean will enter into the kingdom of God.." To live without the sheeps influence, as angel I was, causes severe pain. Though mixed, sometimes they send the pure part away from society. The what happens now is that society is closing down in different areas of the world. Sending me off society cause of shouting during night me reacting back the within shoutings from the rulings demons were I had Christ behind me in Crete sensing first the judging energy but not hearing it but beeng afraid of it. As well knowing this life in the north were they try to curse me with demons, all written in religious scriptures. For more see "About me" and the chapter of "Perpetually curse." "Coro no virus" I am not allowed to have my space, coro in greek meaning. The materialist anger was from Jesus as in the sun I wasnt me, his psychotic weak sickness of anger..

It is a reaction of them not allowing me in their society, were I then dont allow them in my sheep and mother condition. I escaped from the sheep condition from around 2017 in escape of darkness coming stressing me to butchers, rapes. This though goes much worse than just an appartment problem, as the psychiatry is arranging butchering hidden rape and again rape to me not to speak of the prophecy in christianity of the jail to the beast. The sheep beeng the loung, were as sheep much was removed of problems. It now instead of having healing, attacks healthy tissues. I understand how I wasnt allowed in society first but one needs to forgive as I have been better in behaviour last 3 years.

Those who are behind the virus, is Rolf E., who have control over my economy, Espen E., in control of were and if I can move to other appartment and Boe in Telemark municipality saying the appartment in Torstveitvegen is a "family house" and not suitable for private residents. This said I did see a young person living in the basement of that appartment, so they were most likely lying. Also not allowing me to Gvarv cause of alcohol intake, though normal intake, 2 times a week, once little, once drunk.

I as mother are owed a lot of products as nr. 2 in the expression product line of the start of the universe, still I am poor. Also, the father should look out for the housewife, though now the husband in elderly condition.

It can cause much problem as worst is shorten breath, damage healthy areas of the body, coffing. 87 millions are suffering with the disease that is said to have been started off in China.

How difficult they made it to be sent to Torsteveitvegen were such disease would still be, but be much less harmfull.. Or even Notodden to live in my own appartment. I realized that choosing to go away from the probems the mix sheep condition has doesnt result to anything than duality in the future, meaning pain, so for my sake Im back. I took down the site 3-4 years ago in fear as I became afraid of the effect it would have, meaning I was sick and now bringing it up again decreases the corona virus. Took site up from around 01.01.2021 Also I left the appartment 25.10.2020 were I moved out officially from Glenna 04.01.2021 and have stayed here at my family house from then. I took down the site 10-13.02.2021 and after some days/a week increased ifnections were shown in Norway. I was in Glenna in December start 2020, y neighbour, Tore B. a english person type, sex made sheep similar, did many problems to me, shouting, throwing things and more. I left and I went to the nr. 2 strength house, Flitavegen 17 and the corona decreased after that. Tore B. "T er e" T is e, meaning, sheep. Sheeps are England areas and he has shouted many times to me in telepathy shouting "DIE!" making me bad and is the mutant virus. The Porsgrunn Skien areas has problems with this and the english mutant virus has gotten them. The shouting I did, similar as before, was first from the ruling demons in me but not outwards.

In USA there lives 300 million people. In Norway 5 million. So calculating like that Norway has a bit over twice as much as USA in corona cases than USA, as Porsgrunn and Skien arranged the problems sending me here. USA has around 0,70% of population corona cases, Norway has around 5 000 000 in population of 52 000 infected that is 1%. The law if manifested is to attack Boe too as they removed me from appartment but then sent me a new one, Glenna. Here it is stated that Norway has the more corona virus in the world when it comes to infections.

Adding, 02.01.2021: As I told on this site, Skien who were some of the causes to me beeng sent to the rape butcher anxiety appartment have the highest infections in whole of Norway. Those cities get punished by their acts by the law of karma. Spirit sees things in simplicity claiming the daytime is truth, though lies as opposite and sees the 2 cities with their psychiatry during daytime how they arranged the sending to the hell appartment.

I made drawings in Notodden the same around time the corona virus happend in China.

Either they hated me and corona became fact, or I was psychotic in Notodden not reacting the evil done to me making drawings of animal minus, loung minus. If so I would be the cause of the corona virus.

* One is bound by actions, I ate meat long time given by my mother and suffer reaction beeng eaten.
* Camilla, earlier neighbour defined by me as first wolf, had aten human blood/flesh she said.
* Psychiatry likes me giving me money now hates me.
* Trilafon is food water drug, filling me with food and butcher typical farm.
* Christ prophesized "I send you like sheeps to the slaughterhouse, be clever like snakes and faithfull like dows."
* The world is evil and evil happens.
* Not that it WILL happen but is a potencial scene.
* They curse more hidden, more within..

Against me:

I was filled with "cancer", pain and such leads to less intelligence.

Father raping me in Crete earlier life.

I died as Charles Chaplin and later birth was a child who lived alone in Chandra areas. My father had driven me and I gained his softness of water sperm cause he had anxiety before and when I got this the news in USA told of children beeng thrown to trashcans. Crete is the rapers, who rape in false fire in acts but they are not so much doers of it. I had true thoughts and was smart and thought my father was pedophilian. My father from ancient was raped as all sex is rape by me but this act was done mostly by the opposite, me. I managed to hit my head, rape myself and chock in the trashcan were I had sent myself as it showed what I had done to him in the dark ages with human form. Karma law reaction. Lawed impersonal.

The society falling

The what happend 403,000 years ago happens now and has been starting since 5 years ago. Since they placed me in the butcher place of rape and burning and killing me. The society falling just as they made the animal life fall, is getting reaction. Though society of humans as we know it is negative it also has some positive things, this has fallen by reaction. This are only glimpses of what happend in Atlantic, the impact was severe hundreds of thousands of years ago and the spirit and its elements suffered a much more fall similar to a massive cancer increase. It was a really bad hitting in the head to my father and as far as I remember I felt bound and in pain before.

Earthquake in Crete. November 2019.

Went out to drink the night before the earthquake and I started for first time from that time to meditate around the earthquake in Crete in 1990 around. Such was reaction following my acts to disolve the mountain ancient years ago, even reaction by the fantasy, that copies some of my acts, but not total as I didnt make it fall but massaged it into softness, nobody died. The day afterwards I read in the news that an earthquake had hitted Crete. Rare earthquake as well.

Corona virus increasing, India & Norway

Corona increased a lot in India and over 300 000 have died whom had the painfull disease, the hells and the terrorizing breathing problem. The yellow line alien terrorizes me with voice hearing, braking down my nerves, shouts to butcher me, is by bitcoins so high in value becoming filled with cancer and so evil to me generally, takes money from me, judges with sex not allowing my media sites to have income, calls them testicles with his hidden sex judge. Same in Norway as I live here. India the land of Gandhi lawed by the first yellow line alien and offcourse more power the forfather whom as well shouts and thinks Im France, Switzerlands penis in telepathy.

Balcony fall around 18.05.2021

A person fell from a balcony, a christian person as far as I know and such was during my power.

Israel attack to Gaza.

Christ started to telepathize years ago one time I won $20.000 at Golden Tiger. He said I should gamble it away and by law I did. That time it was OK as I was sick and manic drinker. He continues though sadly and last year til now there was no need. Some form of false prophet. He did this yesterday too with my crete grandfather. 11.05.2021. I gambled it away and as I need money to escape from this hell appartment in Flitavegen, same as Glenna, to not be in the Iraq curse of hell and the around me who hates me the money wasnt there as I gambled $1.100 and so the curse continued. In same pattern they have telepathized to butcher me as headache with money energy is hated causing butchering. The loss of money led to sane conditon of concentration making me painfull and angry shouting somethings when drunk, them reacting such back by my within bombing. A poor man has to steal and do evil to get money sometimes and such sin lived then in Christ with his Israel attack. I also weeks ago gambled $3.000 by their command. In this maya world there are opposite groups, I sat with my back on other side of the metal pipes outside my door on the Iraq area and so Christ and the crete grandfather went there instead. My room is similar to Norway, so opposite is them as contra people to be out of house in Iraq area were such out of my house as said are two metal pipes similar to bombing equipement. To the bombing metal pipes. They caused problem to me as they prolonged the hell Iraq terror scene of this house and so the attack came. Gaza (G is metal) is my area and Israel is more Christ and as is south in lies of end of word "israel" l is I my crete grandfather. They destroyed the media building and as I make sites such was to decrease my income of such. Gza was my place before but they dominated such area and was mostly their place, after the first bomb the Gaza turned out like them total and so the last bombings were all against themselves. Christ not knowing the need to have some headach, though less if managed, in this age of Kali of problems. In relaxed water states one becomes happy and sensitive to when receiving more problems to suffer more. By his water the yellow line alien got awakened and said same as him. "Serving the antichrist" as by water such beengs increase their forms. I felt sick the day after, didnt sleep that night as if I was filled with smoke.

Chads president dies by rebels.

I sent good vibes to white line and Krishna as fro 2003 I started to sit on PC and send good thoughts like something positive thoughts to solve sex, but sadly as when mixed it is impossible to get though correct thoughts and such. Such was rooted in antipsychotics and I stopped serving and went a bit in warfare attitude and the president in a place in Africa died by such, he was a bit happy by my worship and when not attained such no more appeared life positivity he died. An outcome of Krishna gave me tobacco and alcohol at the age of 14 were such is to kill me, I got relaxed but as well massive pain from the alcohol. When I was child before I was very void and we were all one as in spirit so just ignorance, better karma nature but within a bit complex. But we cant expect all from toxic life. By Kristian Hynne trying to kill me I gained opposite as of maya and I became more living as a sheep, like this site. Saying Im the mother and sheep, the system of the toxic energy thinks then Im the father and so the around me started hating me in their sickness from that time around. To have such enemies is really bad and there are many outcome of the father and the mother from the start of the universe so there are many who had started to hate me not to speak of animals after the huge killing in Atlantic.

Me and meditating on the jail prophecy with image of Christ last days.

I was sitting meditating with Christ image and thinking of his words and day after as Christ will have reaction making him afraid offcourse as is hell, by his powers a uboat drowned most likely or is missing in Indonesia were the snake has Indonesia as land area who in the hell of Iraq areas is the ancient past evil doer.


2005 massive storms

I started with the zyprexa air medicine antipsychotic 2002 and it takes some time to the reaction to come. I not only live as in this form but also have some strange form in Atlantic were I came from and this caused a storm reaction were many died and a record of storms.

Rapes and sicknesses increasing and more source.

In Crete last thousands of years, 3000 years manifested ut last 400 000 years 103 000 years of rapes and non health in less of what is, the corrupt police has as opposite of act of attacking with justice, to rape as water sex is opposite of anger binding law, has raped me and others, were they by such increase by water beeng removed, increase cancer the root of sex toxic that is guiltiness, psychosis, the worse disease ever and spasms, as is the energy of water opposite of blood, that is free movement. Mainly the yellow lightning energy has had this suffering. In Norway such has been better but still not perfected and in these last 5 years of times, Norway has become Crete and Crete Norway.

Problems increasing in the universe year 2019 March around.

Samme pattern as HTO (Hellenic telecom) and Schibsted (Norwegian media) and The New York Times stock chart. The newspaper as definition of "problem" and when increased in value problems increase.

I left from Notodden, of the christian saying: "I give my life for you sheeps.." The reasons was manily the police that I saw driving upwards towards my area of my appartment. The law as I can tell is for them to rape me, same pattern as my father did who was a cop and same christian prophecy of jail and rape and violence. Police is also bound by the toxic duality, once they drive me to psychiatry to be healed another time they rape and do evil. Same as the last news stories in El Salvador. After seeng them about 3 times I moved out from Notodden. Such made me move back here after a while causing bad karma as well to the universe by the reaction.

Suicide cause of problem future.

I sent a message to the Krishna community at Facebook and spoke of the cursing path for me Krishna and Buddha with the beast Antichrist and Satan prophecy in christianity and ended up Ari Behn in the royal family, taking his life, a norwegian outcome but was cause of Krishna understanding that sex is also water. Like forfather like sons and outcomes. It is not perfected but should be done. Other norwegians also did suicide during that time.

Peratzin, trilafon and the cold weather 2014

I was given peratzin 2014, a water brown earth dust medicine, were cold in its nature though heats sometimes a bit too but mostly freezes. In USA and Sibir hundreds died by such extreme cold weather. Reaction from the medicine that I hated as leads to sex relations and I asked them many times to change medicine. 21 died in USA and hundreds in Sibir. USA was my psychiatrist ancient homeplace whom gave me the medicine, before hundreds of thousands of years, something that by duality world still plays as his home and Sibir is were the forfather lawing the alien place lawing the psychiatty scene. As nature was old type, rainy and cold it got reacted to USA my psychiatrists first place.

World Trade Center fall and the weed

I was given weed during a summer daily about before the terror act at WTC in New York and the effect that time was that I felt burned in panic anxiety and became very sick that time, something that still bugs me. The weed poison trying to kill me, burned me I felt very hot and in anxiety and the symbol of smoking, "Flying high" became a reaction, a foggy offcourse reaction, of what given to me, though me not flying high but making me fall physically and mentally very much and the WTC fell by the crash of the aeroplane.

Also it envoked by fear of death in sanity, making me mixed sheep reacting the killing to me in Atlantic and the area of the killer in Philadelphia got as said the problem with the WTC.

Drowning x 2. Atlantic ocean and the second judgement to their beliefs of Antichrist.

The cold begun in my room in 2012 about. Russia was down 30- in 2016 around something excessive. Also USA had severe cold and rain catastrophy that time. And Im the wild beast originally.

The same pattern as such goes on sometimes, is to first burn me, eat me, rape me put stones on bag as they did in Atlantic time and drown and kill me and this showed when society in Norway denied me from many goods and welfare about 5 years ago and the what will happen outwards happens in first. I have this law now, "Perpetually cursed to demonic species.." were such is an increase of a curse, for a longer time periode and though has opposite. When old it is better to be shorter in things, like short pain short happiness.

The main reasons are these judgements:

Mainly some form of law system of shitting their self parts on me. Belief of me beeng first specie, forfather of them, were if they kill me they think they can die. Claiming the anger I have showed last 12 years is mine and not their influence by telepathy. Judgements of me beeng impure though impurity is an impersonal energy and judged as beeng afraid, though I am possessed by them and so impersonally afraid. Also, the pedophilian judgement of ancient years ago me having sex with Krishna, scandinavians, were such species are ghostly, chickens and white horses, were I was spitted on first by Krishna and reacted sexually by the foggy karma law, as well general lawed and had no freedom to escape lawed by the first mountain fall.


Switzerland news, summer 2019.

They got very sick, just as when drinking one new type alcohol one gets sick in the start for then to get used to it, I drunk from a river here and by such sickness comes. In schizo state mostly they followed what I did. The ancient cow humans there got very sick, and so was told in the news. As Charles Chaplin, I was raped and hitted by them, by the switzerland police in earlier life.

Police and explosions.

A police car got an explosion in front area of the car. Such was very bad, happend in England about 2 years ago.. Also a gass station explosion in Bodo, in Norway close to a police station. Also, though police is better in Norway it is still rooted in problem and evil, the what is to happen to me in their rape evil, causes cancer, spasms, and guiltiness. A more direct example is the Crete police as when I went there it was very heavy. The Crete police are worse. There is a saying in Christianity of the jail and the fear I had with police is closer to the truth, as often especially in lower places police can arrest others for nothing, opposite of the "disease" "agoraphobia". Meaning not a disease. But it is all disease, as all fantasy. Drinking one coka cola and some sandwich the police in Crete can come and arrest you for destroying a planet far away.

Mexico earthquack, Heraklion and Ierapetra.

(Greek newspaper)

I had just been finished with an article of the past, about the killing in Atlantic, and it became a reaction of killing me in the Atlantic, similar to Transformers movie, but whereas the forfather lawed the alien who got lawed to law Gandhi a squirl were most sin was the forfather for then less grandfather and squirl, in Phildelphia and did the ritual of burning and drowning me hundreds of thousands of years ago, in belief of me beeng the forfather and even a magician. The forfather lived with aliens in Mexico areas before. I saw once in Crete Ierapetra were I lived before leaving to Norway a small boy, looking like a fat squirl, and in same scene I heard the song that reminds me of drugs, were one can listen to the song like as if saying: "Hey, he goes to the junkies.." and the alcohol use made me regain back some of the light and blood stolen by nature, as opposite act of killing me. India was a place of killing me and hell, Crete is the opposite, a place were they owe me life and all ghostly forms have duality acts, like the squirl Gandhi I saw in Ierapetra in the school I last was.

In Ierapetra, where Gandhi, who was lawed to kill me before the Atlantic became sea, by grandfathers law.

15. August around date in Crete. Same as, close to Mexico earthquack.

Swineflu & chicken flu. The global sickness in about year 1997.
(Wisconsin 1988, Nederland 1993 for then increase..)

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami, in Calcutta in 1922. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, a prominent devotional scholar and the founder of sixty-four branches of Gaudiya Mathas (Vedic institutes), liked this educated young man and convinced him to dedicate his life to teaching Vedic knowledge in the Western world. Srila Prabhupada became his student, and eleven years later (1933) at Allahabad, he became his formally initiated disciple. Reason for this was a change in the blood pattern, turning over to become a servant, a food giver in similarity where such increases heat by reaction of food and services back to the blood.

In Crete Srila P. huge purification started, Ierapetra, when I met Srila Prabhupada as a general meat ghost plant tree, offering me a tense water steam energy in telepathy from when I was 5 years old in school. 4,5 whole years I had to struggle with the psychosis gained, as his first thought right before going to school was that they hate and bully me, as well the root of why he purified me so much, saying hiddenly Im unclean. I saw him after in vision, as a moon head, having brown eyes, laughing when I was hitted by a friend with a matress on my head. I had contact with him, once in the kitchen him laughing of me eating sugar and once him saying that honour is purple colour.

Me as huge law form of darkness and as nr. 2 beeng expressing the universe elements reacted big in such purification and expressed it back multiplied with much.


Global heating, economy and greek poverty.

In churches in Timios Stauros they cursed me in telepathy saying I was a pig and controlled me to not pick up money that was lost and would dissapear by the wind. So in beliefs of me beeng a pig the money the "Dont give gold and pearls to swines and dogs" saying went there and dualified to them after some years. I felt bound in ethics and that day was colder than others, with grey clouds and allowing me metals as is money, the temperature of cold would come, by so Kali the burning age would not have come as came strong afterwards and a more cold better life would be sensed by all. Greece started to loose money after that as well, something noticable many years after. Reason is the strong massive toxic energy I carry that gives out reactions and how some schizophrenics follow me in their sickness, whom some have much influence in the world.