One of many meanings of life by the universe. The path.

In this maya there are many reasons, though the root is suicide path, maya has come with many reasons to be, like spoken of this article, but this is not so strong reason as the suicide path.

In our modern times we do not believe that the western animals have intelligence and that they can teach us. Humans today eat these animals - What type of intelligence is that? There are two lifestyles. The one is antisocial,inactive and inner dreaming, as a ghostly demonic possessed caveman alike, or a person in active, concentrated and in social lifestyle. One is transformed physically by ones desires, first thoughts, then choosment of what one wants and then one becomes something out of everything that is. In the state of caveman, in the mountains, dreaming conciousness/dualified unknown thinking is manifested sometimes.

What if there was another option for the caveman, a path there for him? The second option can be attained even by a demonic possessed caveman, by realizing the qualities of the species living around his envirouments who originally lived before in the west. Above the mountain where the species below are are the eyes of nature - The Moon and sun. The mountain with its sharp edge is the nose.

The wolves (throat) , who were the closest beengs living in the mountains (norwegian newspaper said that wolves in this age have started now to move downwards so before they must have ment that they were up in the highest mountains where the cavemen lived secluded) (see: orthodox priests who honour like the wolves and live in secluded places of no nutrition, like the mountains, where fasting is done when under communication with God) who will give the knowledge of honour, (see: aooo! as "wow"), this will make the caveman want to go out more as it is known that dishonouring a person leads to seclusion and loneliness.


The caveman needs external honour cause of diseases inflicted, so when one wants something one is able to realize and understand it. A form of honour would be: "You are not choosing your darkness as you are detached and its a law upon you.." Though wolfs are ghostly and lack such direct type of knowledge they do have a vision of similar expression.

The sheeps (sheeps are the loungs, see: mpeehee as the sound of breathing with the massive hair as well as can be found in the loungs - sheeps are known to live in the mountains, but since they eat grass they live further down to the mountains where there are grasses) would bring the intelligence of positivity, that the caveman so much lacks, cause of demonic possession, as shepperds easily guide the sheeps to the destination the controllers want to, (Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them. When one sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, even if it is not what appears for negative people a good decision. A sheep will actually follow each other to slaughter. If one sheep (demonized) jumps over a cliff, the others are likely to follow. A typical scenario is that the caveman shouts to them and points them to go away and then the sheeps follow, to the cavemans big surprise, as cavemen hate control and would instead attack than surrender, making him reflect over this mentality of positivity. "A knowledge of the sheeps would be: "You never know what will happen in the future as future is yet to manifest.."

The pigs (natures heart, they don't have perspiration, are red and intake nutrition from the belly/earth) - who live on the lands where there is more nutrition will give the knowledge of food, when the caveman has become hungry after his walk down the mountain and note: has detoxified himself as pigs that are his opposite condition does not swett as the caveman does.

The caveman needs to swett though cause he already has toxins inside his vains,  and the opposite emotions of panic anxiety are attained afterwards. The pigs would give the knowledge to not overproduce from earth but rather receiving the food given by the earth, as the piggy nails are made in the form of receiving and not like humans today see them, (see: spade) as upwards meaning labour and hard work, the asshole itself is a symbol of the detachment of hard labour and work as it is an automatical force with as well joy. Actually it is the pig that is the source of all this great hope of transformation as it is the heart that provides the rest of the body with intelligence and nutrition. A knowledge of the pig would be to eat daily during light time.

The horses (the legs) that are more spread out to the world would give the idea of transportation that has become unatural for the caveman as running means experiencing and through this learning he would leave as a beeng more removed of the demonic possession that happend ancient of millions of years ago (for more see this story) to other places of the world. A knowledge of the horses would be transportation. This is said as the demonic possessed caveman, is more inactive cause of such influence.

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