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Making gold. (Education about global heat)

Alchemists believed once that since urine is yellow and same colour as gold that by mixing different stuff with urine that they could make gold. They failed and stopped trying for something the world believes is impossible. but what if one could make gold? This article is for education purposes only about global heat as metals under earth increase heat. Click here to see an article about where gold is most of in the earth.

Using the same process like the alchemists did to make gold is a start but why not start with the earth instead and fruits? In the Gita it speaks of how to attain a good life and many believe that they get goods by joining the religion. In the Gita, that means the song of God, it says that demons are always attached to the fruits of their labour. So one would as a follower do the opposite. See fruits in trees. If a tree is attached to the fruits of his labour then the fruit fall after a long time. If it is not then a fruit or more might fall long before. Metals, like bronze and gold have same colours as our urine. Metals are also in our body. Our urine can be either yellow or whitish.

The planet we live in is similar to the body of ours, only with a few physical exceptions, like lava beeng the blood but whereas in our body lava would destroy us. So the elements are not the same, thereby one can not make gold with our urine but must use the same elements of the earth. So by combining magma with heat under a big and hard stone it will create soft heat and by having this with fruits rich in B vitamin as well water that is under earth, that creates the yellow colour above the soft heated stone and adding same amount of heat that is in the magma (inner digestive acid), about 3000 degrees under the stones, and as well some blackish earth that is found under earth then gold can actually be produced by afterwards letting it cool down..One can get magma in areas of Russia underground or by heating stones from vulcanos, like from Iceland..


Gold is dangerous to possess as one becomes very rich and can influence temperatures in the world, and in wrong hands it can be evil. If gold was to be made heat would increase and by so the global heat would be worse. Normally this would the case, but considering the age we live in, the elderly time, the sickness, the problems it would not be so bad. Instead, if we lived in a better planet and better age and were non of the demons ruled, we could use gold and metal, lets say if too heat, throw them for example into the Atlantic where it is cold to decrease the temperature. One would have to decrease value of gold and metals so this does not get abused, and we should also decrease food production from the earth, like vegetables and fruits and consider sending some lava to the sea, this to decrease heat in the world, as production of fruits increase lava, just as food increases heat in our body, when food waste or food fall to the earth lava and metals increase. Science knows little of this but global heat is caused mostly by the industrials, excessive food production and lava is what increases, under earth, just as when we eat blood increases as well metals under earth.