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D, magnetism. About magnetism and the powers.. Edges of America

There, edges of America, originally lived Gandhi, Holy Mary and a wolf/dog/ghost. Gandhi a squirl, Holy Mary a bird, and the wolfghost all those living before in the edges of America. Gandhi in the north, Holy Mary in the south, the wolf in the middle, all those in the east part.. Singing was done, especially during internal humble states, with a hidden law given by words and those were known to be the priest relation, by the wolf in the middle with her "aooling"..

magnetism where how if

There, in the south America, are the powers of magnetism, the most evil powers in the universe. Unseen reumatic energy and lies inside the below rocks, controling bodies after eating fruits containing metals, after the metal liquids have become more cold, into problems. The wolf have water powers and eating with bones whoever the wolf believes to be a demon, and Mary has the powers of magnetism and air.


Like the trishula I made, that is a way to go back to time, but by the bird and the forfather before the bird, the first gravity fall, the air and magnet is a false copy as a snake and in fear. If you see the leaf and the magnet resembles in form the trishula, that can be seen by clicking on the name above.

The fallen mountain mostly, the nurse and Gandhi, the first squirl, as well the nurse giving such powers to me have the powers of magnet as well, such as well as trees and birds, made me so as well as to that I too would have the powers of magnetism where controlling them is like sleeping and trying to do something concrete is impossible.

magnetism, magnet power

Trying to remove or do a service to make the magnetic powers loose power, has in the past, such type of actions, resulted to opposite of the desire as such actions are based in fear and sorrow and so are bound by spiritual, toxic energy of duality. Even surrendering to the internal of such energy, bound by bone, toxic heated condition, before, history has shown us of a potencial danger of an opposite outcome than the act as a small piece of bone fire can dualify the greatest friendly and concentrated act. The best thing to do though would be to cool down the magnetic fields that are under the earth in warm places, for example send it to the Atlantic ocean..

400 000 years ago about the age of the edged America, wolf, bird, the mouth, Holy Mary and squirl, Gandhi, throat and mouth area in the body, came to life and a need to sing and praise more secluded with internal humbleness came. A false appearing honour with within humbleness in a seclued lifestyle. The powers of Holy Mary is air, as well given to Christ and Buddha. Such is the toxic spirit that after millions of problems of thousands of years, fake law degradations, the high place that became sea, violence and killings, the fantasy after the age of the Atlantic tried to push forward a valued & honoured external law existence, where the wolf, like priest, bird, the singer and Gandhi were dominating. Those of honour but not allowed by the powerfull fantasy or not understood became and still becomes cursed..