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Healthy yoga

Last updated: 21.04.2019

Of the best healing methods:

Burned sand that has become brown without toxicity, can help to add if you have a garden around, were such makes the different trees flowers and trees detached something they prefer. You can also try to add the sand on you. Tea during emotionalpain, like blood sickness is adviced, you can buy tea that is not in bag, were the tea is Read about general patterns of diseases. All from compulsive disorder, cancer, magnetic fields in the body, COPD and more on this healthy yoga article..openthat you can pick and drink with water. Ginseng can help to keep the mood up as one tends to forget and think sometimes one suffers more than others or that it always was bad, this caused by memory loss. Fiber can be used with a lot of water intake to be able to detach and not be so focused in ones out vision and dream vision.

Food like potatoes, eggs, sour food increases belief of concentration, were such can cause anxiety. Eating less of such might help especially if you already have issues.

Too much masturbation can cause psychosis, decreasing this to 2-3 times a week might help.

Last 5 years I have had anxiety similar to what I experienced in police in Crete and guiltiness and anxiety from my crete grandfather. This is not only caused by their fear in work as police is a difficult scary work, but sex rapes from them to me before that leads to cancer and fear. They forgave me and drove me many times to psychiatry from 2002, now they do opposite and judge me within in whatever lies, as before there were more reasons, though only magical powers of confused state. Also the "kiling, the burning" with the cold weather happens now and I suffer this within before showing outwards.

Worldly organ diseases.

Eating "animal" meat increases risk of organ diseases. Eating pigs, that is the natures heart, increases chances of gaining reaction by magnetism and&or star/braincell laws of where the eater looses his/her own heart as well, or becomes diseased. Sheep meat, that is the loung, does the same, as well as with cow meat, that is the belly area organs, fish is closer to the air function in the body. Chicken meat can increase leg problems and give a form of depression and slow movement.

Food interests are mostly built up on how a child is tought from the beginning. With hunger emotion, a child can eat everything from nuts, fruits, water. Before vegetables were accepted and could increase health in some areas, but today vegetables should be less consumed, like salad and tea. In the ancient days, food was only eaten during half if the year, during summer, the rest of the year sleep was there. Such lifestyle we have today decreases strength and sleep depth.

An example is my grandfather Ioannis H., from Chandra, Crete, originally alien above in the heavens above America, was sick of eating pig and goat, got problem in heart and loung by reaction.

Terrorism in ones body & world.
After eating, if one is unlucky to not smell bad hiddenly inwards, as food is part of a bad smell effect, fantasy becomes strong and attacks the body in illusion. First air, then food then attacks, is the natural ancient order. In these modern times it has changed, were attacks are first, like our first cup of coffee in the morning, for then food and then going out for a walk, breathing. Either poison cells or other elements coming for ones behind are the ones who attack. Same can be said about the external world with terrorist groups. Hiding food, not beeng afraid like as during compulsive disorder, attack chance risks increase.  

Smoking and COPD.

Smoking can lead to COPD. It is a disease making it hard to breath, and one effect of smoking that leads to COPD comes from when smokers burn by smoking the hairs of the loungs and so decrease the wave mechanism that the airs increase. By so more smoke goes to the loungs and less air is in breathing.

Smoke, neurons and white braincells that are afraid makes smoke effect worse. Using lazer operations to remove the tip of the hairs that is burned that has made the hair sticky that decreases growth of the hairs in the loungs, that help in the air circulation can be a future idea.


Norway years ago came up with a what they called "great revolution healing within cancer" but such as I know is less of good than the what was before used. This has to do with beeng too aware of the diseases and healing methods, something when done by elderly or similar in form species is worse than the old type from about 1999 and before.

Magnetism and high blood pressure

Magnetism can cure in long term high blood pressure and as it has expressive energies one might breath in the magnet by having it close to your mouth, other more strong therapies can be found. As it is opposite of air, that has a prolonged sideeffect that increases concentration. First effect of magnetism, the short effect is increase of blood pressure.

Metal poisoning

Safety of DMSA
DMSA is very safe, and usually causes few side effects. Some patients may experience slight gastrointestinal distress or itching, when higher doses are used.

As with any chelating agent, DMSA can cause deficiencies of copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, if they are not replaced by supplementation. DMSA doesn’t directly bind magnesium, cysteine, or glutathione, but heavy metal detoxification can result in depletion of these nutrients as well.

Dosage recommendations for DMSA vary widely. The dosage regimen recommended in conventional medical publications such as the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) is 10 mg per kg every eight hours for five days; then reduce the dose to twice daily for two more weeks, off for two weeks, and repeat as necessary. I think this is pretty aggressive, and often results in gastrointestinal side effects.

Heavy metal detoxification is a long-term process, as the heavy metals in the body compartments are in a constant state of equilibrium. If DMSA is not found one can use EDTA instead, found online. Water intake is important during the detox, especially if one smokes and drinks coffee.

Swineflue. The global sickness in about year 1988 til 1997.
(Wisconsin 1988, Nederland 1993 for then increase..)

Though swineflue started year 1930, first discovered, the story goes like this. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami, in Calcutta in 1922. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, a prominent devotional scholar and the founder of sixty-four branches of Gaudiya Mathas (Vedic institutes), liked this educated young man and convinced him to dedicate his life to teaching Vedic knowledge in the Western world. Srila Prabhupada became his student, and eleven years later (1933) at Allahabad, he became his formally initiated disciple. Reason for this was a change in the unified blood the angels who now are taken mostly by fantasy, whom Srila the first nose specie, in mix with the blood of the pig, turned over to become a servant, a food giver in similarity where such increases heat by reaction of food and services back to the general animal blood.


Here it as well restarted, in Crete, Ierapetra, when I met Srila Prabhupada as a ghost plant tree, offering me cherries, cucumbers and strawberries in telepathy. This was a bound thing upon him as the fruits and water elements try to purify and drown the blood of the angels, and where defence is luck. The spirit toxic universal energy is coming to unity with me cause of illusioned beliefs to attack me and so by Srila P's influence the universe turns to be influenced as well.

Some words about my own condiiton and my own health.

I have a potencial fear of future brainstroke. I also have beginning COPD, just in the beginning. Belly problems cause of high consume of alcohol. Also trilafon that I was taking, antipsychtoic, ahs cooled me down making me watered and cold as later effect. I also have potencial brain cancer developing and pscyhosis and schizophrenia as disorder, though for me it is not an illusion it is still all maya and so attachement of dreaming is there anyway making it a disease.

Tobacco alcohol has a sideffect, making one sour.

About smoke.

When one doesnt dream where such dreaming state is during of when one is filthy in the eyes, one is lawed to smoke, by Gandhi who is lawed by the alien, who laws asians snakes to sell tobacco.

The fallen trees and bird race lawed by gravity in the heaven are lawing humans to see and observe the Moon, and by not doing so, one gets lawed to smoke.

Strawberries are sour within, I ate billions in Atlanta and earlier planetary reincarnations. The laws of purification were so much that it now in hellish ages drowned the whole place, so it became sea. How impure is one? By purification I became impure, as such is rooted in sadness and fear.

Then I have the massive tensity from Srila P. where he was a purifier in telepathy and i did not like the thought of impurity, neither the contact in school in general, neither wanting to go to school, and the thought of my love of self where I detach from the belief of that I was impure, as i am weak, often dualifies and I became by such impure.

The antipsychotic medication, Trilafon, is as well sour.

Psychology game. Sketch.
(Hidden theme: non-bullying. Category: Education, action, skills)

Once there was a bullied angel, who by becoming hated became a trashcan. The trashcan suffered a lot by such. There is a story in each of the warriors of the game and one can see a small short presentation of each of the figures of the game.

The game consists of different warriors and you can not play as you do in action games. You read about each character, powers, skills and history and choose what you believe is stronger. After you choose the game plays for its own and its always the same outcome.
1. Snake
2. Muscle man
3. Knife man
4. Trashcan
5. Ghost

The snake conquers the muscle man and the knife man. The ghost conquers the snake, muscle man and knife man. The knife man wins against the muscle man. But whom most would never choose, the trashcan, wins them all. Why?

When the trashcan is hitted, it falls and all the bullied poison comes out of it. The trashcan is too confused with the poison to sense pain by the hittings. By such fall where the trash comes out, they become weak and fall dizzy and sleep whilest the trashcan not only regains health, but attacks not, thereby the trashcan wins not only once but twice.

The game teaches of to not use violence. How the weak wins.

Helping Africa & Asia. Water.

Water can be made by having stones crash to eachother fast, a white pulver is made and by such extracting only the whiteness and cooling it will make ice for then water when lost cooling, or even heating the powder it will easier make water.