A personal ghost story

One day I took a tomato with me and said to my neighbour that if he wanted he could come to the house where a past friend of me lived, he said yes and i went ahead before him. Before that I had thrown a tomato to a person named Nikos who his father worked in the bus station. It was warm in anxiety so lies, false prestige, wasnt me, as problems are oppsite of truth, as maya when heated is lies but I can not recall if it was me or my brother who made me do so. This reacted probably and I gave the tomato to my at that time friend and we were standing on the top of the building besides his home ready to see if the person invited would come. He did came and he threw the tomato though missed with a meter or a half. Some see the sameness of ghosts as rebelious and pranksters, maybe this happening envoked at least one beeng to come closer, as the story below tells..

Some time later we were playing with the beds mattresses and suddenly my friend hit me so hard I was in mad pain and I recall thought of forgivness to him,seconds later I saw a moon on the left of him, smiling and laughing.. I never thought of subjects like the moon, i almost never saw the moon.. Was this a ghost?

I recall seeng the same eyes as Srila Prabhupada who I had contact with as a child and hesaid in his books that: "We have many moons.." When I also saw him in my house with my mother my mother was offering me food filled with sugar, in Crete. Srila P. had a disease and said that he could only taste sugar as his tounge was in disease. He also said that when ghosts become sensually attached they become aggitated and do weird angry things. That scene is similar to the 6th sense movie, the kitchen looking all the same and me swetting cause of heat.. My friend Manos Geniatakis, decreased actually in size as I can tell, when he had slapped me with the mattress I saw him smaller, as he became about 5 years later.. Very strange..

This beeng was some part of physical blood of mine, but during the wolf eating, for more see "Story of the universe" the wolf owed me blood but made it impure and so got increased a lot with illusionary filth and disorders and as well as said became ghostly. Picture taken was a night when I tried to take photo of the Moon, but came up weird letters.

The wolf had made a book ("Conversations with God") where she said that "angels show you who you really are.." and I had heard her some years ago saying I was the sheep. So the letter "e" is like the sheeps expression without the illusion mayan sounds "b" and "h". So this means Srila P. somehow made the "e" appear in the picture in the heavens..

Below is a movie: 6th sense. Talking about a child that sees dead people. The kitchen scene were the mystic powers were is similar to the kitchen in my first house in Ierapetra, at the bus station. Those who were dead whom I saw were Srila P. and others. I am in the movie to be the main charachter, the child seeng the dead.


For me this was that time the closest Ive ever been observing a ghost but offcourse you might add that my braincelles were very much decreased after I got hit so hard.


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