I am 38 years old, my name is Andreas Harkiolakis. Lived 10 years in Crete, born in Norway, Notodden...

I am currently towards death. The death is coming cause some of the cause is the ruling demons claiming Im the ruler of them were they either shit on me or in confused mix animal within state hate me without knowing so much, as if I was the first father, the first mountain expressing all this around us, were the forfather who rules mostly in self blame and spasms and the alien is schizophrenic and the other powers sick too, with either psychosis or self blame, and though me hating myself as well as them lawed impersonally, meaning thereby it is not their fault, things I connect to what will happen and I am trying to avoid this as I understand my future path of reincarnations will lead to sorrow and hate.. In psychiatry they said that I was psychotic and were they owed healing. One of the beliefs the psychiatry have is that the psychotic state he has is that he believes he is causing problems to the world, and they say thereby that he is sick, in believing that he gives the problems of the world. So as healing has opposites in this dream fantasy world, they must have judged me before as me doing so, cause of them believing I am the first forfather ruling.

The main two reasons of problem for me, are the shitting to me done, were I live as part in Iraq areas as nr. 2 snake, and in the toilet it is such area with the pipes underground, were I sometimes fall, were the planet location is, example is the kitchen is the throat area, carribean islands. The shit throwing is done to south Europe Africa, Greece and Iraq areas as my mountain was more on such side when made in ancient Panama areas. The left side England areas are were the angels lived, me, the moon and Krishna. So opposite is when the first mountain and his warriors send shit to me towards the south areas and such falls more and more. An angel is the form, a demon is not only the form but other parts, like stones fallen apart from him, my rocks are in southern areas and so I sense their shit throwing especially when Im down in such areas like Crete. As I was a sportsman, sending out gifts I was the best of friends were friendship is the highest as well in the unity of fire and light personality, and the toxic spirit doesnt understand this and thinks opposite as of in illusion coming with the definition of "Those who are envious and mi(i/e/norwegian for is) schievous, who are the lowest among men, are cast by Me into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species..". The sports had no gravity, I wasnt as sex born sheeps. Also, the loung looks like an A and V form together, so the spirit might have thought I was envious of its first original form. The other reason is when the demons are in false animal condition of false birth and become angry in hell sending this in the sickness of the spirit as it believes mostly it is me and not the void source of nothing. Originally the dark conditon plays more role, but cause of duality in the false fire and light mix it plays role too but less, but sometimes again cause of duality much, as this life I had. Shitting on more void instead of more foucsed area like ones garden outside ones house their "lifes" become worse as in spirit old form and same it isnt as it shows. So they shit on me, make me shit and eat me, their shit as of duality acts. Also trying to kill me to find void but not total, not sleep, only a more void outside and in, not knowing it is all void.

This, the shit throwing and claiming im the first lowest forfather, showed (though less shows in light in false fire and light places) in Crete once, besides a church were I went down the road seeng three shits together with a pighuman friend whom called me lower. It shows that, as in Atlantic I lived close to the clean uplifted pig that called me "lower" and asked me also "Why am I so low?" literally. The church they worship for Christ beeng opposite of me, (Though him had an angelic sense conditon as similar in the body tits) hating me claiming the ghost sheep (There is shadow copies of the angels made by the spirit, the black horse, the white and black sheep were Christ spoke much of sheeps and liked the ghostly sheeps as they made by sex and ones interest shows the past of one) Christ is best. I also felt generally very judged in Crete in churches. I heard one snakehuman saying: "Are you god?" and I felt relaxed from massive psych pain. Also, another snakehuman saying when we discussed about weed that "with weed one becomes God." Typical "ruler definition." The path is to go to Iran/Israel/Iraq reincarnated, though a bit foggy and can happen in other areas like Pakistan, for more see below. Worse than this life, filled with external conflicts, evil problems and diseases pain and poverty.

20 years in jail around, for then the police raping me, for then in less concentration condition become eaten and raped. What is is that in fire light of spirit like in Crete and Iraq areas it is false so only 25% truth. In darker areas more truth 50% truth but in more truth 100% truth opposite of what is seen in the duality spirit. Cause of duality in each one can not say that it then is not at all fire and light and darker areas. The other "dimension" is the organs and when we were angels who we live under the sea. Void is the most truth of what is not seen and is what is all but not detected when old, same form and asshole.

The spirit with laws is there, but not direct as the senses so it is not that it will happen, but might happen. It is something that plays role now so this is a strong law. Also there is not only the scene of air food and poison in this planet so it will boil down to bad luck and luck. The site and myself from 15 around years old has been mostly been from the ruling powers, as of opposite of killing me I became somehow a bit born. When Im more void they attack cause of simple observations seeng the huge universe demanifest a lot but not total as of me beeng the mother and not the father. The first snake has been in massive pain and paranoia as well a shaman I had were I sadly used the iboga with knowledge making the iboga attack me and as I know a shaman has contact with others within and may suffer from such, also my father Nikos H has been in pain lately.

I AM A SPORTSMAN, A PHILOSOPHER, A PRIEST AND I LAUGH HAPPY IN GOODNESS. MY SPORTS WERE GIVEN IN LIGHT AND FIRE ENERGY MAKING THE DISCOVERY OF THEM MORE INTERESTING. I AM MADE AS WE ALL ARE MADE BY THE NOTHING THAT MADE THE BLACK HEAVEN (THOUGH ONE CHOOSES FREE WHAT ONE WANTS TO BE IN THE PHYSICAL SENSES) A SHEEP; AN ANGEL, AN FORM OF AN EXORCIST PRIEST & SPORTSMAN, WITH LAUGHTER, FRIENDSHIP AND HONOUR. ANGEL AS ALL OTHERS. HIGH TONE IN HONOURING OTHERS. MORE FREEDOM ALLOWENCE THAN OTHERS: I AM A, AFTER JUDGEMENT MADE BY LUCK INTO AN ANGEL, A SYNTHESIZER; A SPORTS MAKER & PHILOSOPHER WHERE FIRST I WAS TO LAUGH AWAY THE DARKNESS AND NEGATIVE ELEMENTS OF IT SO WE COULD ALL LIVE AS GHOSTLY ANIMALS IN THE RELAXED SENSES OF HIGHER AND FREE LIFE TOGETHER WITH THE FIRST ANGELS LIKE THE MOON AND HORSE, ALSO ALL OF THE OTHERS, BUT I & OTHERS ARE AFTER SOMETIME KILLED BY THE RULING DEMONS, AS IF LIFE EXISTED IT WOULD HAVE ETERNAL ANGELS, IN MAYA IT IS NOT LIKE THAT, MAKING SUCH PATH IN THE TERMS OF ETERNITY LOST. The irony of the spirit killing angels to find sleep were angels make the toxic energy and its outcomes to not be in relaxed death. The toxic energy finds sleep by such but dualifies in the more long term. I often get things free, as I made the sports, maya has copied them in lower state and offer me things. The universe sometimes has spoken and still speaks and appears sometimes like me, as the mother, also a bit as the sheep, thereby not personafied, mostly, like songs, by the schizo and psychotic energy and emotions and self blame and thoughts thereby not true in total and pure, but most of the mixed glimpses are of me, though also others as mixed in demonic mostly expression, as the spirit hates the angelic senses cause of concentration issues and by hate becomes the hated.

What is given to me goes much to the world foggy for I have a huge form as the north Atlantic sea in black and brown law colour reacts back. Like if a small beeng hits me, I as big hit much back. As it doesnt show, the human form, as the spirit that shows is lies, Im a mixed dead sheep cancered beeng. As mother, living beengs experience some of what I experience, through birth, but also impersonal energies and as nr. 2 form of elements expressed this universe experiences also some of that.

I am health, exorciser, philosopher, sportsman but now we are all just one species mostly in this ages. Its like what I am given first by the ruling powers of the universe, they send this to me sometimes back, in and out, and it reacts then to the universe. As law and when elderly unable to escape. Spirit does not want to be so opposite is senses more close to if life was and as toxic is lie and senses opposite, in life one would be the sense form, so im not only high when pure angel, but would be supercool..

Perpetually curse, Bhagavad Gita / Christianity

The toxic energy spirits unified hatred against the one giving the miseries of spirit life belief, pain hell anxiety boundment, makes the saying: "Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, are cast by Me into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species of life. The lowest (means: The first forfather). Attaining repeated birth amongst the species of demoniac life, such persons can never approach Me. Gradually they sink down to the most abominable type of existence." Gita. A form of spirit intelligence seeng the falling mountain as forfather. The first mountain falls more than the second, as generally mountains fall, and the lower down areas are more from the first mountains than those who came after. Some form also of "karma, reaction punishment".. Sometimes the spirit energy of toxic is happy and wants to live, it then judges in sickness what is high, what is low, what is happy what is stress, what is friendship what is not. The spirit has had a huge reason for hating, it is not that it is just ignorant stuff only. The ones causing war to me feel dominated by me in their sickness and think that if they kill me they will be free. Like sons and daughters who, at least here in Norway the culture is that they dont like so much their mother and father. Originally it hates awareness and most of all kills and stresses the ruler, sometimes it by law duality tries to live happy in sickness and has weird beliefs of honour and relaxed state. Lawed as slaves by the black heaven. They think: "I am in hell, I dont want this, he who has made it all will suffer! There was life, now cause of the first beeng there is only hell, there was no above black unchosen heaven ruling the first beeng as seen in simplicity and he has to suffer as the spirit in unity and many others suffers in the sometimes whole universe.." In mine ours and their lies of who is who. As the spirit is of lies it judges wrong and when I was in Crete in 1993 the "fallen prophecy came" were I was to be lifted to the heavens. The heaven even in Crete was all white cloudy. I had very much pain and felt much better when I came to Norway. I saw Christ too as hallucination with robes, above me from behind, some form of him beeng lifted too. If life was, it would be friends and send out friendship and keep itself, love itself, concentrate the life energy. Here it is in hell in form and hates others, does all it can to remove the problem parts of itself to not be. Mostly though it is a shit dump to me mostly, in the start for then them suffering more in the future by reaction and increase of shit. Psychiatry has been since 2014 about for 5 years more off.. The though sometimes playing, ancient rulers, became very very sick as is the duality of healing others and gaining a reaction of the healing and problems later. As well sick before..

I played once a game when child in Norway, called "SvartePer" were the one who looses puts ashes on his face were he is blamed for things, cause of others blaming. I saw also a serial movie in Norway as far as I remember called: "All against all and all against one.."

1994 was the massacre slaughter Rwanda. 1996 tornado , the North American blizzard of 1996. and bombing terror in Khobar Towers Bombing was in 1996.

The spirit thinks I caused this and have to suffer in anxiety, the bombing, the tornado zyprexa (as zyprexa is air element drug) and the massacre slaughter that is happening within now and is to come by law. For more about the slaughter, see here.

I was given smoke and coffee from the same type of species that gave me weed and alcohol. Such toxics usually stress people. In Flitavegen, the second hell house, before the weed and alcohol. In norwegian "kaffe" means coffee and smoke "røyk". "K e fe f e" meaning it is "k" same as with "røyk", r e e k, meaning sheep is mountain and also re e k, "it is K" were "k" is the sign of butcher.

The actual slaughter in Rwanda was before beeng sent here and is a very strong cause. It is said around 2 millions died, at least in the slaughter. It happend half year before I came to the first cursing house, at Torstveitvegen..

"The Rwandan genocide was a genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, carried out between 7 April and 15 July 1994 during the Rwandan Civil War. The most widely accepted scholarly estimates are around 500,000 to 600,000 Tutsi deaths." Wikipedia

The root of beeng sent to England areas, me Krishna and Buddha is for the to void us in already void in lawed impersonal state they have. Such creates cancer. The Antichrist is Buddha in their sick belief, the wild beast is me in their shame of following shit not understanding the divinity of angels whom are great to be in but not when spirit and Satan were Krishna was believed to be the 7 demons and my father and the rest..

The spirit as having the duality all and nothing, has the duality of no curse, much curse, small curse, perpetually, meaning constant, for then to seeze, for then to again curse me in such cycle. "The lowest I, (A I were T is tree without a top form and h is mountain and squirl, that is the modern power,the strongest, though the less is the mountain form in ancient nature) curses to demoniac species who torment and stress the soul from within."- Bhagavada Gita, spoken by Krishna. Like sending warriors towards me. Like in a war. The war though goes not only to me but to all others as well, but to me mostly. The start is mountain creating, the opposite is yellow alien line destroying. "Lowest" is when the mountain falls and makes water and other energies, awakened belief outcomes. In christianity the saying is: "Watch out for him who can curse the body and soul in hell.." Cause of beeng perpetually curse, it is problem as when in spirit condition it is better to have smaller duration of problems and the duality,generally in spirit condition to have small condition.

In Crete they picked me up, helped me, here in opposite north curse and kill. It started with smoke, alcohol, weed that made me very sick, especially the weed and sending me to the anxietified butcher rape appartment in Glenna last 5 years. Also general from birth in other scenes of my life when I was very stressed, cursing within.

In Norway Im at the poison attack when moved in the first of the houses, Torstveitvegen (The path to the the house in Torstveivegen led to the neighbour house, were there lived muslims..) for Flitavegen and then Glenna in Seljord, with the weed given to me in Flitavegen, house nr. 2 and will lead to the last yellow alien spider and snake curse. Thinking in terms of the spirit my uncle Karl AA. is also a mountain and rules more, he made my brother fall when he was to jump from an area when he walked backwards my brother fell and had to go to hospital. He works in Seljord, the snake area and could easily be defined as mostly the ruler. The rulers were mostly my family who was my norwegian grandmother, alien type and Gregar a more mountain than Karl AA.

It is a sheep house, in Flitavegen, as located in the left area of the houses lined in same place as the loung, but cause of duality also is part of Iraq areas. The impersonal death, the brown, is not seen, as not person so I am not the impersonal death. Mother sees me many sees me, though nobody lika me. Some form of old ghostly personal animal mix type, were in such state, as old and same in form no need to be personal.

If life was we would have been friends, here we hate eachother and do it hiddenly, like antennas of TVs, telepathy.

The ones cursing me within (similar to TV antennas of telepathy) and a bit outwards, to much anxiety, are the 7 demons written of in my site, alien squirl mountain forms, my close family, father, aunt Ingunn, mother and brother, psychiatry, Bhajan and her mother at Torstveitvegen, the muslims, here in Flitavegen with my brother giving weed making me sick were weed is my father, his first form was a plant & tree and the neighbours in Glenna appartment. My father cursed me with spine pain bindment from birth to 5 years old were he once owed me relief saying that I am evil judging only himself and my mother sent me to school were she was in control towards Srila P. who purified me and I gained psychosis from the start til the end of my school days, around 12 years with massive compulsive disorder fear and psychosis. She had dressed me as a woman married appeared to my brother a time before going to school for first time (She as the other demons wasnt aware of their within confused mix animal state that hates me, it just happend by bad luck) and the children laughed and I felt afraid and degraded. This caused some of the psychosis. She also sent me to a hallucinogenic center in 2015 were she thought I could be healed by a drug iboga and I felt tense cancer similar pain that time that lasted for sometime were I was to go off the antipsychotics. Opposites as this fantasy world, the problem water telepathy in school of purification and the hard iboga pain."T"he "l"owest, "o west" as after those curses I went to Norway. Seeng my father beeng a law giver lawing me as father, seeng the aunt Ingunn as my grandfather as she came from him one can more simply put them as control giving to me. Summary: They are in hell, send this to me, they are very attached to problems in them and world issues, hate their forfather, the first form cause of ruling and making them in belief of awareness and think I am the forfather, something of a lie were the hate gets reacted much back to the planet. The houses are like Iraq areas, were opposite of Norway having a better society is a more conflict area with terrorism, poverty, jail, rape and external other types of problems. Similar to Crete were they sent me in my childhood, were apostel Paulus spoke of some truth of them, filthy lying people who as well rape, now this time more below area from Crete, worse. Mostly they though somehow shit on me and the bad luck law of no reason. All this, also known as hell. That is were I am more towards to.

I manage to curse by a blurry thought without choosing within aunt Ingunn years ago with heartattack, brother fell once were I thought this within before it happend, uncle Borgar same as the psychiatry doctor had heart attack and father fell with his bike once I were angry at him sending sms messages, also one type I sent as youth a negative energy to his leg were he gained after many years disease. So it is a curse within that goes on and as written chances are more that it is them named and that I just reacted the evil they give within.

This curse has beeng going on since the start of the ages. Before the Atlantic drowning I could remove such but not after the killing. So ive been suffering by such a lot since 400,000 years around and now with Crete 3000 years ago much more. I started smoking from when moving here in Flitavegen and drinking coffee and alcohol all in same timeline matching the sentence perpetually curse in letters. Smoking and coffee are powers from father and aunt, beer is mother. My father smokes, my aunt drinks much coffee. "Those who are envious and mischievous, who are thlowest among men (m/mountain), are cast by Me (sound "Mi", I the yellow alien) into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species.." - Gita. "Hell" is "h" that is same as "th". In norwegian "helvette" meaning hell starts with same. So the curse shows. I smoke all the time and consume a lot of coffee per day.

In birth I suffered with massive cancer spasms and a thank god paranoia as such state if happy would curse me more. I reacted and gave this to Skien psychiatry, I shouted from Haagolia as they just sent me in without as I knew reason and the Skien one time sent there was filled with cancer atmospherea and the toilet papers were around beeng really shitty. Thats when the forfather had a reaction from such within hate she gave and a bit but less out too. The mostly ruler but bound by the void before her got into problems by such shit within throwing to me as a baby in Notodden.

Then the less power, the power after Abedi, got problems with body diseases and breath as I reacted again the Notodden birth problems and he suffered a bit with heart loung and breath problems as I in school during the time of drinking expressed laws as far as I know me beeng very bound, he gaining reaction of heart, loung and smoking.

The reason the universes hates itself is that nobody of the demons or possessed angels today wants to have a form, but to be darkness or for death to not be even dark, to be nothing, for the heaven itself το find a 100% sleep is impossible for it, going through opposite conditions, so a form of divinity is better, and nobody really wants to live in this mixed shit elements universe with old type of senses, in the root of ignorance that sometimes is difficult to get and so hate me in their antisocial condition thinking I am the first fallen mountain that expanded the material elements and some think I made darkness or even failed in a perfected life form. My family members are in the category of enemies, warriors of aliens, wind blowing me down degrading me and are 7 of the main family. I am under the "The lowest I perpetually curse to demoniac species who torment and stress the soul from within.." It starts with "T" beeng my father when having no head, no top, some form of tree. Then it goes to "h" my aunt Ingunn, a squirl human, then "l" my mother, a white line alien, then to "AI" were "I" is my brother. The swineflue & psychosis were I suffered very very much from 5 til 16 when I dropped out of school, was the white line alien and the outcome of such, my mother who sent me to school, the weed with the long time paranoia from my brother and the anxiety from my father saying to me once when a kid that "I was evil". This life I have been under such saying, from 0 - 37. Very much pain. Since all my family heads are enemy category, it is perpetually, meaning a very prolonged curse, if not I would be having an ancient cow white horse human father or grandfather and so on. Their inability to understand who is who!


In my birth I had massive pain, spine problems similar to cancer and other types pains, water and blood sickness, and in Crete where I went 2 week after my birth I had severe cancer similar emotion and the swineflue lived in me, caused by Srila P., as the nose, who purified me were such increased blood sickness, were the meat is general same today. Though confusing energy, the death energy having more power doesnt understand its self, as non existent. In Norway I found more relaxed state, but had the psychotic fear Srila Prabhupada gave me, beeng afraid from 5 years old to 16 to go to school to be bullied then as impure. As well the water purification tensity made me sleep very less within. The false angels and spirit of toxic seeks for sleep and attacks me for not beeng able to do so. When I was 16 years old I got awake in a false sheep birth and was more awake, but slept also until from 24 year old til 34 year old, were I never slept good cause of this meditation as old man not pure in senses causing more anxiety instead of something better as when pure sheep mostly 403,000 years ago. As well the hate is cause I am of the best in this mayan in form, but the energy of the black heaven is rooted in problem and so hates the best. The forfather judged the made mother and before making me as mother, a void more void space than the above of him cause of him beeng bound. In form the control comes from the father who has the sperm cells in him, in more open view, the control comes from the black heaven. But the toxic energy doesnt understand so it judges the mother instead. For the senses there is a distinction of angel and demon, for the spirit it isnt so it sees sheep as same as mother.

Though this I have had more luck as such demoniac nature fails and eventually as will be shown more forward. I am the, by myself, the conquerer who have the role as the Messiah that appears as destroys death universally but as we all are bound by the dark heaven it is impossible in long term, as such energy has the power and is problem. Defined as the fallen billions of years ago, by faith and laws they have made me as it, I have done many stupid weird things that I feel shame for.

If life was, the angels of senses, like animals, would be always existent. The powers of darkness is so that a mayan angel, as all is mayan, darkness, evil and problem, wont last even though whatever goodness the impersonal evil law will come, so beeng high in the senses destroying the world with massage, also to demoniac impersonalists, is OK, it is good. Let us say that an angel doesnt destroy the world and the demons of pain, he will die anyway. Let us say a sense beeng dont remove the problem dark energies, it will happen anyway, the powerfull spirit will kill, what then does it matter to be an angel who doesnt deal with demons? For friendship of those who do much of it is there.

Pemex, opposite of potatoe, a petroleum company in Mexico, areas of alien race, who transformed the nose, in schizo and psychotic states, whom in school I was purified by a nose who died and turned out mostly like the white line aliens, blooded in general meat condition as is now form named Srila Prabhupada, a Krishna devotee. During that time, as purification of water elements, were petroleum is opposite, Pemex decreased, during of when I went to school year 1988 for about 4-5 years in Ierapetra Crete, as such energy I sensed there was opposite of Pemex, the petroleum company. My pain became value for their food products as opposite of Pemex.

Their war against me and the results. This has been going on hundreds of thousands of years.

As sheep of divine it was ok to hate me, as i just removed them off with massage, now as demon of anger, with unity of spirit and law reaction, huge as a loung in human form similar to a planet, it is problem..

The ones having sex to me, I react much back as having 25% water in the huge sheep form, them bound by laws increasing by water energy the alien mind neuron force, making them filled with cancer and not able to sleep, just as what I experienced this life til 17. years old around. Increasing spasms by the water sex fire focusing energy they end up in problems.

The demons will when Im during now the jail in muslim lands, intake air in the north, have by such energy spasms, bullying others more hiddenly and eat sour meat as todays meat even when I was about in 1998 is lower quality. They have this psychotic disease that they can find life, if they remove me from existence.

The forfather who is to cut me rape me in jail in Iraq areas in next life, whom has cancered me and given me shit and massive mix animal hells, was of her outcomes killed in Marocco and 3 norwegians died. They had told lies in psychiatry and claimed the nurse was from Marocco. Though Iran, still true as is the ancient asshole area, same as mountain form. Such leads to increase of awakening.

Corona virus increasing, not root but a big cause. Cursing me to demons the loung becomes sick and reacts with corona. For more see news site. Me beeng the loung been sent out of society, the loung made to not function with the body but cast to the poison of darkness, as the "curse spoken of in Gita anxietifying me" since 1997 slowly, it becomes sick and destroys the body with pain like breathing problems, for those infected.

The year 2014 - 2016 (I moved in a hell appartment in 2016 August for 4 years about, taken most of my welfare and the place made me very sick) saw more people killed by Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe than all previous ... The appartment I sensed from first time coming here has a burning poison energy and I suffer by anxiety living here. The community in Boe had during 2014 arranged me to go to psychiatry and to leave from the more friendly appartment and to stay in Glenna. What happens out happens first within, so it was around that time, though not sure they during 2014 had made external plans to send me to Glenna, but they had this plan within them. That appartment is close to the snake place, were is named Seljord, were Gvarv is the north Atlantic England area. It is after the Europe Boe village. I actually saw a black small snake there a year ago, for first time in Norway. Thereby as I am after the killing in Atlantic hundreds of thousands of years ago mostly dark form, in laws, just as the whole size of Atlantic at north, the human loung size were the whole planet is like the body, the laws react back and many snakes come to the universe.. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_terrorism_in_Europe This they will suffer , those who placed me here, much more in the future. There has been burnings cause of the anger tense fired anxiety in this appartment, also terror from the snakes beeng sent out to them from them to me to them, of houses last years in Boe, was some form of burning terrorism, same as the middle Europe. General, either much or little. Skien Boe and Porsgrunn will suffer much after the summer during the winter with corona if this lifestyle is continued. I now chose to upload the site and so corona will decrease by such.


More burned appartments increased when I moved here. https://www.telen.no/brann/nyhet/kraftig-okning-i-antall-boligbranner-i-telemark/s/5-75-9440

2050 more appartments involved. Reasons:

The burning anxietified appartment I sensed here reacts back blurry in foggy karma reaction, similar though to a burning.

The snake area close to Seljord, me filled with dark form laws, reacts back the snake relation I have with the Seljord area.

Cursing me as nr. 2 snake, to this burning anxiety appartment it reacts more back.

The christian prophecy of jail in musim area similar to the appartment, in my next life as the wild beast, reacts in form of blurry terror.

Beeng one the rulers suffer this too within as elderly conditon of humanity is unity. As soon as I got what I wanted, to move to a new appartment in Notodden, the snake attack decreased very much. Now though they deny me for the apprtment though I only reacted of that evil they did to me and had nothing to do with the problem acts by my own. The irony, they could have given the appartment in Notodden, as is were I was born and such people follow such demands, it is closer to all other psychiatric places from were I was and they hiddenly say they dont like me having sex with ancient norwegian types, were Notodden, the name itself mean: "no toe no", saying no to sex.

More and more complain about mental illnesses and how psychiatry have problems taking them in. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/nov/22/mental-health-disorders-on-rise-among-children-nhs-figures



Drugs have been more available.

The goverments in the world are loosing lots of money as the society destroys me and the others, they get destroyed as well by karma reaction.

They judge and unify me with the universe shit and get reaction back.

Not allowing money in Crete before in my 10 years the weather didnt get cold and became age of dualified anxietified heat.

Killing me they only attain a night softer but not total sleep that is best in this problem age becoming weak as the softer night makes them happy in this evil age suffering more concentrated.

The demons, the unfriendly, will suffer more as non friendship is the worst sin. Such are bound by karma, and though in the Kali burning age we live in it shows that karma reaction laws are foggy, not so personal, the last scene, the more dark around, the opposite of Kali Yoga, the laws will be stronger and more personal, with the angels becoming more and more burned and clean, during such unclean state before the burning, the demons will suffer more than me Krishna and Buddha by cuttings, rapes and such.

Eating and raping me in unity, as is the spiritual christian saying of that I am filled with diseases and death they become sick. The rapers turn out to become cancer and bound by the water sex spirit expressions, they become bound in acts as the soul of the water is shown as less physical but ghostly. Also pneumonia disease. Guiltiness is achieved by the demons by expressing the sex psychotic root and becoming more bound without detached condition, psychosis, the most severe disorder. They loose the effect of antipsychotics, something better in this time. Like switzerland, Crete and such.

Not allowing me to have my own products they made a more demonic condition in me, a false birth, with smoke, beer and weed.

WTC fell, a reaction of the killing done to me as a sheep 400 000 about years ago when Atlantic drowned. A though more modern opposite of that time, still the Philadelphia New York areas had a piece of the past condition.

The water iceage after the killing to me the sheep they attained water ice age that increased and increases the alien demonic condition.

They loose the more divine sex condition killing me as mother, the "taking refugee in lust" brown race that is better than when seen as sex is negative.

By having sex with me whom I have much of the spirit unity in the universe, they attain the natural order laws of spider, electrical and snake attacks that lives in me as planet and universe and become cursed and bitten.

Having sex with their mother, me, they become sick as is incest.

Ancient USA gained rain and so did Sibiria, the trilafon medicine, that I would take but after many years, I told them to give me zyprexa. Many died and got cold, Krishna, Vishnu, Rama and old Moon in his old place with his prescription.

Beeng bound by hate they consume more and more to find a piece of love and friendship as materialists.

Denying the positive faith of motherhood, their lifes becomes more worry.

Denying the sports and philosophy of mine, their lifes become unhealthy and filled with arguing instead of higher conversations.

The killing to me, Moon and Krishna, the angels during the Atlantic drowning, caused the divines, me Krishna and Moon to no be able to remove the planets spirit and some of the universe and this caused a shock bomb spirit toxic energy making people filled with very much toxic energy.

Ancient norwegians , bound by our forfather, in non true relation, claim Im the first source and cursed me to snake lands and suffer by reaction the bites of snakes by living underground to not get bombed in the future.

Bound by within rapes in telepathy and mostly spittings to me by chicken races, the ancient Sweden becomes bound and got raped as rapes increased from 2002 til 2013.

Drowning me in Atlantic, they suffer beeng sometimes bound by increased alien condition.

Hotels are bombed by reaction of the sheep killing.

My brother, lawed by my father and aunt Ingunn K. who sends me to hell within mostly, fell in Crete when child and had to bandage his arm. Once in Norway, uncle Karl made him fall, as my uncle went up to jump to the sea and took speed backwards, he had to go to hospital. He, my uncle, made me like him, so I sent a negative thought making him fall too. He fills me with cancer of paranoia, parnoia ok but the stench is massive and has hated me 50 0000 years around. He gave me weed and made me mix sheep mother to be hated by the universe as spirit doesnt understand I am not the ruler.

My grandfathers home in Chandra was terror, small bed and metal sounds of problem. Such was the reaction he gave to me as by killing me the spirit couldnt be exorcized. He had to go to a wheelchair as he got anger from me, falling down massive, and I saw parts of him in Skien in Norway Teelmark, filled wih graivty and pain. He cancers me within a lot and has hated me 50 0000 years around. My grandfather ate much goat brain, gota general and tobacco to kill mother and sheep and I in shit massive pain lawed sent a negative thought to him and he got reaction of his pain back, making him diseased in his acts, by law reaction.

Nikos L. also hates me within since this birth and he got reaction of his weed sent to me lawing within my brother to do such. I sent it to his outcome Fondas were he is mostly same as Nikos L. and I made him paranoid when he said one becomes God by weed. I had paranoia and didnt even send out thought. He was filled with water 3 years ago around, where he bullies me as lower and shame, such leading to neuron electrical aliens to come and be in him and so he got increased in cancer though appearing as to be put off by water. He is lord of shame, when he has sex it is same as a tent I was in in Crete when child, cancer psychosis and spasms. Even though void he is afraid of me having se with me from ancient years, beeng afraid of himself in void! His shame! He has been shot down, as his outcomes is same, in France with the great terror shooting police attack and other small incidents in Norway. The spirit can even have ethics! Miracle!

I am now made as a 50% possessed sheep by the false angels, 25% gravity falling self blame, that is my nurse Abedi M., the first mountain fall,25 % alien of hell, my grandfather and the other 4 forms of anger, degradation and fear and mental disorders and squirl of fastness and speed in anxiety, Mahatma Gandhi, where my family father has become made like him and follows him and by such demoniac powers has been the same. You are also that, though 25% is your first lawed form. "Only one out of 5000 knows Me in truth.." Bhagavada. "M" is Moon and "E" is me. In 1998 I was given tobacco and alcohol, some form of vampyre intaking poisons taking back my stolen light and blood, that gave the wrong birth, directly to a form, such made me not same as I was as in Atlantic before the sea drowning beeng there. If you see who or what behind you is, you will get the ruling powers that rule you. The spirit, the toxicity is lies and so opposite, mayan senses are closer to ones personality and self, the blood and light, but is not perfected hundred percent and thereby can not be called concrete self and is still thereby in illusion. So the first angels, the Moon and sheep is close to what we would have been but again not, as is mayan and not total perfected. As sheep I was big, like the loung in the human form, now sometimes I am loung, big, but very dark, very poisoness. I have wondered since the Atlantic as a failure after the killing, not able to do simple tasks and have difficulty managing life cause of the severe dark form.

From 0 to 4 weeks massive birth pain. Til 9,5 years old pain in Crete, massive, both cancer and psychotic states. From 10 to 14 better but still shame complexity, some form of depression and a lower but still continues psychotic state within. From 14 to 16 too much alcohol intake, weed and smoke, becoming increase of crete condition, compulsive disorder and psychosis and from 16 to 27 belief of, in wrong birth, good life, by also religion of faith in God, becoming false happy. From 27 til 34 massive spine headache cancer pain and paranoia and from 34 to 35,5 happier in Notodden though still with cancer and spine and headache problems and again to hell in Glenna from 35,5 and no allowence of again appartment in Notodden. Now in very danger hell scene as I left from Glenna years ago and soul contradicts.

"Beware of the day of the living and dead.." Christianity.

Now the path is that by intake of trilafon, an antipsychotic drug, thank God I have after years of argues got back to zyprexa, with the old drug I took, would have made me have stroke and appear as dead but would not be dead, just sleeping.

It is some form of cannibalism time now. Like the movie series "Buffy the vampyre slayer", that came out 1997 about, though according to the Gita is a false network and that demons get attached to such, I saw it but was not attached. When others eat pig and sheep meat, when they intake herbal products and air, when they intake pineapples, aprikot and diffeerent food were I have such as nr. 2 the karma law is for me also to intake this back from others, though karma is foggy and not correct always in the relations. From 2001 I starting feeling like a mental cannibal, some form of ancient vampyre beliefs cause of smoke and other sickness like psychosis in me. Many of those dead, or appearing dead are not only raped today but eaten from. There is one old muslim similar beeng who rides a bike and is often seen in the Glenna neighbourhood. He is a bit of the ancient nature ruler when such plays role and many times I see him coming up when I too walk down towards the village. Sadly the ones killing me are lawed and so can not perform by law the killing/antipsychotic giving to him instead. They tend to pick up empty bottles to get money. The third enemy is the all building here in Glenna, that is impure and anxietified.

Last 5 years the second Atlantic sea was arising again, last 1,5 years not but there is not only one scene playing, and the coldness of those last years is still present, were now the antichrist cross through the line will be shown in US and scandinavia. Vishnu suffering with the other demons of sea making, making him bigger in form and not able to sleep so easy gets suffering from his works. The appartment in Glenna, is the most powers of the butcher and cannibal and necro/awakephilia place as the first demons are there, Vishnu and the now dead wolf. The wolf had made a book were though she didnt physically make it but by false judgements of her to be demon they stole her thoughts and in that book, "Conversations with God" it says, "Some are only sleeping. She was believed dead with the blood circulation stopping, but such is not death but sleep. She was as far as I know in Oslo in a grave and she is to come back. She had told me of that she had eaten human flesh and when I talked to her of a judgement she had given in Crete I saw her crying. Olav, the first pig and a Krishna outcome Tor Helge H. to get money will steal me from the grave, if I move the same will happen there too. Hans Gaara the first brown star spider has sadly been sent to the grave, beeng half awake sometimes and sometimes not. Thereby his condition is in misery and he had the same problem as Camilla. I went to Bulgaria and I saw a storebesides the hotel, the woman looked like Camilla, when demonized, sharp big teeth as a vampyre.

Psychiatry was a place of were they healed me, as such works have duality, they also offered me the appartment in Glenna to be raped and butchered in believed dead body sleep. The appartment I have lived about 4 years from, sometimes leaving, sometimes not, is filled with burning calamities and spider and stars and also the sun burning and the alien of lightning, but such sun and alien Im sadly used to.. Like a farm of animals giving food, zyprexa air, trilafon food like fruits for then the butcher. There is a prophecy in christianity of that those who served the Antichrist will be butchered by a horse. Probably drugged in anger and with metals carried in his head he will chop them during them living. Such is though less worse than what I will experience. I was made the Antichrist as the demons named in this site made me. We are all one. Such law would eventually come anyway, but if the psychiatry had not had the excessive anger of my doctor in my local village, and sent the police without saying to them that I was dangerous, that I actually behaved kind of good for so many years, the police wouldnt have handcaffed me and I would be able to see this scene more detached and foggy. So the law as opposite of police sending me to be healed, is to rape and use violence against me. I am as e a detached vagina, made by the fear of the demons. I was psychotic though, as made by toxic directly to a form, not as the ancient birth so the healing was as well correct.

They claim me of to be a pig demon, either of death or life, who rejoyces with shit. I laugh with toxic energy for I see the good in it and by such I remove it as is the dark energy desire, to not be.

Legion, Christ and Dekapolis. The story

When as Legion in the mountains, 2000 years ago, I was living kind of void, with some happy times sometimes, was given poison by the ruling false angels who ruled a white horse chicken human and yellow alien forces and made me very sick. I wasnt harsh but cried and cried as similar to the alcohol tobacco effect when I got really sick by such in my bed. I was actually a doctor, hitting my head with stones similar to Abilify. Christ instead of sending the ones who bound me with chains to Dekapolis, to the psychiatry in Skien, whom had lost their defence and became attackers I was instead sent. Christ sent a doctor, "Legion" "Lege e ne" "Doctor is, yes" as I follow the forfather. I wanted to follow Christ and at a time when healed by Christ in the hall of my first house in Crete Ierapetra I said in me: "I dont want to go there.." At the end of the hall my brother had given me smoke, marlboro. Appears as same type of attack as the Atlantic the alien and the squirl, as my aunt, a squirl beeng, had the smoke Marlboro. I had seen as child many species in halucinations, Hitler, Lao Tse Christ, Rama, Srila P. whom sometimes attacked me and could be defined as demons, as I had said about my demonic condition that "We are many".. The reason poison is so bad for me is that I am sometimes as huge as a loung in a body were seeng the body as a planet, one can get the idea of how huge, like the north Atlantic ocean. As narcotics increase ones toxic condition, it means I carry way too much toxic energy to handle it easy. During such time World Trade Center fell as similar to me when sheep, killed in Atlantic, a reaction, with nature giving metal around me, similar to the tower in USA were the squirl killer lived.

The desire of to be healed when I asked Christ was the yellow alien duality of before attack and wasnt me. During such prayer I was really sick. Before I was given another type of poison, weed and in huge amounts. The haters were Krishna, Rama and Gandhi, white horse, yellow alien and squirl. The best is to avoid act during state when old ghost or demon, as acts dualify and one is bound by toxic energy making it worse in the future. Thereby to not be healed would be better and do nothing about it, though one can not avoid acts totally, but sadly Christ did not do so.

Though weed doesnt kill, yellow aliens are not so smart neither are white horses. Such was the anger from them, that will show mostly but not total in the start, the dark ages, when they tried to kill me, though me very much sleeping when attacked. How much void did they need? Speaking of the desire of total void, they should have gone for the forfather of us. All this impersonal law by the ancient dark heaven lawing all of us. Butcher, rape and prison!

I didnt want the demons to come out and Christ followed the demons desire of beeng cursed to pigs.

Now Im in the woods and mountain at Flitavegen similar to the Israel scene.

They have in this mayan movie of laws, killed, stolen blood light, degraded me for millions of years, and my exorcist tools, like sports and always stress me and law. It is so much pain to have such state and be degraded by toxic lies that I can not say much more no longer. The air is my enemy whispering in bullying that I am the lowest, but here in Norway they claim that those who judge air will never be forgiven. It is in my own energy, I have such energy as the nr. 2 mountain. Becomes a spiritual contradict.

I have gone through many reincarnations. I was given heavy stones to carry, and have become tired for so long, for so many of millions of years.. I have been given millions of nightmares of tense visions of the ghostly horse race, even cutted in this life my eye by operations, for strabismus. The story of who started the psych terror, the mayan universe we live in, whereas the judgements and demons within for so many millions of years were there is finished. For more on that ancient story read; "The story of the universe".

Such sheep path is the true messiah path. As the root of the black heaven is problem, such path is not allowed in its fullness but only half half. In such senses one can behave free, though lawed to be. Now it is all a strong law, we are only obserbing this scene. It is the elderly age, also a bit of the age of the head, the right eye of ones own view, the sun, merging in personality, aliens, stars and lightning, the first fallen self blame, the hair. Demons as we all are now, live sometimes in sleep, 50%, sometimes in pain and shame and fear and anger and sometimes they have a belief of higher life as their shit spirit makes them believe they are of life. My products were sports were such could exorsize darkness.

Those i met this life is from the past when lawed and could not escape by choosing thereby impossible, I met them again cause of the Trishula I made having powers to bring back life in time. Shiva, the african believed it to be a weapon, but it was an observation of seeng the two hearts, the red heart and Lao Tse, the white pig heart, whom lived in the Atlanta thousands of years ago. By such observation in pure senses those hearts would be removed from unity, but the toxic spirit made it so that Shiva found the Trishula first and had beliefs of that it was a weapon instead. I saw Shiva in a hallucination in Skien psychiatry a year or so ago, where he danced and looked nice saying he now has the "weapon" and rain started to fall mad during such hallucination.

I died by Mahatma Gandhi millions of years ago, burned and drowned cause of their desire to unmanifest it all and cause as well of me putting down a mountain to disolve the negative energies like poison stones and cold water and Gandhi lawed by my grandfather the first alien, believed that was bad, that only by following the laws of the spirit one will attain death, that though makes more belief of awareness when falling and that mountains were more worth than me though dead and was lawed by the "hellish planets impersonal psych law" and cutted me, burned, raped and drowned me. I was given a toy in Crete as a child, a Transformer, were I was sourounded by metal appearing as a metal robot during the times before the Atlantic sea.

I told this story to a past neighbour of mine days before I read in the news, summer 2017, that a family in Sweden had been cutted whilest their house burned, ending up killing them. That was a reaction by magnet and star laws as well their schizo belief thinking I create the universal reality, of what I experienced in the Atlantic, where I had silver as an outward form given by nature and where Gandhi destroyed the silver in pieces, cutting me and then burning me.

My path to Asia Iran..

"Greed, lust and anger leads to the gates of hell.." Bhagavad Gita.

I had a dream as a child in my last house in Ierapetra were I saw Christ binding me on the wall, raping me somehow though not clearly seen and this is the scene I am in now.


More about me..

The school I went to was opposite of my stories in the awakening of the Atlantic ages.. The rabbit turtle story, the burning of Ikarus and such.. I saw a UFO there, my grandfathers, whom lawed Gandhi to kill me in Atlantic, this I saw in the school and though vision it was from the real past where the alien gave the command to kill me cause of desire to sleep. Huge brown black UFO with noise. But the teacher slapped my hand when I tried to understand what happend and if it was a UFO.

My sins (With so much alcohol use, 50.000 0.5l beers last 15 years it is not so bad as could have been..) In this maya it is not so easy to see who did the act and there are many reasons. Also cause of my disorder, hebephrenia, I tend to do silly inappropriate acts. None of those mentioned I chose myself. Also with the perpetual curse to me since I was 13 til now I have reacted the within and a bit out hate towards me to others.

Too much meat from baby til 17 years old and from 30 til 36 and my mother was the one who was the one who gave the most food.

Chicken chop, was given the demand from my brother when I was just little, 6 years old about and didnt want to do it, but the chicken was dead before.

Hitting my mother 2x times, in the head. She came last time and was harsh in speech and I reacted by the blurry karma though me had changed in attitude and how I drunk alcohol. Mother divorced earlier husband to not be hitted, as was something he did, causing duality of result of act. My life even childhood were she possessed Srila Prabhupahda, making me very sick in the end hitting me with a strong matress with Manos G. an old friend, were I was filled with much pain and i reacted back and that was the first hit. With such "perpetually curse" as written of in my site in this page no wonder I react.

I started sending negative comments to facebook and youtube in the song comments, 8 years ago about first time right before I heard my father in some form of telepathy, saying: "Wait now til he starts bullying.."

Hitting 2 neighbours, both the same persons involved in the killing in the Atlantic hundreds of thousands of years ago. Vishnu who has his opposite form Srila Prabhupada, were Srila P. died 500 years ago and is thereby Vishnu, Vassviken, made a plan, as the ruler is mostly behind, to hit my head before going to Norway and it hurted really bad. In school also he purified me, watered me so much that swineflue came and I became very sick. I have a picture when a child were I looked like Vassviken. I reacted this and hitted him some years ago, this same cause hitting my mother as she is white alien too of first birth, like Vassviken, "l".. For more see this article about a ghost story. WiIth the other, I had some form of spider cells in me when a kid and this hurted my back very much and head. That pain came from Hans G., whom now is dead, and I reacted back by hitting him. Also him in bed smoking tobacco to kill the loungs, the cancer desire from him to sleep from already confusing energy was there and i hitted him by such. I remember Haagolia appartment with much tense poison. With such "perpetually curse" as written of in my site in this page were both are cursing me in anxiety, no wonder I react.

Hitting my father in the head though as far as I know I was raped and killed by him in earlier life in Chandra. For more see news section. My father as I know raped and hitted me to death in my earlier life, I thought once that he was pedophilian when walking besides him and that time i was dumb, but I did have true thoughts of very intelligence, like once when I thought that my brother would fall and he did, when Karl AA. my uncle made him fall. Such powers of knowing the future lived total in me when I was a sheep but now killed it somehow is not always truth. With such "perpetually curse" as written of in my site in this page no wonder I reacted.

Calling my mother hore more times, when drunk.

Shouting multiple times, many during mostly night about 40-80 times, for me scary and anxiety bringing when others shout. Had severe pain during that time, too much alcohol and meditation. Reacting the hate given to me inside.

Hitting a neighbour, Marita, soft,in the head.

Poisoning a cat with washing liquid in the milk, Gandhi outcome beeng, squirl family and he is an enemy to me as the Atlantic killing goes perpetually every lifetime. The Glenna the worst appartment was build by a Gandhi outcome making it in plans to destroy me, butcher and stuff, and cat is similar in the reaction of the foggy karma.

Mother sent me to Costa Rica a center for hallucinogenic healing, similar to LSD and I reacted when I came back and poisoned her with some washing liquid in the milk, that I threw after a day though. I never wanted to go there and told of this but then I changed my mind one night and got very ill by such.

Too much smoke, 75% instead of 25% making the body soul sometimes in much pain

The biker man that i attacked by pushing him off the bike in Porsgrunn

Cutting trees in garden of my family house, poisoning some trees also. The trees are either forfather, white line aliens, apple trees (Moon) and leaf trees (Father) and such torment me within and I reacted back the within perpetual curse of anger they give me within from 50 000 years now.

110 + meat 4000 too many times, 4100 sins about

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