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Hello lawed by coincidence darkness people... Welcome to my philosophical religious nature science blog. Here I write down some thoughts i have about different subjects.. I wish you a pleasant stay..

I believed once that life could live. But it cant. We are all dead. Life if was would be perfected as the opposite, poison is what is not perfect and as life lives and death does not want to be, life would have been friends to death and make it disolve from beeng by a warm hug. Death energy doesnt know its dead as in illusion and thinks it lives and so all this appears as life around us. In the Gita it says that "we always existed" and there comes an negative judgement as well to those who believe all is death, but such has no logic, as there has to be a start, if we always existed there has been no choosing, life then would have become bound by itself. Toxic energy as nothing always existed as is magical and weird, but life didnt and to appear from nothing is impossible when in life terms and if life suddenly appeared then it can not be called life for it has no eternal concentration..

I am not of life, but the animal place is much better than the ghostly. But it is still maya, illusion. We will many times not find release from problems as life to come and save us can not appear tommorow for life means concentrated. Many times will we live with problems and sometimes forget, sometimes not. When old and in pain and problems, one can always hope for that a sense angel will find one or that the spirit dualifies its path. Below is more info on, not the christian trinity but the demoniac trinity figures. Laws are everywhere and to escape easier in this elderly time of the demonic age, is wu wei, meaning to do nothing something not chosen so we are all living in a form of path observing dreams, either in or out, of coincidentual magical previous impersonal toxic black heaven laws. Our freedom when old and same form is very limited though there is a little freedom. Some claim shit to be of life, like also potatoes, soda like sprite, green type that is sour and potatoes..

If you see around, you will see animal fences, butchering, meat eating, people going to the toilet. It kind of looks like death if you ask me.

The ruling powers whom are ruled by the ancient black heaven above them, were the nothing that sometime gained a bit awareness and the dark heaven that is same as the ancient nothing, are bound in sickness and has neither chosen this. A mountain with self blame, in shame and spams and cancer, sometimes a hellraiser alien of multiple forms, a squirl running in more concentrated anxiety during such hell and a mountain falling making multiple such hell planets is what we sometimes are experiencing cause of universal demonic possession. They have no self, are antisocial and manage to bring problems to us. "Us", mostly an illusion in this possession. It is mostly them since the Atlantic drowned, before in nature it was mostly rulings from our forfather, who made all these spiritual by products. Falling in cancer shame and bound, electricity, thinking, running and creating is our modern lifestyle. This said, as we are the duality fantasy universe, doesnt mean they rule all the time, but mostly. Sometimes others rule, sometimes them. As the spirit is duality sometimes Vishnu rules, sometimes I, sometimes Krishna rules, sometimes the Moon rules, sometimes the outcomes of such rule and regular people and species in the universe. In senses it is the angels, in demonic condition one can not say it is them all the time.


So as aliens made the ocean destruction since the killing in Atlantic and such areas, for then creation of heated age, for then destruction they will be the most destructive force.

It is not shame to not know who you are, as most are lawed impersonal in some form of elderly state making most bound to not know.

WARNING: This site increases toxic psych attacks, as such knowledge in this site is based on appearing concentration. It is like dancing in front of a snake, it attacks more then. This site contains articles, poems and info on different subjects that might interest you. Religion, philosophy, science, nature, stupid jokes that I am used to and more..

"In the end of the world intelligence will be great but love little.." Christianity, universal speech.

In norwegian were is were I got the christianity, as direct, in Crete only in worship of music and churches, love means "kjærlighet", "kjær" "ligg" "het", "dear", "lay" "heated." Heat opposite of water, sex, is then not allowed and the opposite, sex comes. After more and more years more violent sex will come. Words dont play as huge role as spirit stuff but it does play some. Kali yoga is a burning fire of opposite also, sex. Sex is used as defence from heated species, those raping or doing the sex becomes afraid and needs to detach, as sex and water are fear.

My first anger was when I read about the cursing to the lowest in the Gita, were I synthesized what was defined as me in the churches in Ierapetra and what I read in the universal book of Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita. I was kind of ethical in my shouting but told it to nobody and so others might not have known.

We have lived millions of years.. Now the prophecy of the chopping, human butchering comes. In my village this I think have started years ago and there is a myth of a person who chops people named "Mannen med ljaanen". "The butcher man.." He laws people to be the same as him. Significal increase of deaths from 2015 til 2017. Most are taken from their graves, others are killed in their own houses. An old friend, the first pig in the universe, killed as far a I know a neighbour of my family house. Lawed as slave of darkness as most of us, he killed the priest line of Flitavegen, were there are ghostly priests, like me having a snake "priest", sending me cancer and tense light though a bit happy. Such priests carry the senses and ghost energies of each first specie. Such inner specie was my father in Crete. The first tree leaf of air. His sins are less as far as I know, but he did a crime to me the life before this. I asked a neighbour above the murder house, has anything happend to them? He said the husband died in vacation. But I saw the woman there with her head down one day, as if silenced to death. So she must have spoken lies to save herself.


Sadly Im now in this mayan massive shit scene were that old pig friend who now is a demon, since 403,000, mostly, most of the time, is going to steal me from the grave with another Krishna outcome, whom then will bring me to Glenna Seljordsveiien and were I will be raped as half dead half awake and eaten, and after that cooked. Im lost mostly lazy confused and a bit stupid, and the white line alien makes me crazy in goverment laws. Things became very unclean and the christian as far as I know prophecy in psychiatry is that a horse will be with metals in his head and will butcher the persons in psychiatry. I once there saw a horse and felt chopped within, massive pain, and such is to happen to them, cause of antichrist services and also reaction with trilafon antipsychotics, as I desire zyprexa instead, but they offered me Trilafon, a food water drug that contains metals and as Im lawed most by the universe this gets reacted back. Luckily I got zyprexa back. Though the root is offcourse general suicide to the forfather and such, it has also to do with the service to the Antichrist, whom was believed to be me now in modern times, were though Im defnied as the wild biest. Years ago I did a toilet ( a living alien energy that lives in middle Asia besides Kazakhstan and above middle America in the alien planet ) chopping, 3 times, were I reacted back what happend in Atlantic, were the lawed, mostly the aliens and forfather killed me as sheep, a reaction from Transformer were such demons did the same to me in acts.. As I lived 4 years in the evil butcher rape appartment making me very sick, I reacted this as within energy that comes slowly externally and prophecy reaction.


The true senses of the first angels whom died mostly but sometimes lives as the other angels in purity, died 403, 000 years ago. All of us were born as angels in the start as the senses is in simplicity. Demons have angelic form too, not only demoniac. During the drowning and killing to the angels 403,000 years ago, some who were with the ruling powers drowned, like Christ the white sheep and also our forfather and the alien place died and drowned. Some form of group error origanization, as the white sheep the ghostly copy supported such acts by impersonal law by speech by the old bible. All were angels, even the outcomes. The reaction of the killing to me, for them to sleep, reacts by a judgement of hotels beeng bombed. Last as I know of was in Russia. in 2008.

So what our big problem in this universe? Bad luck that the toxic energy manifested, as life is what is sure to be if it was, the toxic birth was bad luck. Confusion issues, we become angry when we as lawed negative species have our lawed sick belief of awakening. For the demonic species, it is all death and as lawed poison forms we have difficulties of detaching from such beliefs. "We" but not all the time, are known as demons, see this article to get a better understanding who we are. Beginning was nothing, then darkness, so end will show more but not very clear and to me the spirit is very tricky. When you choose void the problems appear so it is better to just allow the void to be. The rulers desire sleep, non beeng and if they dont attain such belief we attack, violence, shame giving, all sorts..

This hell scene we go through is mostly ruled by the the first alien, my crete grandfather and sometimes unchosenly ruled when ancient nature plays role, by the first mountain fall, a nurse in Skien psychiatry Abedi M.. Sometimes other rule in mixed senses, like me and Krishna and Moon. Proof of that he was an alien? His name is "Ioannis" meaning "The one who knows God", in form of knowledge, symbol of intelligence and in the end of the universal expansion, more truth is shown. Also, my father had a UFO encounter were he used a stick to hit the UFO going downwards and it left. Such is caused by DNA were his father, my grandfather, had this in his DNA and so they came close.

They judge and judge within in telepathy and also out. They in the Atlantic ages, cutted me, burned me and drowned me, as they thought I was their forfather, meaning the first mountain falling, that I made darkness, that I was a afraid even in life and so hided in darkness, all sorts of powerfull lies that makes me very sick. Hundred of thousands of years ago about now since Atlantic. But I am spoiled as I experience a more of an angelic form than them and also they suffer sadly mostly than me.

I saw Christ and my crete first yellow alien, both demons, were Christ tried to help me and asked in telecom what I wanted to become, and I knew that was dishonour as helping is, and said "Shame" but not meaning that I wanted to be shame but only said "Shame.."


Greece, a place filled with the universes pain and the lands wrong births making me suffer, so if I didnt have this birth I wouldnt be so concentrated, so complex. This birth has destroyed many things, as the offerings done wrong made me more demon and so I suffer by reaction.

From ancient years ago, when the black heaven fell by law in gravity it made me like the same as that mountain, to judge me cause it was feeling focused and wanted to release her focus, also some lawed impersonal part of the mountain felt shame and guiltiness in her life seek though mostly seeking to die, though it was above it that made it a mountain. The who most hated, defined as lowest is me but is actually not.. But, all suffer and in the end it shows more, that the hating demons suffer more.. The air goes to the loungs and the air blows downwards.. It is some form of balance judgement, as soul is both, not concrete, so there is the father, the mother, mother me, and the children outcomes.. "Mother" is the balance. As soul is not in truth, the opposite of mountain nr. 2 is judged too as same, me, the sheep, though all are generally judged but less. They have this belief that they will find life, though them in psychotic states.. "Whoever sticks to it will find life.." Christianity. Drugging me with antipsychotic medication, "sticking" their "it", darkness belief. Then the jail beast prophecy comes, cursing me.. Crete is originally the land that is the life burning place, but sometimes it changes to opposite, and becomes Norway areas, or north above lands, or even USA. I saw Christ in a church in Ierapetra Crete, half below in the heavens, wearing a robe and that was in 1994 were they picked me as was the prophecy to lift the fallen to the heavens, were Norway is heavenly in form of no dessert, more snow and such. According to christianity, I am the wild beast. As Legion I said to Christ: "We are many.." I am the saying: "Now the path is difficult.." in greek, what was expressed there happend when I was a child in Crete this lifetime. "Tora o dromos einai diskolos" with "e" added in each word it says what do I now see, what do I laugh after the killing the first alien and Gandhi did to me. According to the Bhagavad Gita I am the fallen. According to the bible I am the beast, the fallen Lucifer and the Antichrist, but in spirit simplicity Im the wild beast, though themselves as far as I remember are claiming that they will make the Antichrist themselves. My grandfather in Crete starting to offer beer, others too, smoke, weed, iboga, coffee, such toxics have a unity with nature were the blood and light from me was stolen and so I gain it back by some form of vampyre telepathy. They have sleep 50% and 50% problem life and sometimes they have angelic forms but in this age shorter than before.. To go through such problems they have is not worthy having the voidness, the nothingness, the sleep, that though is the highest of it all.


I have consumed 50.000 0,5 beers last 12 years and I have become harsh, angry and judging. This came by the alcohol given to me when I was 14 years old, also cause of this wrong birth and when they entered me within and made me so. What I have lived in this life from 14 years old is the same my grandfather experienced in Crete were he eventually was raped by muslims and kept in binding.

Reasons for beeng cursed to raping police, violence, cannibalism as half dead half alive and raped and jail in my next life, and reasons for beeng sent to psychiatry, were the problems are in samme pattern.

Reasons for my problems, not finding sleep are:

1. Prabhupada, whom died 500 years ago, and has as opposite the white line alien beeng more in control, having the worst disease, though not of the first demon powers, but nr. 3 in modern, modern ruling most. Vishnu opposite of a nose. Prabhupada dying 500 years ago. Always excessive purification, beeng in non relation bound by lies of relations, not knowing forfather or modern alien ruling demons, he purified wrong beeng. He made me psychotic and compulsive disorder suffering, making me go out of school and loosing myself in times of the psycotic pain. This was during and with the swineflue sickness. Bound by sex he becomes cancered and guilty and spasms are attained. I got much less sleep by such and is root of curse to snake lands. 'But helped me to come to Norway. His schizophrenic disease claiming Im the dark root of manifestation purified me instead of the rulers who rule more.

2. An ancient norwegian friend giving me alcohol introducing me to such making me very sick.

3. Not talking to others about my ID personalities but having the same sickness as a priest who lived in my village, speaking too little.... The demons whom rule most too. Too much false prestige in expressions. Me not saying Im sick to my mother and father when dropping out of school.. Before the weed. Would been enough for psychiatry to put me in. I wanted to tell and had ideas of it but thought it was problem.

4. Brother giving weed.. Me 14 around first time, also 17 from then, not sleeping total paranoia for long time cause of the summer weed when I was 17. Him trying to kill me.. Before I was in sleep more. My brother came when I was 14 and offered the weed when me in bed. Same as 17 years old, he woke me up. So he hated and tried to kill void sometimes, offcourse lawed as slave.. It was the start of big calamities in the universe, but offcourse I wasnt alright before either.

5. Causing too fast sending to evil muslim area. Me not taking antipsychotics from about 2010 - 2017 about.. Beeng bound by shit and guilty offerings of demons trying to make me a sheep reborn and mountain.

6. "The lowest I curse to demoniac species who torment and stress the soul and body within.." From birth the named demons at my site and others have anxietified me much this life within.

7. Me in massive impersonal toxic energy after atlantic death and too much difficulty managing a better life....

If these problems didnt come I wouldnt be in psychiatry and would have work and if I had found work it would be better.

The evil of the impersonal unchosen law by the void!

I lived 5 years about close to Seljord.. The snake place further down the road from the cow place.. Boe. The anxiety of the lava and the heat, the anxiety causing violence and evil, the jail of terror of cutting of bodies, the blood in that bird Mary prison, that will come by a blurry thought though anxiety, that I have no money and the spiders that are there beeng worse with the yellow lightnings than the ancient snakes.

The Antichrist is defined as angry judging, who are those species listed below, lawed, no defence, as us all. The evil of them is ranked by numbers, 1 is more power than 2 and so on. Note that such beengs are slaves of darkness with no ability of freedom and thereby impersonal as they dont do anything by themselves.

1. Yellow false alien, lightning.

False light, hidden aliens in the old nature above America, in the middle. As demoniac species not easily seen. A cancer type of energy. Grandfather the first lawed impersonal demoniac alien, used to protect the fallen mountain from its lawed upon shame and self blame, judges me and others so that the fallen mountain will not be blamed for beeng shame. Schizophrenic in antisocialism, mostly. Severe disorder, katatonic schizophrenia, a disease claimed to be the worst. Destroyed the place in Atlantic and made it ocean by his own powers.

2. Brown star.

A poison law giving star, bound in non self and non relation condition. The first of such species was Hans G. In schizophrenic condition angry of beeng born, tries to defend the first fallen mountain from having self blame. Star is like a spider, cancer energy. Attacks with poison when in belief of more awakening condition, with cancer, though most is duality today. Lawed thereby impersonally in a false light, a degraded form. In face pretends to be me, sheep similar face look. Close to the nr. 1 antichrist. Died in 2019, cancer and COPD.

Proper medication would be Abilify.

3. Lightning of white energy.

According to christianity this is the forgiveness itself, but I define it as antichrist though. Impersonal cause of lawed, with almost non freedom in the black heaven universe, his first form was lust, a penis and cause of fantasy duality a vagina as well. A fear energy, in antisocialism and has the psychotic fear of beeng bullied by others. Is Srila Prabhupada, the nose when angelic.. Brain stroke arises from such lust, makes one somehow sleep by non easy flow of blood. Lived above America. Made the swineflue sickness.

Proper medication would be: Trilafon

4. White star, spider.

According to christianity this is the forgiveness itself, but I define it as antichrist though. Same as the white lightning but less powerfull. A typical vagina form, seen by the corners of the stars, but as well by fantasy form duality, also a penis form. Commited suicide, same day the news came of when a person, copy of him, had shoten himself outside the ambassade (7 months ago about) of USA, to show that he did suicide for not beeng honoured.

Proper medication would be: Trilafon

5. Toilet.

It is an unchosen impersonal trapped energy and has no way to get out. Sounds weird but toilets are some form of fantasy species, alien form. The "d" looks like the toilet. "Dishonour is worse than death." Bhagavad Gita. So the toilet has given billions of problems, when we have used it to throw stool. In nature there is also areas of same as the toilet. In Kazakhstan areas the natural part lives and in the modern it live sinside our houses. It has some metal hidden telepathy. The toilet has the saying: "Just give your sins to Me.." as the Bhagavad Gita speaks of all the different voices of different forms when copying the divines.

Proper medication would be: Trilafon & abilify. Cause of small size a lower dosage must be given. Note: As said sounds weird, but I noticed in me effect of such when throwing the drugs in the toilet weeks ago.

6. Gandhi. Squirl.

Lived in Philadelphia areas since beginning of this planet. Outcome of the first mountain, in same family, brown specie. Running, anxiety, a self blaming energy that is in the same race as of our forfather, the first beeng, was lawed by the yellow lightning and killed me in Atlantic when I was happy with driends and were as sometimes destroying a mountain peacefully, some form of massage, taking it off from pain. Same as I did to other of the demons and same we as angels did before.. I saw a child in Ierapetra, at my second school, were he is the saying in the Gita saying: "..demons, taking refugee in lust" judging his own self, his is the squirl "t", and he said when I told him I would to go to Norway as 10 year old, he said: "You know they shower naked?" and gave a massive fear in me. He by guiltiness owed me life after lawed to kill me and the song in such area he was sang the video below (the song says: "paei sta kourelia kordason/meaning goes to the alcoholics, junkies, were alcohol is a vampyre medicine to intake the stolen blood and light that nature took and others") and is were I as well ate a sandwich. He has as well psychotic disorder and a lot of fear of bullying.

Proper medication would be Zyprexa.

7. First mountain, the nurse in psychiatry.

The first specie in the universe. Self blame, forfather of us all. The main form is the nurse Abedi M., she was as the drugstore in Ierapetra. A father of a friend of mine, last name Grassos is one of her angelic forms whom died. Once me and my brother took the trash he had outside his house and threw it on the ground. He flipped and held us from the ears upwards. The forfathers opposite form, divine, is ears. Euagelia, a sick woman with high bloodpressure, was also one of her shadows, not as the other in brown mountain form but bloody and with light, more Crete beeng. In senses there is one beeng unique and other unique as well, in demon form it is not one concrete unique beeng but many different. Our forfather serves in this age the suicide desire of the aliens, the 5 mentioned in the beginning. In family of trees, birds, squirls. Gave the antipsychotic medication Zyprexa Olanzapin, like wind blowing downwards. Looked like a muslim and very short, right after the WTC tower fall incident.

What evil I experienced and is to experience is what they have experienced and send from their form problem to me and then get reaction.

Proper medication would be Zyprexa.

The great earthquack of mine back in 1988 about, when I was in Crete, got destroyed by the powers of the white line alien, the demon, as I sadly spoke to him of this. "Beware of him /ham who can curse the mind and body in hell.." My earlier neighbour. A negative earthquack came, of no more pure massage. Though mayan in Crete as reaction. Such beeng is used as a warrior of the shame and guilty cancer condition our forfather has. In modern times he rules as nr. 3. The snakes, beeng of family of our forfather also uses such warriors like aliens and squirls of mystic power to go against me.

When they dont rule

Then it is the opposites, like outcomes of them, and different like other species less as big. Though correct, the root is as told above, but dualifies as root changes.

Sadly this site cause of glasses on PCs, telepathy thereby of confusion, dualifies the words into opposite making some beengs sense lies, but my try is to increase visitors to my website.

" I want to thank my school mates especially in Norway for bothering to be my friend when I was suffering with psychosis during a difficult time when I came from Crete, whom supported me by beeng with me, somehow.."



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