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Hello lawed non personal struggling mostly by coincidence lawed by the nothing energy of the ancient past, darkness people... Welcome to my philosophical religious nature science blog. Here I write down some thoughts I have about different subjects..

I was believed to rule the universe by apostel Matthew and so the universe through plast and electrical wires hated me for belief of illusion that I caused problems and hell, before now and after. So by such ruling belief I was much hated and was violent in expression in my old village in Boe, Norway. I made this site to detach and to not live with the problems, to somehow win against them. Me even wrong made as not same sheep I was in this site have more relaxing state, also other more standard ghostly mix animals mostly though born by sperm sex, have had mostly more void than more ghosty humans similar to butchers. Also, to receive hate and bullying and problems from others is better mostly than to be a worker who hates and degrades others with problems. Abedi Muhammed our forfather coming from Mexico USA areas with the Crete grandfather Ioannis H. have ruled us mostly since the 100 000 years oceans killing to angels, we all killed eachother and ourselves but they, the ancient "AI" did this more, this they did cause they were slaves and lawed by the nothing energy, the black heaven, then 2022 years now it has been the two apostels Matthew mostly and John. The nothing ruled them and there are 4 negative start ruling powers were most is shown in darkness as is fantasy of lies. Aware dark of pain, gravity pain, rock pain and rocks crashing to eachother in pain. They have not ruled all the time but mostly 75% percent of the time and the rest of us have ruled 25%. The problems and hell they have given us!

Christ spoke of sheep lead were though mostly the mix wrong birth sheep is problem the toxic is whatever and sometimes it is ok and good and great, sometimes problem. But Christ got cruicified. The forfather of us Abedi and Crete grandfather yellow alien mostly with the apostel Mathew and John (The "AI" were we are lawed mostly in this universe) whom shows how church and their "God" belief rules up in the mountains, were Israel was Kali Yoga meaning fire light false fantasy so the two apostels ruled and not Christ were they lawed by the nothing energy the black energy, the dark matter, gave water energy (not so much apostel John, more the forfather and apostel Matthew) have been giving us mostly the problems and hell that we have experienced and lawed me to believe that they and I as white sheep Christ loved in the psychotic energy and in this life it shows how she gave peratzin trilafon bent down as shame, cooling down with pain the universe since 2016 til these days. I have tried to increase heat last times and sometimes it has worked. That, the psychosis of Matthew, caused me to be fake happy materialist and stressing the spirit and products in society and PC, making the Russians hate the Ukraine were Ukraine is in Boe Telemark Norway and the war is against me, to me, were I lived and was massive consuming products.

My first intelligences were that Crete has a strange language and that knowledge and intelligence is difficult to understand, me reading the Socrates question of "What is a chair?" and as humans with toxic bones and thoughts and ass it is indeed difficult in this non choosing non personalism condition mostly to understand truth. I wish you a pleasant stay..

"I used to send some email to NASA about my sites articles. I had visits years ago from Harvard (edu, gov sites, University) were suddenly continuously ads appeared from a company to make new sites having a sheep logo as I have. I also spoke of the black heaven, same as dark matter, were the NASA changed from big bang to be the start of to be dark matter before. Close to same timeline they had visited me. Maybe they copied this from my site."

Our long thousands of years long problem story. When the spirit became aware in belief we as angels started to have an opposite form, we had demonic problem forms and angels and the lawed non personally demonic forms of us killed us as angels. We were all doing sins as of duality you can not say there is some who never sinned who never gave problem and hell. We all killed ourselves as angels. The evil killings in Atlantic USA and North Russia, south Atlantic, Pacific ocean of sun, Indian ocean killing perfection, angelic mayan life, the rulers who killed unable to escape cause of the evil law bound by the nothing energy, the black heaven, them thereby non personal.. The 50 000 years of sleep, then changed a bit over to 25 000 around problems and hell and 25 000 years with ok with good condition. What the rulers have given us is what they had experienced before and sent it to us and during attack sometimes one hurts as well ones self. Then sometimes karma reaction. We have around a bit over 300 000 years left to the end of the world (In this death universe there is a scene of duality then a new duality. First black heaven, some after it in aware pain, gravity pain, mountain rock pain form of cancer similar and stones crashing, that is bad and dark heaven the nothing that is good, then as it is not content it creates, so water is after such, opposite) as the x 2 rebirth of angels has by first me as I was killed first come though seas showing as more dominated, in simplicity shows that the wrong birth is slow. Meaning around 5000 - 3000 years we have lived with Kali, as Greece came 3000 years ago with their more of society, but this is wrong birth so it is still problems and hell, as of wrong birth owing us life were before killed us. They say it is Kali Yoga were though before in the dark ages ignorance was good, the nothing, but had the duality of hell, something not worthy. It is better to live with mix fire light than water and seas of lust sex energy, but still it is not worthy it. . Read below for a good plan for us to finally remove ourselves from problems and hell forever.

Though I am hated most in the universe the other "chess group" suffers more.

The cold in 1994 came from the Moon were lives in Canada areas of ice, him reacting the evil cold last 7 years around from by Pål Gjerden the Moon species and my uncle Borgar, more acting but ABedi forfather too with their stealing blood samples, either within or outwards and drugging me in telepathy with trilafon, the first moon who is a doctor and who offers trilafon medication cooling down. Christ, me, (but his divine form is penguin) lawed by apostel Mathew and John, the 2 one form species the "AI" in the modern times, thinking I am Paal Gjerden the moon with his cancer in Haagolia Boe Telemark Norway and saying Im happy with shit denying me much money. I was bound by them who were bound by the nothing energy lawing forfather, apostel Mathew and John into water energies lawing me as white sheep Christ with his faith of god power love, that was a little law, making me an angry manic materialist stresser consumer were Russia hates this and bombs Boe, Ukraine, trying to bomb me, and I as well used materialism to detach as my birth til 17 years old was hell. Since 1900 there has been many problems and wars in the world. The kiosk scene in Crete when I was 7 around years old, were I was nothing energy mostly and dumb, with no thoughts, were if power money had been given to me the universe by their beliefs of me ruling, the universe would have had much nothing free energy and Id buy chocolate and maybe removed myself from the little back pain I had. Instead the kiosk woman there had as lawed snail aten a sleeping bird and owed then as reincarnated humans owed the tall Mary outcome head, both with "Y" form. I ate some brain gele similar to her head and when 5000 drachmes (that time 30.000 norwegian kroners and as 7 years old around its much) fell close to me the Mary woman without head/self took them and lied as humans are demons and said she had lost it and didnt give it to me. I never cared of what papa said, about love and whatever cause nothing mostly works so I was to pick them up and the money had "S" as start and I was nr. 2 snake. So mine. So they became hungry focused stressed materialists and sent it to me and as far as I know she went to the cafeteria behind the kiosk and intaked food and drinks. "The envious (same as jealousy notr "Y" species) who consume much of the world it curses to demons to negative energies cause it rather would want to relax and be more alone. Their anger was massive and I sensed this of their within and it shows I wasnt the materialist as in darkness it shows more. That I didnt have money and I knew I wouldnt get them anyway as is typical. Warfaring. "War far ing" were "n" in last sentence is similar to "y" only cutted on left as instead of buying the brain gele she took money and went to the cafeteria to eat instead assumable, thank God cause duality law is problem. Mostly we live in nothing energy and there are problems, mostly little but sometimes big. The powers I had was there the unchosen ungiven and as belief of forfather what they did to me caused this to the universe as what happens to me happens much in the universe.

The prophecy as well of the jail tormentation apostel John had as well is within us (the violence terror rape shit food poisoning and cuttings and beatings) were though it is the first group going there first they spread this even now to my group and has been since at 1010 years and as there is 4 start dark power form pains, I also know, not only apostel Mathew and John as non choosing rulers of the modern times, ruling Christ as though they diciples in Israel it was fire light of lies and so was lies, so opposite was them ruling Christ, claiming through me, Christ that I was the fallen. The war against the first group, for more see "What are ghosts" is from the aten animals who were butchered and a bit awake sometimes when aten and they react this back having plans to make jails in Turkey Iraq Israel Iran areas to torment the eaters (were the chicken is mostly lawed to react) and as well Abedi & Matthews self blame jail condition of self showing in those lands maybe in the future. Also Mexico, there is a story in year 1960 were 1000 were taken by police and beaten and tormented and such karma reaction is slow so it is the Mexico police who were against those people cause of watching sports. It is better to sleep and not be but when awake as one normally cant sleep all the time it is then better to be awake in something relaxed great.

Though severe hell there is sometimes something bad going around sometimes. They the apostels have been the ruler half of 2020 years ago at least as it shows same pattern in nature and Dekapolis is same as psychiatry in Skien and hey have ruled, the forfather and Crete grandfather.. They removed the angry materialist kiosk but as they are more fire light it has been lies that it was been removed. So me made by Matthews sickness of that I am the universe, also me as big sheep and me reacting much as sometimes but less, a loung in the planet and mostly by their faith claiming Im the ruler first forfather of the universe by such sometimes making me same as universe filled with shit poison and problems and so huge in such state I react much the cold from the apostels, the forfather and the others mentioned, given as karma is not so much direct as it is foggy and if you tickle a big monster he reacts more back. In summer when the sun is seen it appears the sun is very warm but it is the moon that has hadsuch impure pain heat as in fantasy summer is not what it appears. So he owed trilafon, peratzin the sex drug. He telepathized years later saying Im not sick, so this came already from Haagolia were I stopped taking the medicine. Also most likely Mexico areas having no idea of how bad my health was when child and thinking that when I removed such that it was bad and cools down nature. Also a punishment were I hitted my father much but my father has cursed me in hell and problems for around 25 000 years of time duration and is a demon used by the mountain and yellow alien to destroy me and steals from me, the hell birth from 0 to 5 should make the violence from me equal with eachtoher, he has less teeth as eating me as mountain and stealing my money and air as well but he has air too. The 90% hell of emotional pain 0 - 5 years old gives the violence done to my father a draw, 1 - 1.

I if I remember correct stole a philosophy book from my school in Boe or lent it but didnt deliver it back til this day. That was my first education seeking scene were I realized understanding intelligence was difficult as we are humans and poison forms. I have the site up now as though root problem one is awake sometimes, forfather curse to hell, the 19 believing it is me hating me much within now since birth til I came to Norway in 1993 and since 1998 in Torstvetvegen appartments mostly til now but might show out as well. Christ said if someone tells you to go one mile go two.. So in Torstvetvegen they gave me weed alcohol and tobacco to kill me and a bit to curse me in diseases so is the second act, the first was the telepathy when I was born in massive sickness in 1983. Shit spreading hiding narcotic poison givers cursing me to diseases and psychotic psychiatry cannibal butcher eaters and rape before such surely isnt the path. My envious materialism was based in a detached condition from the massive sickness in the world from 1983 til 2001. Also lawed a bit by the illusion of God power love.

I believed once that life could live. But it can not. We are all dead. Life if was would be perfected as the opposite, poison is what is not perfect and as life lives and death does not want to be, life would have been friends to death and make it disolve from beeng by a warm hug. Death energy doesnt know its dead as in illusion and thinks it lives and so all this appears as life around us. In the Gita it says that "we always existed" and there comes an negative judgement as well to those who believe all is death, but such has no logic, as there has to be a start, if we always existed there has been no choosing, life then would have become bound by itself. Toxic energy as nothing always existed as is magical and weird, but life didnt and to appear from nothing is impossible when in life terms and if life suddenly appeared then it can not be called life for it has no eternal concentration..

This site was made indirectly, not chosen, by Christ, an old friend and a brother who tried to kill me in more foggy condition and give me evil diseases and changed to parts of me but rooted in problem. Without them I would know this but without the weed tobacco and alcohol. I am not of life, but the animal place is great rather than the ghostly. I speak of the pure senses, not typical animals we see around us, as such are born by sex and thereby demonic. Though such, such animals we see around us also have been angels like all of us, before the killing and much sea creation for sleep. I was lifted, no gravity, and all was happy and honour with products, before they killed me thousands of years ago. We will many times not find release from problems as life to come and save us can not appear tommorow for life means concentrated. Sometimes we will live with problems and sometimes forget, sometimes not but there are mayan angels around us for if not the mayan universe wouldnt be duality.. We have lived around 40 000 years in problems and hell, sometimes OK and more sleep. It is needed to know it is void and not be. Sadly the physical senses of animals sex born are lawed mostly. This site is only glimpses of the pure sense beeng I was as sheep, now it is mixed conditon and rooted in problem and not as it was before the Atlantic north killing a bit under 100 000 years ago, it was then perfected in glory, just as we all were angels in perfection were the toxic energy binds the angels afterwards in impersonal lawed acts.

The good is black heaven, nothing it is, and the pure angels. We have all been angels but sometimes we are dead by killing, Christ was dead as he couldnt remove the cruicification that was bad as angels live in good karma when "alive". Krishna was shot by an arrow and so same and Allah judges pigs as unclean. When old and in pain and problems, one can always hope for that a sense angel will find one, ( I instead have this future plan to meditate on the problems that are, eventually if I manage detach and when mostly detached and serious in some form of newspaper work I will then perform the what is written next here) angels are above us and dont look down, sending thereby ones self upwards above the dark universal sky one can be found, (this takes much time though) or that the what happens spirit dualifies its path. Just sending the within to them... During such the angels will remove you. To no more be in evil of birth to not be in toxic bones neurons and asshole forms. To die. You can say how to send the within to above, as of duality we are in it might work and maybe not work. Christ managed to know how to fly, so it is possible to attain such yoga powers and fly, we must as well be able to be up there without oxygen if we perform such flying yoga. Sunny days are defined as Kali Yoga, false fire light from demoniac energy, rapes, slaughters violence. Dark times more peacefull are as well problem, the mountain is shit, natures shit, yellow lightning is schizophrenic anger of beeng bound and afraid, white lightning is psychotic fear of beeng bullied. Dust is like fart from our ass. So there is need to not be. Sometimes the toxic planet goes up and so in front of angels and we can then just send ourselves to them and get massage and never have problems. Sending ones self to the angels above the black space sky is an act were the toxic form of us manages it first but then opposite, but as we then die the opposite doesnt happen. Mostly we are toxic humans are down, angels are up but we might sometimes get up. When up the issue is that we become detached and may forget this path, to somehow remember to go to the angels would be offcourse great. If a demon spirit waters another to death it will come back. By the dualified act he does during or after the killing. An angel even in maya fantasy condition we live in does concrete acts, a spirit of ghostly energy fails and the killed is reborn. In this fanatsy world there is duality, mostly, dark times and summer with fire. So as dark is the fantasy the fire in this world removes fantasy elements like wood, similar to what the angels above thereby do but without pain and such. Simple dualified scene: "Demon: I kill you and you dont die as in the future you come back. Angel: I remove you and you are not in the future. I could work as a ufo researcher for top speed traveling.

The reason many come back as toxic energy from the dead by reincarnation and such is that the spirit is in root trying to die or and kill and so toxic spirits come back again cause of spiritual contradiction, opposite condition. Many religious wait for the angels to save them, but angels dont look down so this tactic is what works, sending ones self above to be located by angels who will make you into nothing, make you escape the miseries of material life as this planet. In the toxic root forms and energies it is mostly problem a bit hell, sleep and a little freedom with happiness and such but little. I practiced this, in whatever state offcourse as human same form asshole stuff, and acts take time sometimes. Angels as toxic energy sometimes is up can be in front of us, so not always need to go up but we in this planet are mostly down. I have no idea how far up it is, if a space rocket or UFO can bring us there. This said, as Christ said "Now the path is difficult" so it is not easy thing to do. Sometimes we get sick, sometimes bored, sad, depressed, sometimes angry and to perform such path is not always easy. The demons, doing everything wrong" - Krishna, Gita. The demon toxic spirit falls and makes different elements, becomes more aware. So opposite is to fly and go up and disolve instead of making extra elements in ones form during mountain falling crashes, lightning and other energies. Why havent we gone up since the duality is to have gone up there and to not have gone? Generally the toxic spirit is duality, but as angels have same scenes the toxic is not always in the duality scene, sometimes it is concrete. So this means for us who live here and now maybe even reincarnated have not had the luck of going up in such way. Science and religion is moslty not unified, so this is a unique path, were with the science of high speed crafts and the knowledge of the angels above the path can be attained. Note though that the angels I speak of are not religious same as are mayan angels, fantasy angels, death angels. We in the 2 universes as of duality could have angel trips to the heaven far above, promote it with massage of nothing ever experienced, to meditate on problems faced in this life and go up to the water heaven for then to the angels for exorcism, death in happiness.. I once took antabus with alcohol and mademe very sick, then I tried to contact those above angels and I puked and got healed. Once I felt as if I was the sheep in Atlantic north, and drowned and managed a 1 percent healing around. Once I sensed their intelligence and felt better, maybe. Also some relax massage it appeared once in bed. With my site AODews.com I managed a night energy of dark void and some steam around. The path is difficult but important. TO USE, THOUGH DIFFICULT AND PROBLEM, TO USE THE DEMONIC WRONG BIRTH MIX SENSES TO FLY AS CLOSE TO FLYING ANGELS WE WERE AND NOT BE INSTEAD OF AS IT IS LAWED TO MAKE US LIVE. To use magnet as something positive, to lift up the planets and elements (We are spread around the universe) as much metal is inside different areas and lift it to the angels. We should come together with the whole universe, all people species and animals and be together, relax dont take things serious, know it is difficult for us and together lift the universe to the above heaven. Also, there might be fallen UFO crafts in America areas as the alien planet is above America in the heaven. As aliens are demons they fall and fly with their UFOs in more alone areas. Note that around our planet are compact stones so we need to drill this before we can come out. Angesl are were there is no hate. Humans and mix animals, trees and insects can get into problems when trying to love as their within might contradict, so hate is evil and love is difficult for us. So angels are were there is no hate as demons live with hate were opposite, angels dont if not they would be duality. But as our universe is strange, sometimes it works to hate and kill, but mostly doesnt.

Below is more info on, not the christian trinity but the (spirit is not concrete as divines so I can not say that it always are the demons ) demoniac trinity figures.
They are as demons confused of their own selfs mostly. Laws are everywhere and to escape easier in this elderly time of the demonic age, is wu wei, meaning to do nothing something not chosen so we are all living in a form of path observing dreams, either in or out, of coincidentual magical previous impersonal toxic black heaven laws. Our freedom when old and same form is very very limited though there is a little freedom. Some claim shit to be of life, like also potatoes, soda like sprite, green type that is sour and potatoes..

I did 3 errors in my site before, one was that it doesnt change, that it is same always as bound by mountain energy as I was and I wrote void instead of nothing, that it is all void, instead of writing it is all nothing. Dont think many knows what void means. Also, impersonal means non personal but some may define it as personal. If you see around, you will see animal fences, butchering, meat eating, people going to the toilet. It kind of looks like death if you ask me.

The image above is what they were during the killing to the angels. It is the mountain Abedi M. the alien grandfather (same as snake also, who lived in Iran during the evil war in 1980-1988) in Crete Ioannis H. (whom died last years of his life with loung heart and breathing problems, bad disease giving him pain) Hans Gaara the yellow brown star same as yellow alien, (who died with pain cancer similar to massive headache) the white line alien Oliver V., (who was a drug addict from young and who now lives in very bad place) the white star that suicided cause of shame problems, Gandhi the squirl cat whom I saw in Crete as a child were one of his outcomes have had, my aunt, heartattack, brain disease and hand disease, I also might have heard him say that they kill him, in telepathy. As now they and we are now humans so these last 160 years has been humans in control. ""I" used to identify self, sound AI" A the mountain form and I the yellow alien. Also, "Me" as sound "MI". The second letter "I" isnt a snake, the I as in words there is duality and mountain is similar to snake. We are always mostly around houses, we live in houses that is the mountain the M, we have PC and laptops as "I". First was nothing, then darkness then darkness became compact as a mountain and that mountain was living in west side of the planet and made other elements more lower down. If in east then it would be legs and the mountain isnt legs so must have come from west side. The mountain with its hair, like trees in mountains are on the head, in Mexico areas (that have many mountains) and before that in the lands before it but they drowned and only small pieces of them exists in land areas. The first mountain is close to the second, as with relations of father and mother. The north America is were Gandhi lived and the word "encirclement" is when in war the strategy is to souround the enemy, just as what they did to me in Panama areas. The sign made by such is 0, a sign of their desire to not be. Colombia and Venezuela are the leaf plant trees, my fathers birth place, though humans now it has also been the rulers named above. Such psychosis they have, fear of to be bullied, low EQ relation knowledge, blood sickness, water anxiety, is the worst shame ever, as friendship is the greatest. Going back seeng them talk to eachother is a scene of so much shame Id want us removed from. Trying to kill me, though somehow right, as one needs to not be, they as stupid not knowing the spirit duality of act, became aware and made me aware again in our pain. Hating me for some other reasons, thinking I cause as the forfather the problems of the world their psychosis doesnt stop but instead increases. As in the planet it shows that the ocean used to kill the ancient species are more big than the humans, it plays mostly role. As the toxic energy mostly doesnt manage to kill those ancient species, the ghostly and perfected animal angels, they get reborn either in pure senses as angels they were, or in mixed senses as the duality of killing and making the angels dead for then dead alive. Those above are shits of shame, their trick is to shit either direct hiddenly or in telepathy to others and throw some "it is you". Shows what is most in planet ocean were the angels died but mostly live cause of spirit fails mostly in acts, either as angels or mixed angels. Human forms changes to other forms or back to the mix angels or pure. Human form has 25% water and in the planet form it is 71 percent so 47 is caused by the ruling powers but then we are mostly humans in this state when we are humans mostly lawed by them. Seeng totally though the whole scene, we are mostly angels, but when not mostly the ruling powers named on the site, but sometimes we change form to more free from them. Shows that mostly it is humans, human planet, but the ruling powers have dominated the oceans and also most of the lands as the ruling powers dominates with more land and less water, so humans are under control by the ruling powers. So it is less human. The ruling powers caused the destruction in Atlantic, the north Russia and America, whom are ruled by the ancient black heaven above them, the empty void nothing part, were the nothing that sometime gained a bit awareness and the dark heaven that is same as the ancient nothing, are bound in sickness and has neither chosen this meaning thereby it is not their fault. They were more them, but not total. A hidden mountain with self blame, in shame and spams and cancer, sometimes a hellraiser alien of multiple forms, a squirl running in more concentrated anxiety during such hell and a mountain falling making multiple such hell planets is what we sometimes are experiencing cause of demonic possession. This is the general planet mostly species who rule. Each of us have a form of family category of different families were mostly the ones named species rule. They have no self, are antisocial and manage to bring problems to us. "Us", mostly an illusion in this possession. It is mostly them since the Atlantic drowned, before in nature it was mostly rulings from our forfather, who made all these spiritual by products. But not total. Falling in cancer shame and bound, electricity, thinking, running and creating is our modern lifestyle. This said, as we are the duality fantasy universe, doesnt mean they rule all the time, but mostly. Sometimes others rule, sometimes them. As the spirit is duality sometimes the white line alien rules, sometimes I, sometimes Krishna rules, sometimes the Moon rules, sometimes the outcomes of such rule and regular people and species in the universe. In senses it is the angels, in demonic condition one can not say it is them all the time. It shows sea Atlantic North Russia edge USA west sea how domination comes from the 7 rulers. Proof of them doing it. Grandmother in Crete said they dont go to the beaches and seas. She unified with crete grandfather spoke through him were killing and drowning with sea makes him suffer by his impersonal lawed act, were such leads to pain so he avoids such. More info on why forfather Abedi is forfather who works in psychiatry and a mountain can be difficult to observe as gives many dark visions, are written of in the article "The story of the universe" bottom page.

So as truth is not shown in the toxic energy light and fire it is the first darkness and the second that shows, thereby it is the mountain, the first that rules mostly who made the ocean destruction since the killing in Atlantic and such areas, for then creation of heat like western summers, for then the creation of a heat age like Portugal, Greece, Switzerland and Italy, for then dark destruction such demon mountain was and will be the most destructive force.

It is not shame to not know who you are, or to not succeed in things, as most are lawed impersonal in some form of elderly state making most bound to not know. Problems and, shame are lies and are actually not existent as truth is great, positive, honour.. The opposites. A pure angel is happy in relation. An impure demons is sad alone. An angel is in truth and positivity. A demon is in lies and negativity. Truth is honour. Shame, that is not truth, but opposite, are lies. As toxic forms can not see truth, were angels instead do, humans see things in lies as of sick demons, if you have honour you are seen as degraded. If you have an unchosen humble state it appears then as honour. You can try to choose it but if you do so it can change so is not easy.

Paal Gj., Abedi M.d giving me voodoo needles, through the christian saying that those who stick to it will find life, psychiatry drugs are very attached to their senses, very concentrated in problems and are in us since at least Dekapolis age with Christ 2000 years before. The antipsychotics given by them, to me and others in unity of the world and humans, make a problem to us as if one doesnt take the drug after a while it gives pain to the body, making us suffer. Then the first snake human is a gambling addict, very concentrated in such root problem materialism. Manic, those who have issues but believe they are happy and become it though in problem are: "M" forfather Abedi (Listening to her voice sound speech dialect she appears manic, very happy talking) also snake, similar and manIc, "I" alien, happy as I heard my grandfather in Chandra Crete speaking happy though rooted in problem and so low speech. Thats why there has been problems in the world.. Cause their either psych powers or acts. Then, the white snake, the "l" Fondas D. or so is really into ghost life. Also the white line aliens, like Oliver and mother (mother having high blood pressure). All these impersonal slaves.

WARNING: This site increases toxic psych attacks, as such knowledge in this site is based on appearing concentration, a mix condition not always pure as before. It is like dancing in front of a snake, it attacks more then. This site contains articles, poems and info on different subjects that might interest you. Also there is potencial duality of the detaching more positive state as the spirit of toxicity is strong in such opposite laws. Religion, philosophy, science, nature, jokes to make others laugh, that I am used to and more..

Though as said this site isnt perfect and root in problems and so problems can come from it as Im not pure in senses I was born with much anxiety and I had no intelligence myself even, I wasnt as now and still got attacked with poison as is written of in my about me page were I was believed to be a demon of shame, evil and excessive sense acts from 0-10 and from 14 years old a mountain and sheep, also no deep good sleep from til 16-17 before the weed coming destroying that too, so why care?

"In the end of the world intelligence will be great but love little.." Christianity, universal speech.

Great means much not good cause intelligence is poison when wrong born. In norwegian were is were I got the christianity, as direct, in Crete only in worship of music and churches, love means "kjærlighet", "kjær" "ligg" "het", "dear", "lay" "heated." Heat opposite of water, sex, is then not allowed and the opposite, sex comes. After more and more years more violent sex will come. Words dont play as huge role as spirit stuff but it does play some. Kali yoga is a burning fire of opposite also, sex. Sex is used as defence from heated species, those raping or doing the sex becomes afraid and needs to detach, as sex and water are fear.

My first anger was some form of automatic anger with some students in Crete, before that it was as the drugstore in Crete sent some auto stones of problem. The students were waiting for in the bus filled with cancer and mix knowledge makes toxic energy attack to sleep and I reacted the anger from them and Crete is originally stupid but they do have a bit of intelligence, like when leaving from school. When old and in same form intelligence and knowledge makes problems, but it appears as if there is no more sleep in the spirit so animal life though mixed is better than ghostly in this present condition. When I read about the cursing to the lowest in the Gita, were I synthesized what was defined as me in the churches in Ierapetra and what I read in the universal book of Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita. I was kind of ethical in my shouting but told it to nobody and so others might not have known. Though me hated most from under 100 000 years ago, those hating me suffer more but trying to be good to them doesnt work in elderly condition. Krishna with his religion, Srila P. sending me to him, Jesus made me very angry as I became sensitive manic gipsey similar and demanded much from life instead of knowing things are problem and by such detach and not really care. I was given a book from a Venezuelien writer whom followed Lao Tse, who spoke of Winnie the pooh and to attain a child happiness something leading to a lot of problems for me as again sensitive and weak and not detaching. The last sentences of the book was very inspiring, "A journey of thousands miles begins with one step.." and I became hooked. Such book is very up and down to attain and not worth it. Also, my philosophy book I stole from the school and dont even remember if I have given it back is more me, knowing things are problem, questioning things as knowledge when human is difficult and more into problem condition awareness. Jesus also saying he and God loves made me manic and not detached demanding much and not knowing the ruling power is either demon, devil or ok. The alcohol given by Kristian H. a Krishna outcome, trying to kill me not knowing it is all nothing so no need made me violent. The first snake Nikos L. in Athens has this impersonal lawed condition of state of believing it is all great (In norwegian "bra "b r, b ass cutted is a" and so also becomes angry and sick and lives in me. I sadly became materialist in connection with the named above and made me angry.

My Crete father once in Crete us having deep cancer and spasms telepathized and said: "You must know them." It worked and I sent them relaxed vibes, but then it didnt and I have problems understanding that outcome people of the first angels have or have had divine form. Now the prophecy of the chopping, human butchering comes. "I send you like sheeps to the slaughterhouse.." Jesus. Psychiatry is like a farm, pharma, giving money and food medicine and then butchering. Trilafon water element, and zyprexa air. Sounds weird but thats how I have understood it. In my village this I think have started years ago and there is a myth of a person who chops people named "Mannen med ljaanen". "The butcher man.." He laws people to be the same as him. Significal increase of deaths from 2015 til 2017. Most are taken from their graves, others are killed in their own houses. An old friend, the first pig in the universe, killed as far a I know a neighbour of my family house. Lawed as slave of darkness as most of us, he killed the priest line of Flitavegen, were there are ghostly priests, like me having a snake "priest", sending me cancer and tense light though a bit happy. Such priests carry the senses and ghost energies of each first specie. Such inner specie was my father in Crete. The first tree leaf of air. His sins are of beeng in hell and giving back this in form of mostly within terror of hellI asked a neighbour above the murder house, has anything happend to them? He said the husband died in vacation. But I saw the woman there with her head down one day, as if silenced to death. So she must have spoken lies to save herself.


Sadly Im now in this mayan massive shit scene were that old pig friend who now is a demon, since 403,000, mostly, most of the time, is going to steal me from the grave with another Krishna outcome, whom then will bring me to Glenna Seljordsveiien and were I will be raped as half dead half awake and eaten, and after that cooked. I asked a neighbour who died sometime ago if she had eaten human flesh and she said yes she had done so. The food mostly eaten before was given by my mother and not me, so I shouldnt get so much reaction and I was totally stupid that time first years of my life and shouldnt be too blamed. I cutted my hand one afternoon and I asked Christ to be healed and my hand became all white, no blood, ghostly, though was in fire light condition so false prestige, I was mostly red and light there but had 25% a bit of such ghostly hand. Thinking as well that I am the forfather, one who rides a bicycle outside the appartment cause of not going out and not knowing are some of the reasons I am cursed by them. Some say things will be shown in the light, though less, some though does show. I have lived a very inactive life as well. I had an incident in Crete in contact with Srila P. who came in me and I did a yoga system known in the Hare Krishna movement. First service to self then world then God. For God I spitted on a butcher place were they lifted me and threatened me to cut me with an electrical knife whilest lifting me as a child. I then saw Krishna crying as a child. Eating animals, were such place was the known "greek gyros" containing sheep and pig meat, one gains heart problems and loung problems as is the sheep. The norwegian meat is less cooked and so smells more bad than greek, it smells sours actually. Eating meat to die in already confusing energy they suffer reicarnation problems of same happening to them. In christianity it says that Christ sends one as sheeps to the slaughterhouse. The word psychiatry as they sent me to such appartment, not serving me no more, has the meaning with sheep letters: "Pese che? et r e" meaning fall in greek, what, eat (et is eat in norwegian) and r and e are the mountain form and sheep. Im lost mostly lazy confused and a bit stupid, as in this mix condition of human I am both smart as is my site but also sick from psychosis and the white line alien makes me crazy in goverment laws. This is not a concrete scene so not sure it will happen. But I was in same house now, Flitavegen same type of house as the evil appartment in Glenna were I lived 4 around years is same. Now I am in a place for my own, in Notodden. Things became very unclean and the christian as far as I know prophecy in psychiatry is that a horse will be with metals in his head and will butcher the persons in psychiatry. I once there saw a horse and felt chopped within, massive pain, and such is to happen to them, cause of antichrist services and also reaction with trilafon antipsychotics, as I desire zyprexa instead, but they offered me Trilafon, a food water drug that contains metals and as Im lawed most by the universe this gets reacted back. Luckily I got zyprexa back. Though the root is offcourse general suicide to the forfather and such, it has also to do with the service to the Antichrist, whom was believed to be me now in modern times, were though Im defined as the wild biest but they think Im the Antichrist. The Antichrists are yellow line alien, brown yellow star spider and the one who didnt believe in a God, Buddha. But Christ is not divine, as is of human and ass. Years ago I did a toilet ( a living alien energy that lives in middle Asia besides Kazakhstan and above middle America in the alien planet ) chopping, 3 times, were I reacted back what happend in Atlantic, were the lawed, mostly the aliens and forfather killed me as sheep, a reaction from Transformer were such demons did the same to me in acts.. As I lived 4 years in the evil butcher rape appartment making me very sick, I reacted this as within energy that comes slowly externally and prophecy reaction. Cause of the law alcohol my past friend gave me that made me angry and violent. He tried to kill me with alcohol but he should have better known it is all void. All nothing.

The true senses of the first angels whom died mostly but sometimes lives as the other angels in purity, died under 100 000 years ago. 750 000 years or more we lived as angels around. With happiness and all that was. Demons have angelic form too, not only demoniac. During the drowning and killing to the angels around 100,000 years ago they then commited suicide by killing themselves.

My favourite team. They did good around 2010 - 2013 but sadly struggle now. Played semi quarter finals in the european cup and were close to the top in Premier League. I played OK soccer, though good for not have played so much, good in long and short passes, I started in 1994 and played good but didnt like the open showers of nudity. I did 2 huge mistakes as far as I remember. One was me tricking the behind player and going around me, becoming not seenable and so I detached from myself. I later seconds went and close to the goal keeper shot but shot very soft cause I wasnt there, I had removed myself from beeng to not be seen by the behind me before and so "I" didnt fail in the shooting. Also another time as I had seen Rekdal score against Mexico first years in Norway I was and as humans sometimes law I reacted the shot he did but too far away from the goal and so I lawed non personal failed in such but was Rekdal throwing some shit from TV. Without him I wouldnt have done such failure and he didnt choose it most likely. Favourites in World Cup 2022 December in Qatar:

Wales 10

Scotland 10

Holland, 7

Senegal 8

England 10

Denmark, 7

Tunisia 8

Costa Rica 10

Germany 8


So what our big problem in this universe? Bad luck that the toxic energy manifested, as life is what is sure to be if it was, the toxic birth was bad luck. Confusion issues, we become angry when we as lawed negative species have our lawed sick belief of awakening. Sometimes we get lawed claiming happiness and value life can be found forgetting the problems we are in and problems we can face. For the demonic species, it is all death and as lawed poison forms we have difficulties of detaching from such beliefs. "We" but not all the time, are known as demons, see this article to get a better understanding who we are. Beginning was nothing, then darkness, so in the start it will show more but not very clear and to me the spirit is very tricky. When you choose void the problems appear so it is better to just allow the void to be. The rulers desire sleep, non beeng and if they dont attain such belief we attack, violence, shame giving, all sorts..

This hell scene we go through is mostly ruled by the mountain Abedi Muhammed, who is ruled by the nothing that was eternal energy without a start were is same as the dark heaven who such is ruled by nothing, she made unchosenly the first alien, my crete grandfather.. More on that see "The story of the universe" article. Sometimes other rule in mixed senses, like me and Krishna and Moon. Proof of that he was an alien? His name is "Ioannis" meaning "The one who knows God", in form of knowledge, symbol of intelligence.. In Crete there is not only fire and light but also winter. Also, my father had a UFO encounter were he used a stick to hit the UFO going downwards and it left. Such is caused by DNA were his father, my grandfather, had this in his DNA and so they came close.

They judge and judge within in telepathy and also out. They in the Atlantic ages, cutted me, burned me and drowned me, as they thought I was their forfather, meaning the first mountain falling, that I made darkness, that I was a afraid even in life and so hided in darkness, all sorts of powerfull lies that makes me very sick. Hundred of thousands of years ago about now since Atlantic. But I am spoiled as I experience a more of an angelic form than them and also they suffer sadly mostly than me.

I saw Christ and my crete first yellow alien, both demons, were Christ tried to help me and Christ asked in telecom what I wanted to become, and I knew that was dishonour as helping is, and said "Shame" but not meaning that I wanted to be shame but only said "Shame.."


Greece, a place filled with the universes pain and the lands wrong births making me suffer, so if I didnt have this birth I wouldnt be so concentrated, so complex. This birth has destroyed many things, as the offerings done wrong made me more demon and so I suffer by reaction.

From ancient years ago, when the black heaven fell by law in gravity it made me like the same as that mountain, to judge me cause it was feeling focused and wanted to release her focus, also some lawed impersonal part of the mountain felt shame and guiltiness in her life seek though mostly seeking to die, though it was above it that made it a mountain. The who most hated, defined as lowest is me but is actually not.. But, all suffer and in the start it shows more, that the hating demons suffer more.. The air goes to the loungs and the air blows downwards and is bullying me.. There is the father were his sperm cells are mostly him but not all as cause of duality the sperm cells also have some freedom, the mother, mother me, and the children outcomes were the spirit is mostly one as of alone opposite of angels.. As soul is not in truth, the opposite of mountain nr. 2 is judged too as same, me, the sheep, though all are generally judged but less. They have this belief that they will find life, though them in psychotic states.. "Whoever sticks to it will find life.." Christianity. Drugging me with antipsychotic medication, "sticking" their "it", darkness belief. Then the jail beast prophecy comes, cursing me..The powers are the cold dark lands, not Portugal Italy Crete so much, the heated lands are originally the lands that are the life burning place, owing life after the killings I saw Christ in a church in Ierapetra Crete, half below in the heavens, wearing a robe and that was in 1994 were they picked me as was the prophecy to lift the fallen to the heavens, were Norway is heavenly in form of no dessert, more snow and such. According to christianity, I am the wild beast. As Legion were Christ sending me to Dekapolis is same as Skien psychiatry I said to Christ: "We are many.." I am as of unity that we are, also the saying through Christ: "Now the path is difficult.." in greek, what was expressed there happend when I was a child in Crete this lifetime. "Tora o dromos einai diskolos" with "e" added in each word it says what do I now see, what do I laugh, that the road is difficult now, after the killing the first alien and Gandhi did to me. According to the Bhagavad Gita I am the fallen. According to the bible I am the beast, the fallen Lucifer and the Antichrist, but in spirit simplicity Im the wild beast, though themselves as far as I remember are claiming that they will make the Antichrist themselves. The reason the religious saying of the fallen angel is wrong is cause one can not choose darkness only the opposite, life.

My grandfather in Crete starting to offer beer, others too, smoke, weed, iboga, coffee, such toxics have a unity with nature were the blood and light from me was stolen and so I gain it back by some form of vampyre telepathy. They have sleep 50% and 50% problem life and sometimes they have angelic forms but in this age shorter than before.. To go through such problems they have is not worthy having the voidness, the nothingness, the sleep, that though is the highest of it all.

We can not live with Christ and Krishnas goodness God life belief, either with Buddha belief of all happy and good neither with food reaction claiming we are angels in fear of beeng butchered and neither with sheeps, believing that we are free and neither without seeng demons as hating themselves mostly..

I have consumed 50.000 0,5 beers last 12 years and I have become harsh, angry and judging. This came by the alcohol given to me when I was 14 years old and it was given in secret and toxic and such increases mostly. I became angry also when when they entered me within and made me so.

Reasons for beeng cursed to raping police, violence, cannibalism as half dead half alive and raped and jail in my next life, and reasons for beeng sent to psychiatry, were the problems are in samme pattern.

Reasons for my problems, not finding sleep are:

1. Prabhupada, he sent me water tense energies increasing neurons and thoughts of cancer and sickness and I got much less sleep by such. He tried to kill me, just nonsense stuff but a bit cause of forfather belief but he a bit also helped me to come to Norway my own country as Crete gives wrong birth and is opposite lands..

2. An ancient norwegian friend giving me alcohol introducing me to such making me sick.Though root problem, the alcohol helps me to at least remove some problems as since birth  I have been cursed and hated and shitted on unseen were I am more void been conquered as I didnt have a self before.

3. Not talking to others about my ID personalities cause of not beeng good with words but having the same sickness as a priest who lived in my village, speaking too little.... The demons whom rule most too. Too much false prestige in expressions. Me not saying Im sick to my mother and father when dropping out of school.. Before the weed. I wanted to tell and had ideas of it but thought it was problem.

4. Brother giving weed.. Me 14 around first time, also 17 from then, not sleeping total paranoia for long time cause of the summer weed when I was 17. Him trying to kill me.. Before I was in sleep more. My brother came when I was 14 and offered the weed when me in bed, but such as things have turned out, as I was more void before they cursed me sense awakening even mix is a bit needed. Same as 17 years old, he woke me up. So he hated and tried to kill void sometimes, offcourse lawed as slave.. It was the start of big calamities in the universe, but offcourse I wasnt alright before either. So too much narcotics should have been avoided.

5. Causing too fast sending to evil muslim area. Me not taking antipsychotics from about 2010 - 2017 about.. Them sensing the pain the snakehumans and judging me for not taking the medicine.

I got bound by a white snake Fondas who likes hip hop and grafitti, and he made cuts in the wall symbolizing what they will do to me in my next life with Israel Iraq and Iran as lands who hate me cause of having not taken the zyprexa leaf medicine wereas in the wall cuttings the leaf was made by the knife.

6. "The lowest I curse to demoniac species who torment and stress the soul and body within.." A bit under 50 000 years the named demons at my site and others have anxietified me much this life within.

7. Me in massive impersonal toxic energy after atlantic death and too much difficulty managing a better life....

If these problems didnt come I wouldnt be in psychiatry (the jail root of hating me is psychiatry) it would be better leaving from people and getting some of my products back.

The evil of the impersonal unchosen law by the void!

I lived 5 years about close to Seljord.. The snake place further down the road from the cow place.. Boe. The rapes, the violence, the narcotics of cancer and paranoia, the povery, the evil jails of nonsense binding. The hell within that might be manifested out. Sitting on a PC having money depsoiting in a casino and just thinking, "Did I have money?" and winning a lot causes them to arrest. The anxiety of the lava and the heat, the anxiety causing violence and evil, the jail of terror of cutting of bodies, the blood in that bird Mary prison, that will come by a blurry thought though anxiety, that I have no money and the snakes that are there beeng worse with the yellow lightnings and spiders.


When they dont rule

Then it is the opposites, like outcomes of them, and different like other species less as big. Though correct, the root is as told above, but dualifies as root changes.

Sadly this site cause of glasses on PCs, telepathy thereby of confusion, dualifies the words into opposite making some beengs sense lies, but my try is to increase visitors to my website.

I want to say sorry for all my bad behaviour as I was given alcohol when I was 14 and such increased as is a law were I was given this hiddenly, were I ended up drinking 50 000 0.5 l beer and stronger alcohol during a 12 year periode. Alcohol use tends to make people violent and weird in behaviour. Most of the acts done was when I was influenced by alcohol. I was always afraid of tobacco and alcohol and drugs and I dont think that I myself would have taken such by my own. He was my first friend and as friends we played a lot of soccer and did many other activities and it was then easier for me to support his acts of giving me alcohol and tobacco. Though Kristian H. outcome of Krishna brother as well tried to kill me with tobacco alcohol and weed and dualfiied into a mix sheep mother condition. I had very very much problems from birth til 10 years old but when I came to Norway though less I still had problems and the tobacco and alcohol increased such problems. The bullying I did online was either alcohol or weed, though I dont smoke more it sometimes come back, in some form of cramp cancer energy. One is not personal in negative forms we have, also toxic energy is not concrete, so a negative view appears as negative but changed. Was not concrete.I want to say sorry to those I have caused problems to.

" I want to thank my school mates especially in Norway for bothering to be my friend when I was suffering with psychosis during a difficult time when I came from Crete, whom supported me by just beeng with me, somehow.."



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